Thursday, August 30, 2018

August Swirl Theme Reveal

Our AE team member Marsha chose swirls for this month's theme challenge. What a fantastic theme as it opens it up to so many ideas. Only problem as usual...not enough time to do it all.

My go to components for swirls/spirals are shells and ammonites. I have collected tons of moon snail shells from the shores of east coast beaches and I have bought quite a few ammonites over the last few years. They both look so lovely when you combine them with bead embroidery.

So naturally, I grabbed a snail shell and an ammonite to create pendants.

Here's my moon snail shell paired with a lovely flashy blue labradorite and seed beads. I didn't complete the necklace yet but will more than likely create a bail that will attach to a small deer antler and leather straps.

Moon Snail Shell with Labradorite
 Here is the second pendant-using an ammonite fossil paired with a chrysocolla cabochon that has some beautiful coppery accents in the stone that goes well with the ammonite.
Ammonite fossil paired with green copper Chrysocolla stone
In between beading these I took a break to draw and relax the brain! Here is my swirly zentangle
I created.
Swirling spiral zentangle

 I feel extremely slack for not finishing my pendants so I am sharing previously created pendants, wall art & a purse using moon snail shells, the swirly spiral tops of whelk shells and an ammonite with bead embroidery.
Ammonite with fossilized shark tooth

L-Moon snail shell with moss agate cabochon; R- Moon snail shell with coppyer in rhyolite cabochon
L-Moon snail shell with Sonoran dendritic rhyolite cabochon; R- Top of conch/whelk shell with fosillized coral.
L-Brooch using polymer goddess with small moon snail shell; R-Pendant using polymer goddess with top of whelk on L and snail shell on R.
L-Wall art with polymer goddess with moon snail shell; R- polymer goddess with black moon snail shell on a leather purse.
All the lovely polymer goddesses above were created by AE team member Jenny.

I am looking forward to seeing all the swirly creations from the AE team as well as our guest participants.
Here's the list with links, so go check everyone's blog and see what lovely things they came up with this month.

Guest Artists:
Art Elements Team: 


  1. Oh what incredible work, such beautiful beadwork. You must have very nimble fingers

  2. Wow Cathy!!! These pieces are beyond amazing. I love how the pieces and beads make your eyes move around the entire piece. :)

  3. Such wonderful work all around. I love that so many ammonites have turned up in the challenge so far because I love them so much (makes me wonder why I didn't have the idea to use one myself :-P) and your pieces with them are just beautiful - but also the shell and the lab, such a perfect combination!

  4. Cathy, you've done fabulous work on these pieces! It must be a texture fest - the spirals and beads look very inviting. :)

  5. Oh my goodness those goddess pieces are amazing!! love your work as always :D

  6. Cathy, you've 'gobsmacked' me again!! I love all your pieces (as usual), and the pairings of shells and gemstones. I have some ammonites and now I have some inspiration of combinations. Thank you. Of course, the Goddesses catch my attention and I know I've said it before, but your weaving and choice of colorways is amazing.
    I hope I'll be able to join in September's challenge. And get back to perusing my Instagram feed .....

  7. I am absolutely blown away by what you have made. I simply cannot pick one.

  8. Cathy, I don't know how to describe how much I love and am in awe of all your work! The colour schemes you chose, how you combine different elements, and put them together in a stunning design! Just.... just... WOW! :)

  9. Thank you all! And thank you to Marsha for this month’s theme:

  10. I love coming to read your blog and see what you've created Cathy, your bead weaving is incredible. You really have a way with colours, each piece is just stunning!

  11. Cathy, I too love to see your reveals each month! Your beadwork is truly amazing and inspired! Thanks for showing your previous work, I have no idea how you do it all!

  12. Each piece is gorgeous. You bead weaving is wonderful. I have no idea how you find time to do so much.

  13. Your beadwork is spectacular. It really frames the shells, stones, and focal beads to show their best selves. I also admire your zentangle. I keep meaning to give that a try but I worry I won't be able to get zen enough.

  14. Oh how I do love a moon snail shell! That labradorite is gorgeous. I am partial to the goddess tapestries - of course! SO much inspiration - I need to go bead now!

  15. Lovely beadwork!! Those are just stunning.


Wishing you peace, love & chocolate!

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