Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Art Elements' Component of the Month for February

Jenny hosted this month's Component of the Month over at Art Elements. She created lovely polymer clay hearts that she sculpted with cracks/breaks and then used wire to 'suture' the broken heart back together. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them.  The green one really spoke to me so I requested a green heart cabochon (below).

 I decided to pair the beautiful green heart with one of Jenny's dryad pendants (below). They are created with ceramic clay and then she adds leaves/berries with polymer clay. I took the liberty of clipping off the wire for hanging (sorry Jenny) so I could use it as a cabochon.
 I already knew that I would create some sort of mixed media background to attach them to once I beaded around them. And of course I fortgot to photograph the cabochons by themselves once they were beaded.
So here they are fully beaded and already attached to my background.
I just love the heart on the tree...Reminiscent of hearts carved into tree trunks with lovers' initials.

 But my green heart belongs to the dryad Chrysopeleia. In Greek mythology the tree that Chrysopeleia resided in was put in danger by a flooding river. She was rescued by a hunter named Arcas when he re-routed the river and secured the tree from danger by creating a dam. Chrysopeleia became his lover and bore him 2 sons.
I created the tree for Chrsopeleia by using a piece of silk blend fabric which I had dyed and sun printed on several years ago. I needle felted the tree using brown wool fibers and a wool blend yarn. Her foliage is an acrylic blend fuzzy yarn that I needle felted onto the background. I did some hand embroidery along the tree trunk and branches as well as outlined some of the leaf printings in the background fabric. I also needle felted a piece of pale green silk to 'ground' the tree at the bottom and used more embroidery. Then I attached the beaded dryad and heart to the tree and added more beads here and there throughout the tree and ground.

After I was satisfied with the embellishments I wanted to frame it but I had needle felted and stitched to just about the edge at top and bottom! So........... I machine stitched some green fabric around the edges so that it would be large enough to staple onto a gallery wrapped canvas (below).

Then I put it in a floater frame and Voila...

I tried and tried to steam out those wrinkles in the background fabric, but they just won't go away! When I dyed & sun printed the fabric I think it must have been wrinkled up like that while wet and then the sun just permanently set the wrinkles-like steaming pleats into silk. They just don't want to release now. So I just stitched the outline of the leaves in the background letting the wrinkles create a crinkly, textured effect. This was so much fun I think I would like to do a series of dryads;-)

I can't wait to see what the other AE team members and particpating guests have created with their healing broken hearts by Jenny!

Here is the list of participants, go check them out for yourself.


Art Element Team-


Lesley said...

Fabulous piece Cathy and great story...I aspire to your textile prowess.

Laney said...

Oh wow!!! I really need to up my game this is amazing!!

bairozan said...

A beautiful myth interpreted in a gorgeous mixed media artful piece! Your use of textiles is so skillful! Both pendants blend in organically!

Niky Sayers said...

This is just amazing I love the whole piece, just wow!

Shaiha said...

That piece is incredible! I hope that you do a series of them.

Caroline said...

What a beautiful piece! Your work is stunning!

Jenny said...

Whoa. And you apologized for cutting the loop off? Really? Whoa. I adore pieces that defy media categorization. That break rules and evolve organically. This pieces stunning. AND its mythic. And its green. I mean - whoa. Its gorgeous, well conceived and amazingly executed. I am honored.

Sally Russick said...

WOW!!! this is absolutely stunning!!! Incredible!!

I cut the loop off of my heart too!! LOL!!

SueBeads said...

Just one big WOW from me too! I'm in awe! It's amazing, as usualy, just want one tiny part of your creativity!

Bijoux Gems Joy said...

That is such a stunning design!

Lindsay said...

Fantastic! I love how you thoroughly embraced the organic nature of every component, even the permawrinkles in your silk. I just love it when a project lets you uses something that you've been stashing for years to its best advantage.

Karen Totten said...

Simply amazing. I love love love this. Well done.

Saraccino said...

So stunning! I love her :)

Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

Thank you so much everyone!

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