Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Birch & Texture Tuesday

Winter Birch

I have been playing with photoshop again!! Today's contribution to Texture Tuesday is a photo of my river birches behind my house by the pond.  This particular photo was taken about 3 years ago. I love that there are still some fall leaves clinging to the tree.
I bumped up the hue & saturation a bit, played with the levels. Then I added Kim Klassen's organic texture on multiply at 55% blend. Then I added Kim's sunday texture on color burn at 97% blend and last but not least I added Kim's subtly yours texture on luminosity at 38% blend mode. Then the text layer was added and I used a drop down shadow on the text so it wouldn't get 'lost' in the tree branches.
I love the hazy, dreamy quality of the background in this and also the colors!
I played with LOTS of winter photos today. Printed out many on cotton and silk organza fabrics to use in some art quilts that I have in mind.
Hopefully, I can get to work on those this week and maybe post some process photos!
Until then~live your life creatively!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Playing With Photoshop & Texture Tuesday

Winter Sunset
Still suffering through the polar vortex that has gripped most of the nation. Living in the midwest you expect snow & cold temps in the winter, but yesterday was UNBELIEVABLY cold! And today, not a whole lot better-or maybe the deep freeze has just lodged itself in my bones and won't let go….
Soooo- what do I do with  my time while staying snuggly indoors???
After binge watching some shows on netflix I decided to play on the computer. I have made a few jaunts outdoors over the past week, including yesterday (braving -50 windchill ), to take photos of the beautiful snow that has fallen on us REGULARLY for almost a month.  Turning lemons into lemonade by using the massive snowfall for some awesome photos and using the BIG CHILL for time to stay in and play!
The above photo was processed with Kim Klassen's 'love' texture but actually it was such a beautiful sunset I didn't want to process it too much. Mainly just darkened it up a bit. I think when the sun hasn't been out for several days and it's really cold outside that the sunsets seem so much more spectacular!
Shed Some Light
The photo to the left is the light by my garage door. Love the icicles hanging off.
Taken at twilight when the sky was a dusky blue/gray.
Again, processed with Kim's 'love' texture twice at different levels & opacities.
I also played with the levels a bit first.

My Favorite Willow

We have a lot of willow trees in our neighborhood. I love them in the spring when they are just budding. I love them in the summer when they are swaying their green fronds in the wind. BUT I really love them in winter!  They have such a beautiful golden color to them. The snow seems to really make them shine!
This photo was also processed with Kim's 'love' texture only once. I also used the omni spotlight on it just to focus more on the tree.

Snowed IN
And last but not least…my garage door.
Processed with Kim's 'love' texture twice. Different levels & opacities.
My garage door is actually gray but with the processing it turned it a nice vintage teal color which I really love!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be above zero and I'll take a ride to the lakefront to take pictures of the magnificent Lake Michigan!

For all of you out there experiencing the freezing temps-stay warm.

~live your life creatively~

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