Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Project Update

Last month I posted that a friend and I were working on a journal composed of samples of work.
We are each creating our own journal with a monthly theme.  Last month was Circles and you can see the first 3 weeks here
This month our focus is on Grids.  After spending a huge amount of time on last month's 'samples' I realized that I don't need to work quite so hard. Or spend so much valuable time working on a sample.
But once I start I sometimes have a hard time stopping! Fortunately, this month I was also concentrating on another project that required a good bit of time so I decided on grid-patterned samples that could be done within a day or so.
Before I show you the current month's work, I will show you my final Circles sample. Completely beaded on a piece of pellon interfacing. No pattern at all. Just started stitching down round flat beads and buttons to stitch circles around and also to try and master the peyote stitch creating bezels. 

The next photo is a close-up of my beaded piece.

After photographing this, I trimmed the pellon as close to the beads as possible and glued a round piece of black wool felt to the back. There were random areas of white pellon peaking out around the edge so I took a bit of India ink and touched it up in those areas. Now the entire edge is black. Guess I should have taken a photo of that but you can see it on Facebook page for Art. Just click on the link above.

Week One of my Grid samples:

To create this I took a piece of commercial acrylic felt and layered a piece of hand dyed silk over it fusing it with wonder under. Then laid another piece of wonder under over the silk and took strips of hand painted paper and laid it in a grid pattern over the wonder under/silk top. Then I layered a piece of polyester chiffon over the papers and fused it together. I machine stitched the decorative stitch and straight stitches then free-motioned the larger circle in the space created by the grid. Took a heat tool and burned holes through the chiffon to expose the painted paper. Being very careful NOT to burn the paper! I can see this becoming a bigger project further down the road or altering it a bit.
Week Two Grid Sample:

This doesn't look nearly as good in photos as it does in person. But I LOVE how this turned out.
I 'sandwiched' four different types of yarn between two sheets of water soluble stabilizer then used a zig-zag stitch with my machine set to do free-motion stitching. I tried to capture ALL yarns when stitching. Once I was satisfied with the stitching I dissolved the stabilizer and let it dry.
This reminds me of an old piece of tapestry or  maybe something ripped off an old sari. I used yarn with metalliz threads running through it and 'eyelash' yarn.  I can see this being used on a quilt top or over a piece of felt and stitched some more! Lots of possibilities.
Week Three Grid Sample:

This is a piece I wet felted. Since I wasn't sure exactly how much it would shrink as I felted I didn't make my grid quite as large as I would've liked. I layered red merino fibers down first, then added red/orange, orange and golden fibers over the red. Wet felted, let dry. I was going to leave it at that but then last night as I was putting it into my journal notebook I decided to add some embroidery and beads along with a heart button!
The project that was taking up my time is now complete and submitted for possible publication-
Fingers crossed!!! So it's on to the next fiber project plus several bracelets and necklaces that I have promised people.
Here's a peek at an old bead embroidery project that I never finished. I pulled it out last night and started working on it again.

I am definitely motivated to finish it. The only thing is....not even sure what the finished product is going to be?  Stay tuned to find out.

Until your life creatively~

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