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{Orange eDition} of Texture Tuesday

Both of today's photos were taken back in May while I was in Grand Cayman at the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Garden.
Above photo was layered with Kim Klassen's 'cracker jack' texture x 3 (color burn 63%, hue 67% & linear burn 68%). then I layered Kim's 'canvas magic' texture @ screen 35%.

The photo to the left was layered with Kim's 'canvas magic' texture @color burn 27%, then Kim's 'cracker jack' texture @ darker color 100%, then again @ multiply 67%. Then I added Pixel Dust Photo Art's 'fleeting memory' texture @ luminosity 26%.

Orange you going to come play along with us at Texture Tuesday?
Have a great week.

The bAck to sChooL eDition of Texture Tuesday

Back to school...
What image comes to mind when we think 'back to school'?
So many from childhood.
Excitement about which friends would end up in class with you. Who would you have lunch with. Football games on Friday nights. Chillier, crisper air. Days getting shorter and nights spent doing homework rather than playing outside!

So many memories of the end of summer and the start of a new school year.

Now, since I don't have a young child at home, the beginning of school brings about different images & feelings. I still think football season and obviously shorter days and chillier weather coming on. But the whole idea of 'back to school' puts me in a more regimented frame of mind even though I don't have a child at home to get ready for school. For me, it means I need to get back into a routine of getting into my studio and getting some work done. I've played around enough this summer, not really having any sort of routine. Just doing what I want when I…

{Flashback Friday}

A bit of nostalgia today...

My 'baby' girl pictured on the left is starting her senior year of college on Monday.
Where has the time gone?

It seems as though yesterday she really WAS a baby & poof in the blink of an eye she is about to begin her final year of undergrad.

Good luck my child child-can hardly wait to find out where you will be heading next year.

Live your life creatively & always carry your camera so you can catch those special moments that will enable you to transport yourself back in time.
have a great weekend everyone~

Thoughtful Thursday & The August Break

Happy Thursday!

'Days of Wine & Roses'

For today's Texture Tuesday, Kim asked for suggestions for the theme. She received many wonderful suggestions but she chose 'movies' as the theme.
As soon as I read her choice, I immediately thought of 'Days of Wine & Roses' knowing exactly what I would photograph. Pretty easy one I know, but it was my first thought so I ran with it. It's not my favorite movie but it makes a great photo!
Here it is~
I didn't fuss with trying to create a back drop, just opened a bottle of wine, poured myself a glass and went outside a picked the few 'Fairy' roses that are blooming right now.
I layered Kim's 'just stitched'
texture x 2. One at color burn
and one at soft light.
Then I layered Kim's 'water stained frame' texture at luminous. (sorry that I didn't write down the opacities of these layers)
Then I added the text layer & voila!
Oh yeah, just remembered that I also used a mask on the second layer of 'just stitched', …

Stormy Weather

On Saturday, hubby & I went to help our daughter finalize her move into her senior-year apartment.  I'm surprised that I wasn't overly emotional about this whole thing. At the beginning of her senior year of high school I was a weepy mess. I guess I am 'growing up' or perhaps it's because she may be in her final year of under grad but she still has another 4 years to go, so she's not really done with school.
BUT.....the location of her next 4 years of school is uncertain. She could be somewhat close by, she could be MILES away. We won't know until those vet school applications are fully submitted and a reply has been sent to her. I've decided that I won't become 'emotional' until I find out where she will end up for the next four years. Any whoooo...the drive home form the apartment clean up was a bit stormy to say the least. We drove through some of the same storms that blew across Illinois and into Indiana. The same storm cells that caus…

"The human tendency to regard little things as important has produced very many great things." Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday today is titled "It's the Little Things'. The 'little things' is made up of so many little things that can make your heart sing. I always marvel at those insignificant moments that can bring a smile to my face or make me break out in laughter. 
You know what I'm talking about...holding a newborn baby, hearing a child laughing, or a kitten purr. Smelling freshly mowed grass or apple pie baking. Watching the sun rise or set over the ocean, seeing a child take her first steps. 
All these seemingly small things are moments that find us smiling without even realizing it. These moments are the real stuff that life is made of. I am finding more of these moments the older I get. Not sure if it's the realization that I'm a mere mortal and am inching towards the autumn of my life (YIKES!) or the simple fact that I have become such a camera nut that I'm always in search of capturing those moments in time that make me sm…

Thoughtful Thursday & The August Break

My beautiful hibiscus cropped slightly with hue & saturation adjustments, layered with Kim Klassen's 'scripted edges' texture with some brushes added for additional texture.

Here's the original.

Happy Thursday and Happy August Break!

{Echinacea} purple coneflowers done 3 ways

Close-up shot of a honeybee on my coneflowers. Layered with Kim Klassen's 'cotton candy' & 'greyday
slate' textures. I also played with hue & saturation a bit. Added a little bit of vignette around the edges.

Was able to capture this close-up of a butterfly on my coneflowers. I layered this photo with Kim's
'cotton candy', 'greyday slate' & 'cloudy day' textures. I've gotten pretty bad at NOT writing down my 'recipes'. When I start playing in photoshop I get so carried away that I forget to save a copy and I merge my layers before writing down what I did. I'll have to get better at that.

The above photo is layered with Kim's newest textures- 'scratched magic' & 'scripted edges'. I vaguely remember that for this one I did use one of the layers (scripted edges, I believe) on color burn, plus I bumped up the saturation to get this vivid purple. I also masked the scratched magic and erased…