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{Echinacea} purple coneflowers done 3 ways

Close-up shot of a honeybee on my coneflowers. Layered with Kim Klassen's 'cotton candy' & 'greyday
slate' textures. I also played with hue & saturation a bit. Added a little bit of vignette around the edges.

Was able to capture this close-up of a butterfly on my coneflowers. I layered this photo with Kim's
'cotton candy', 'greyday slate' & 'cloudy day' textures. I've gotten pretty bad at NOT writing down my 'recipes'. When I start playing in photoshop I get so carried away that I forget to save a copy and I merge my layers before writing down what I did. I'll have to get better at that.

The above photo is layered with Kim's newest textures- 'scratched magic' & 'scripted edges'. I vaguely remember that for this one I did use one of the layers (scripted edges, I believe) on color burn, plus I bumped up the saturation to get this vivid purple. I also masked the scratched magic and erased it over the flowers.
Not sure which purple coneflower photo I like best. Hmmmmmm? Each one is so different. I altered the honeybee photo first and really liked it! Then when I altered the butterfly one, that was my fave.
Then yesterday after downloading Kim's newest textures I just had to play with those and the last photo became my favorite!
Last week on Wordless Wednesday I also used a shot of my purple coneflowers done in b & w.
At that time, that was my favorite...
I guess I'm entitled to change my mind. I'm having a ton of fun photographing my flowers this summer.
Not sure if it was that long, cold winter but my coneflowers are prettier than ever.
Live your life creatively & always carry your camera~
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Lauri said…
All three are lovely, your efforts are appreciated - linked from Texture Tuesday
Pam said…
Really beautiful--I have so much fun sketching and painting cone flowers--but have never seen any prettier than your pictures. Very nice!
These are beautiful shots! I love photographing cone flowers. The texture on them alone is amazing. But I loved the texture you added as well.
Barb said…
Very nicely done on all of them! I love what you wrote about loving each one until the next one . . . and so on!
Neringa said…
love the captured moments.. the colors are beautiful too.
Amy said…
All 3 are great, but I really love the last one! That pretty purple color is just beautiful.
Oh my! I love them all Cathy but that last one really makes my heart sing.
And Rocky! well....he's a pretty sweet looking companion.
Lovely blog.
Thanks to you all! Happy Tuesday!
debsea said…
wow - what amazing photos! all just beautiful!
A Rosy Note said…
They're all so pretty! I don't know which one is my fav...maybe the last one :)
missing moments said…
Love the last one! Always fun playing with Kim's textures and you've done them great!
Soonymary said…
they are beautiful! I especially love the vivid colour of the last image.
CATHY said…
I love the composition of the first one - Great photo and great texture work! But all are lovely! cheers
Sandy said…
Oh those are gorgeous! Coneflowers have always held a soft spot in my heart. I especially love the colors in the last one!

You were in the close vicinity for the Beach photo. It was Sullivan's Island, SC. I have to say you know your Beaches !

I'm your latest follower! So sorry it's taken me so long to come for a visit, it's been quite a hectic week, especially my hubby had outpatient surgery on Monday.
Oh Love all your daughter's pictures of Africa ! Wow would I love to go there !
Sherry said…
Oh, that is beautiful! I gotta try that new texture.
Thanks so much everyone!

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