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Book Giveaway

I know it's been a while since posting any new work. I'm working on a few things but not ready to post about it just yet.

I just wanted to share a giveaway with you on Susan Tuttle's blog. She is an amazing photographer. I took an online class for altering photos with her. She has a new book out that she is giving away. She uses her own photography to incorporate into mixed media art. I can't wait to see it.

Susan's previous book Exhibition 36 is wonderful. I bought that one last year.
If you have a moment go take a look at Susan's blog. You'll be amazed at her photos.

I promise to post something new SOON!
p.s. you can either click on Susan's name or the title of this post and it will take you to Susan's blog.

"The Vocabulary of Rust"

Vocabulary: An aggregate or range of things, qualities, or techniques that form the basis of a means of expression, especially in the arts: a painter with a rich vocabulary of colors.

This new piece was created with the fabric that I rusted several months ago. I was just playing around to see what if...
I was in the middle of creating the piece for the 'pathways' challenge in my guild when I grabbed some of the rusted fabric and started mixing them up and adding some paint to some of the pieces.
You can see the original post with many of the rusted pieces here. This is actually the piece of rusted white cotton velvet and the rusted commercial printed cotton that I used in the final piece.

I used some black paint to create some circles on the printed cotton piece to coordinate with the rusted circles on the velvet piece. I created a collage with the velvet in the center and I also used some dyed silks that were in similar colors as the rusted pieces. I also threw in some gold t…