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Frida & Flowers For You

Although I haven't been doing art on a very regular basis, I do occasionally sit down and doodle a little in my sketchbook/journal. This is my latest 'doodling'.
Love old photos of Frida.

I painted the background with watercolors in swirls,added the writing in a circle with gel pen, then attached the copy of her image. Using sharpies, gel pens and pastel pencils I added some more color to her image. I also added a flower in her hand with oil pastels. I added the paper from a pair of chopsticks to the bottom and then doodled around the edges with gel pens and sharpies.

This is a close-up of Frida.

Below are flowers from around my yard. I have posted flowers in a previous post from my yard which were all flowers on my deck on the back of the house. The photos below are all from my front yard.

Above is blue scaevola and red petunias in the background.

Close-up of a purple coneflower showing you the bug-eaten holes! I guess I need to
spray them with insecticide.

Above is a close-up of purple phlox.

This is a shot of purple coneflowers again, but I believe this is a different variety.The blossoms are smaller and the color is a much lighter pink. (I didn't plant any of these coneflowers, they were already in the garden when we moved here)

LOVE this one! It's a close-up of my Mandevilla vine. I have never had a red one before. I usually get pink ones and occasionally a white one, but I found this red one this year and it's GORGEOUS. I didn't edit this photo at all. I just love how
brilliant the color is. I took it with my camera on manual with the ISO set on 800.
I'm still learning how to use it on the manual setting. It's a real test; lots of trial and error.
So even though I haven't been blog visiting, or creating a lot of art, I am still doing something creative almost daily. Whether in the form of doodling in my sketchbook, gardening or taking photographs. I really have been trying to stay somewhat creative.
One of these days, in the not too distant future I will return to my art studio on a very regular basis as well as back to visiting you-my blog friends!
Until then, live your life creatively~

P.S. I just wanted to direct your attention to the cute little PUG at the top of my left-hand column. If you click on him you will be directed to the wonderful blog of Bernie Berlin's. If you don't know her, take the time to go visit. She not only is a
wonderful mixed media artist but she is a saint when it comes to rescuing dogs & cats. She has a rescue facility in TN called A Place To Bark. The proceeds from the sale of the book titled "Party" will go to help her rescue facility. The book is a collaboration of quite a few artists and the original artwork will soon be posted on ebay for sale to also benefit the rescue facility. I urge you to go check it out.


Janine said…
Oh I love the flowers on your photos, here it feels like autumn. It is not the weather to sit outside and enjoy nature.
How to say that in english..?
"That sucks"!
I think that is the right term.
All the best to you
Your Frida is gorgeous! Just gorgeous! And the flower pix too - oh so beautiful. I am glad you are doing what you want to do when you want to do it. You're doing it graciously and right. I need to find a way to do that too - need to just free myself up a bit. Enjoy your stride - I admire it!

Cathy said…
Thanks Janine & Marsha! I really am taking it easy this summer. Being lazy actually! But still trying to be a little creative.
I'll visit soon, I promise.
notmassproduced said…
pretty blog and art. Love those flower photos they are sooooo vivid. termendous.
Alberta said…
Your portrait of Frida is one of the most original and beautiful I've ever seen, Cathy. I love the concentric circles with journaling around her head and the rich earthy colors you used. The flower photos make me very happy and I'm pretty sure Frida would love them Too!
Cathy said…
THanks Notmassproduced and Alberta!
I love my flowers also. It's such a joy to be able to grow them as well as cutting them and bringing them indoors to enjoy.
thanks again,
Cat said…
Beautiful colors in your Frida art!

..and your flowers are gorgeous, I agree that red is awesome!
Cathy said…
Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments Cat!
Flor Larios Art said…
I like your Frida...pretty cool!
I also like to make collages and paintings of Frida. She is one of my sources of inspiration.
zime said…
I love Frida and you paint is beautiful!!
Cathy said…
Thank you Flor & Zime!

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