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Prepping for VACATION!

Sorry I've been so out of touch lately. As I said in the last post, I've been dealing with some minor health issues, plus dear daughter had to be brought home from college. The amount of STUFF took 2 days to go through just so we could
get the car in the garage. We just dumped everything from the car into one side of the garage and then the car wouldn't fit! So what happens?
She packs up before the STUFF gets unpacked and put away and she leaves for GA. So who does that leave to sort through and put the STUFF away? Dear ole mom...
When I finished with that I realized we are taking off for FL TOMORROW MORNING and I really need to start thinking about what I need to do before take-off.
Lists, lists, lists... Almost done packing and in between all the to-do lists I've managed to play around with a few art supplies.
This piece is a 9 x 12 canvas that I created a background and love the background so much I'm having a hard time figuring out if I even want to add anything. Al…

'These are a few of my favorite things' ---I've been tagged...

My new blog friend Janine tagged me last week. I've been a real slacker lately and have not been posting or visiting with my cyber friends. I apologize. Life just seems to keep getting in the way! I was dealing with a few more (hopefully minor)health issues last week AND we went to pick my daughter up from college on Thursday. We brought home what seemed like an ENORMOUS amount of STUFF from her college dorm room and barely got it unpacked when she was off again to visit her old friends in GA. She is there right now catching up with buddies much like I did a few weeks ago. I am happy for her. She has some really good friends there.
The rules for tagging are supposed to be that I offer up 6 things that make me happy. Then I'm supposed to tag 6 more people. WELL......
I'm going to bend the rules a bit and include photos that go along with the 10 things that make me happy.(tried to keep it at 6 but there's just so many darn things that make me smile) Instead of tagging 6 mo…

A Sweet Present on Mother's Day!

Yesterday while relaxing, reading the Sunday paper and having my coffee I was summoned to the back door by my dear hubby. He was calling me quietly to come and look out the back window at the baby geese! Oh how cute they are.
The mother goose, and I'm guessing father goose along with FOUR babies, were sunning themselves across the pond in my neighbor's backyard. I ran to get my camera and tried to sneak out the door without making a sound so I could get photos.
I was able to get quite a few shots of them across the way, then mommy goose decided to take her offspring for a swim. They were doing a freefall into the water. Absolutely adorable, and of course I didn't catch that with the camera.
Yesterday, Mother's Day, is the first I've seen the babies. She waited until then to show up and introduce her little ones to the water and to me. What a sweet little gift.

They ended up spending most of the afternoon in my back yard after their little swim.
Today the babies look …

"I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends." John Lennon

Friends...Where would we be without them? Truly one of life's perfect gifts. Whether old friends or new I count them as a blessing. Having just spent last weekend with old friends I realized that
my circle of friends is not what it used to be. Partly because we have moved so much and I tend to get more and more reclusive with each move. Also, my daughter is now at college and she was a huge factor in me getting out in the world and meeting new friends (usually mom's of her friends!). With each move I made new friends only to leave them far behind which is always a sad thing. Although with technology we stay in touch but it's not quite the same as being able to call up a friend and say "meet me for lunch".
This last move, as I'm sure I've said before, really kicked my butt. I haven't gotten out to meet alot of people and most of my neighbors are retirement age and beyond! Not that I can't be friends with them, they are sweet people, but most of them …

Laughter is the BEST Medicine

I just spent the best weekend with my old girlfriends from high school!
We had such a great time reminiscing and laughing. We must have laughed from the time we got there Friday until we left on Sunday. We went to bed laughing and we got up laughing. I haven't laughed so much in so long. It was just fantastic. My sides were aching from laughter as well as my face. At times the laughter was so intense that we were crying.
Amazing what laughter can do to the soul. It was like a breath of fresh air cleansing the body. I really needed that camaraderie and the relaxation that accompanied it!
Getting together with people who have known you for years and were such a huge part of your life during those trying teenage years is so much fun! They know you like no one else does. Even though some of us haven't stayed in constant contact through the years it was as if those years had never separated us. We picked right up where we left off those many years ago.

Above is my friend's fabulous…