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Oh Happy Day!

It's a glorious day here in northern Illinois. I have the windows open and the doors open. The birds are chirping loudly, the flowers are blooming and the trees are trying to sprout their little leaves. The forecast for today is 85 degrees!!!
I cannot believe it. My only hope is that this wonderful sunshine and warmth will hang around and not give way to cold, gray skies anytime soon.
With this warm weather comes a fervent desire to spring clean. Not in the same way my dear old mom used to, but spring clean my studio. Clear out, clean up.
I've got my finger in so many pots so to speak that I've got an abudance of artwork
as well as art supplies. In the next few weeks I hope to go through my supplies
and figure out just what I REALLY need to keep and what I can toss.
There may be some giveaways posted or some items put on etsy.
In the meantime, I have started a new etsy shop, Flamingo Studio
to try and sell a few of the ceramics I've made over the years. They are piling up and cluttering my house. I've got vases and bowls in every nook & cranny
plus an entire cabinet full in my basement.
So if you're in the need for small litte vases right now, I just added some to my shop. Photo below shows them grouped together.
I'm going to use this etsy shop for my ceramics and assemblages and keep my other pinkbirdgirl etsy shop for fabric creations and collage/mixed media pieces.
We'll see how it goes...

Have a glorious weekend my friends! I hope you're experiencing weather as great as I am!
Choose to live creatively~


Hayley Egan said…
I love your ceramics. Good on you for having not one but two etsy shops! Best of luck with them and I'm glad you're having nice weather. It's happening here too and it makes me tingly excited all day... I don't know how I endured winter, but today I feel it's finally over. X
Cathy Mendola said…
Thanks Hayley! I know what you mean, my whole outlook on life is better because of the weather, makes me tingly too!
Have a great weekend!
Terri Kahrs said…
Hi, Cathy! Just finished checking my blog and found your lovely comment - you're such a Sweetheart! I'm SO happy to hear that your health has improved and that the weather has finally cooperated too.

Congrats on your new Etsy, and good luck with the "spring cleaning". Enjoy your sandals!!! xoxo
Cathy Mendola said…
Thanks Terri! I love sandals and going bare foot!
I'm just a country girl at heart and hate shoes.
It was a long winter with boots and socks!
Alberta and Ava said…
Hi, Cathy, It's been way too long! I'm so sorry you got sick again, but I'm glad you're on the upswing now. I love your recent work, especially "Abigail Loves autumn," the Buddha quote 9 I think I might have to journal that) and the mother-daughter photo. Y'all are both so beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend!

Cathy Mendola said…
Alberta! I was wondering where you've been.
I'm so glad you stopped by and thanks for the lovely comments.
Flor Larios Art said…
Good luck with your new shop! The ceramics look great!
I had a great the beach...enjoying the sun...
Cathy Mendola said…
Thank you Flor! I'll come check out your blog.
Congratulations on your new and additional Etsy! I am sure you will be sold out before you know it - your pieces are so lovely. (I love the red insides and translucent quality of the white surfaces of some of your vessels - makes them seem tender and alive somehow - gorgeous!) And, you seem so organized with all of your fingers in all of those pots - you're so punny! I'm glad the weather is beautiful for you, finally!
Cathy Mendola said…
THanks Marsha! But organized is one thing I AM NOT! Functionally disorganized is more like it.
Thanks for the lovely comments.
Gaby Bee said…
Good luck with your new Etsy! These ceramics look really fabulous, I especially love the red on the top. Simply perfect!
Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!
Gaby xo
Cathy Mendola said…
Thanks Gaby! I really like the red interiors
also. Looks even better in person.

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