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Motherhood and the College Freshman

The photo above is my daughter. She is now a college freshman.She also has the flu!I'm still waking at night worrying about her,wondering whether she needs more medicine or possibly more water.I'm still frantically pacing the floor wondering if this is going to throw her into a major asthma attack. Forever the worrier. The BIGGEST problem is she's not even here at home with me. She's in her dorm room, 3 hours away, going through this alone-WITHOUT ME! This is the first time she's been this sick without her mommy to care for her. I'm not sure if it's bothering her as much as it's bothering me, but I feel helpless. I've talked to her several times a day (which I usually do, even when she's healthy) but she sounds so "small" now. She sounds like she needs me and I'm not there. Of course, she'd never admit that she wants me to take care of her.She's trying to be the independent college kid who's all grown up.
What she doesn't understand is that moms NEVER grow out of being a MOTHER! I dont' think we ever stop worrying about our kids, no matter how old. We always want to
take care of them, comfort them, BABY them. I know she can probably take care of herself just as well as I can. PROBABLY! But it's always nice to have someone take care of you when you're sick. She does have a boyfriend! Who is taking care of her as well as 3 very good girlfriends on the same dorm hall as her, so she's got a support system. It's just not the same as dear old mom.
So as I patiently wait until a decent hour to call her to see how she's doing today
I saw this old photo of her when she was young & innocent and needed mommy to take care of her 24 hrs a day/7 days a week. I didn't appreciate those feelings of being wanted & needed constantly back then. Wish I had!


Hayley Egan said…
You Mums are all the same!!
martha brown said…
Oh, I can completely understand! My daughter spent the year abroad at school last year in France and called me in the middle of the night one night crying because she was in so much pain. It was terrible. I felt so helpless. I made her knock on people's dorm doors in the wee hours of the morning to find some painkillers! At least she learned a lesson to always keep a full medicine cabinet! (it was a Sunday and nothing is open in France on Sundays -- even drugstores!). and then she didn't even bother to call me for many days to tell me if she was okay. Sheesh, kids!
Beautiful daughter , I bet she is even more beautiful. Our duties as Moma's never end no matter how old they get. I soooooo enjoyed viewing your creative blog. I think CREATIVE SOULS are such inspiring artists. Have a grand good day :)

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