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OWOH Overwhelming Response

Hello to all my blogger friends. I never imagined to have such an overwhelming response to this giveaway. I have over 100 comments and it hasn't even been a week since posting the item I'm giving away. Due to the great number I plan to search around in my studio today to add a second prize. I will post it as soon as I find just the right thing.
Thanks to all for all the kind words!

ADD OR an Overly Creative Mind?

Do you ever feel like you have adult ADD? Just can't seem to focus on any one thing
until you're finished with it? Well, I certainly have a problem staying with just
one form of art. I jump around from painting, to collage, to fabric art, to making
jewelry , and then on to working with clay! So I've decided to give myself a break-not be too harsh with myself for not having the ability to stay focused on
one particular medium. I'm going to start calling it Hyper-Creativity Disorder!
Or HCD if you will. There's just so many things I want to play with and it seems
there's so few hours in a day. So I generally have at least 5 projects going at any
one time. Although the projects are Generally in the same medium, i.e. 5 collage
projects, or 3 background paintings, etc. I try to finish those little projects then
move on to another medium. Last week I posted a work in progress. A canvas I started
layering colors on, then showed you the poppies I started to paint. I haven'…

OneWorldOneHeart Giveaway

What is OWOH?
It's a blog-wide giveaway event designed to bring bloggers from across the globe together.
It allows us to discover many new friends & like-minded souls.(and of course, there's the
bonus of possibly winning some wonderful artsy things!)
This is the 3rd year of this event but only my first, so I'm very excited to be a part of this
huge blogging movement.
The only thing you have to do to enter the giveaway on my site is to leave a comment.
It's that simple. I will then put your name in the drawing which closes on Feb. 12. I will
contact you via email if you win. So please don't forget to leave me your email address
when commenting.
You can also visit the OWOH blogsite and see all the other blogger/artists who are participating.
Best of Luck!

This is a small art quilt I'm giving away. It's called "little pink houses" for
obvious reasons. The base for the houses is a fiber sandwich which was then burned

Poppies are blooming...

This is the 'work in progress' I blogged about a few days ago. I added some chinese characters
and sketched in some poppies. I blocked in the basic color of the poppies and am now going back
in to give them some shadows and highlights. So far I think I might like this one.
Since posting about this one, I actually started several more canvases. I'm on a roll now!
As I'm painting, I'm planning and scheming about all the other ideas springing up for more mixed media art. I'm so excited!!! So many ideas...Now all I need to do is stay off the computer,
stop playing with the cat & get to my studio!
Live creatively!
cathy aka pinkbirdgirl

Gorgeous Lake Michigan

I've been wanting to visit the beach near my house ever since we got our last major snowfall.
Having grown up near VA Beach I didn't get to see alot of snow and I especially never got to witness a snow covered beach. I just knew it had to be a thing of beauty. I'm definitely a
beach person (preferably a warm, sunny beach) so I just had to go check it out today.
It is absolutely amazing. Snow covering the sand and the rocky ledges with huge icicles hanging
from the rocks where the spray from the waves have been hitting it. The temperatures today
were mild ( 22 degrees) compared with last weeks temps (MINUS 18) so there were tons of
icicles. This photo is an area that formed a bridge between the rocks.
Pretty amazing!

Works In Progress

Just a quick little blurb about my new year-new life devoted to art. I have always wanted
to be a 'painter' but was always a little too hard on myself. I think I just always try to make
things look too real or too perfect. Which is really the opposite of my love for handbuilt ceramics.
Love that medium because of the lack of perfection that I allow myself to indulge in.
Painting is a different story. Always worried about getting the shading right or worried the object I'm trying to paint won't look like what it's 'supposed' to look like.
Well, I'm trying a different approach this new year in my new life. I'm not going to be so hard
on myself. I'm going to loosen up a bit with the paintbrush and just go for it.
Yesterday I pulled out a canvas that I started to paint way back in GA last year! I had done a
few washes on the background but was unsure of what I wanted it to be. So I added more washes
of color and some ink splotches and here is it. I plan to s…

Adventures in Clay OR Lesson in Humility

Today was my second class of wheel thrown pottery. I have been doing hand-building for about
6 years and absolutely love the possibilities that come from taking a chunk of clay and forming it
into something pleasing. I love organic shapes which to me translate into not perfect! At least that's
what I've been telling myself for the last 6 years. "It doesn't have to be exactly square or exactly
round because it's handbuilt!" I guess that is what drew me to handbuilding rather than trying to
throw on a wheel that spins around.
New year-try new things--right? Well I signed up for a wheel class. Just jumped right in last week.
At my first class I went in with the nagging feeling that I was going to be horrible at it. I kept telling
myself that it's much harder than it looks--too much precision!
Well, I'll be darned if I didn't take to it like a duck to water. I was hooked-totally in love with the
wheel. I threw 5 bowls last Wed. And they all look like bowls! I d…

New Year, New Life

I actually created this account a few months ago, but am now just getting around to starting my BLOG. The hardest thing about it, was deciding on a title. How do you pick a title for your personal
thoughts and feelings? Especially when you are putting your personal thoughts out there for the
world to see. You want it to sound interesting, somewhat cool and hip. I spent some time browsing through the dictionary and thesaurus trying to come up with a name for my train of thought that I plan to express to friends as well as strangers in cyperspace.
I finally settled on 'Reflections of a Ramblin' Girl' seeing as how I feel like I've been ramblin'
around the country for almost half my life. I first considered something along the lines of 'Nomadic Musings' but that sounded a little harsh. So I will attempt to reflect on this crazy life of mine which has allowed me to live in 6 different states;I'm currently in house #7!
Every move is stressful but I always try to …