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Southampton Memorial Hospital School of Practical Nursing 1976
Paul D. Camp Community College-1984


 Fine Art of Fiber-Chicago Botanic Gardens-Glencoe, IL-2009
 Fine Art of Fiber-Chicago Botanic Gardens-Glencoe, IL-2010
 "Material World"-Wilmette Public Library-Wilmette, IL-2011
 Member Show-Deerpath Art Gallery-Lake Forest, IL-2011
 Fine Art of Fiber-Chicago Botanic Gardens-Glencoe, IL-2011
 "Stitched Together-Art and Science"-Fermilab Art Gallery-Batavia, IL-2011-12
 "This is a Quilt!: SAQA's Traveling Trunk Show (Asia/Africa)-2011-2013
 Fine Art of Fiber-Chicago Botanic Gardens-Glencoe, IL-2012
 WJIF "Footwear"-Anderson Art Center, Kenosha, WI-2013                                                                   WJIF "Footwear"-Chicago Flower & Garden Show-Chicago, IL-2013
"MILAGROS" Exhibit-Addison Center for the Arts-Addison, IL-2013
"Exquisite Uterus"-UWM-Milwaukee, WI-2013
"MILAGROS" Exhibit-Adler Center for Music & Art-Libertyville, IL-2013
WJIF "Paradigm Shift"-Chicago Botanic Gardens-Glencoe, IL-2013
Fine Art of Fiber-Chicago Botanic Gardens-Glencoe, IL-2013
"MILAGROS" Exhibit-Charlevoix Circle of Arts-Charlevoix, MI-2013/2014
WJIF "Paradigm Shift"-Anderson Art Center-Kenosha, WI-2014
WJIF "Paradigm Shift"-Chicago Flower & Garden Show-Chicago,IL-2014
SAQA 25th Anniversary Trunk Show-ongoing
WJIF "Masks"-Fine Art of Fiber, Chicago Botanic Gardens-Glencoe, IL-2014
8x8x8 Group Exhibit-Fine Art of Fiber- Chicago Botanic Gardens-Glencoe,IL-2014
WJIF "Masks"-Anderson Art Center-Kenosha, WI-2015
WJIF "Masks"-Chicago Flower & Garden Show-Chicago, IL-2015
WJIF "Umbrellas"- Fine Art of Fiber, Chicago Botanic Garden-Glencoe, IL-2015
Crazy Eights Group Exhibit (Chicago Icons) Fine Art of Fiber, Chicago Botanic Garden-Glencoe,IL 2015
WJIF "Umbrellas"-Anderson Art Center-Kenosha, WI-2016
WJIF "Umbrellas"-Chicago Flower & Garden Show-Chicago, IL-2016

Women's Journeys In Fiber-'Footwear:Women's Stories'- 2012
Women's Journeys In Fiber-'Paradigm Shifts'-2013
Women's Journeys In Fiber-'Masks:Disguise~Expose~Celebrate'-2014
Women's Journeys In Fiber-'Umbrellas:Open to Ideas'-2015


Cover of RubberStampMadness-July/August 2004
Artitudezine-Spotlight Article- Spring 2005
Somerset Studio
Somerset Studio Gallery, Vol. 4, Summer 2007, Winter 2007
The Best of Stampington-Handcrafted, Vol. 4
Cloth, Paper, Scissors, Issue 52 January/February 2014
Belle Armoire Jewelry, Summer 2016


hi cathy- i'm writing a brain article to post on LinkedIn and wanted to use your beautiful textile image on neural pathways. I would, of course, credit you and link to your blog if that's ok with you. Please email me at and let me know - thanks.

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Component of the Month Design Challenge

Over at Art Elements Caroline created the most beautiful starry bead sets for August's Component of the Month Design Challenge.
Below is the bed set that I received. The photo doesn't do them justice. The lustrous finish is just gorgeous and those stars on the central bead are brilliant.

I received these beads while I was working on a tuturial for etching brass bullet casings (you can see the dirty fingers in the above photo). As soon as my bullets were etched I knew the brass would look really good with these beads!
So I created a tassel of brass chains and seed beads to dangle from the bullet shell then added the starry bead at the top.
Once I create a pendant whether it's bead embroidered or a tassel type pendant, I am always torn about how to finish the necklace portion off... Of course I knew I would use the other 2 beads but I didn't know whether to use chain or more beads or leather etc etc etc.... Too many choices.
I ended up creating just a short beaded porti…

Art Elements Component of the Month for April

Over at Art Elements Jen hosted the Component of the Month for April. She is a glass artist and made some amazing lampwork glass beads with texture. I just love the colors especially when the light hits it. She said she had the 'northern lights in mind' when she created these beauties.
She planted the 'northern lights' in my mind as well. Immediately I thought about freeform peyote and creating some sort of movement of light and color streaking through the sky. I have to confess I do a LOT of bead embroidery and some peyote bezeling BUT I don't do a lot of bead weaving. But I thought this was my chance to do some practicing!
I attempted to created lots of movement/texture with the beading. I left some open spaces and also created lots of waving/rippling with changing up the bead size periodically. AND I had no idea what I was doing. Just picking up beads and trying them out. I think it worked okay.
Once I got the slightly irregular piece beaded, I needed to figure …

May's Component of the Month

Over at Art Elements it was Lesley's turn to host the Component of the Month. She made these gorgeous ceramic cabochons and pendants with the impression of a cross section of a shell. Just love the earthy look and shells are one of my favorite things!
I failed to take a photo of the one I received but as you can see from the photo below it was one of the cabochons with the darker glaze with the touches of green pooling in areas--yummy!
I knew I wanted to pair it with either more shells, or rocks that would keep it beachy yet earthy.
Out of the millions of sea shells I have I could not find ONE that looked good with these darker shades in the glaze. I also wanted to enhance the circular shapes by using round shells. I tried several different colors of snail shells-nope didn't look right. Tried some pebbles but they were too black and too blah. So I found this fossilized coral cabochon in my stash and decided to use it.
It wasn't circular but the starburst effects in the c…