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About Me

I am a wife and proud mother of a newly graduated veterinarian, one dog and one cat.  I have lived a somewhat nomadic life thus far. This is house # eight, which means we've moved seven times during our 29 years of marriage. It makes for an exciting life plus I have gotten to experience different areas of the country and met so many new friends. My new home is in the beautiful state of North Carolina and the best part is we are less than 3 hours from the Atlantic Ocean and less than 4 hours from the mountains.

I am finally learning to say that I'm a jewelry artist! It's still hard to believe that I get to play with art supplies and jewelry supplies and actually get paid for it once in a while!
I have had a love affair with creativity since I picked up my first crayon. My passion to create has led me to pursue numerous art mediums over the years. After trying my hand at just about everything I always come back to jewelry making. My love affair with jewlery probably started before I ever picked up that first crayon, so it was only natural for me to make my own. I started out like most people-just stringing some beads on jewelry wire, then I started making bead embroidered jewelry just a little over 2 years ago and have become obsessed with it!

I am inspired by so many things! I can walk through my back yard and get an idea just looking at the tress but my biggest inspiration is from walking on the beach. I have an endless supply of seashells that I have gathered over the years and I have started incorporating bits and pieces of shells into my creations.  Basically, anything goes if I can bead around it!

My early days of childhood were spent coloring inside the lines of my coloring books. These days, I am trying to teach myself to color ‘outside’ the lines and allow my designs to take on a life of their own.

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Art Elements Component of the Month

I just love the team over at Art Elements!! Since joining I have been inspired to produce WAY more work than I would ever have created 'alone'. It really does take a village for me to get creative and work in my studio!
Every month there is a theme or a component of the month challenge at Art Elements.
Sugar skulls were the component of the month for October and was hosted by Jennifer Cameron. Jen creates beautiful lampwork glass beads and headpins. Fittingly, for October she created glass sugar skulls and distributed them amongst the group.  I also received the wonderful antique key with the glass bead on the end:-)
As soon as my sugar skull arrived I knew exactly what I wanted to create. (haha)
I happened to be working on the caged trinkets tutorial for the AE blog when the skull came so I had wire weaving on my mind. I cut some pieces of wire, flattened the ends into paddle shapes and twined thinner wire around the padddles. I ended up with a flat woven piece that fanned ou…

AJE September Tree Challenge Reveal

The theme challenge of the month over at Art Jewelry Elements was 'trees'.  I was delighted that Caroline chose trees for the month of September. Trees happen to pop up quite often in my work.
I also happen to take a LOT of pictures of trees. They are a constant source of inspiration.
What's not to like about trees? They are beautiful during every season. In fact, I think during winter they might just be at their most beautiful.
If you read my last post, you saw that I ordered some fabulous jewelry elements from blueberribeads.
The first thing I made with trees in mind were these cute little earrings using the gingko leaf headpins. I paired them with Czech glass beads and some copper washers that I distressed and aged. Can't wait to wear these!!
                                                Trees and leaves and acorns-oh my!!

The next tree piece I created was the necklace (above left & below) using a gorgeous porcelain tree pendant made by Caroline over at bluebe…

Art Elements Component of the Month for April

Over at Art Elements Jen hosted the Component of the Month for April. She is a glass artist and made some amazing lampwork glass beads with texture. I just love the colors especially when the light hits it. She said she had the 'northern lights in mind' when she created these beauties.
She planted the 'northern lights' in my mind as well. Immediately I thought about freeform peyote and creating some sort of movement of light and color streaking through the sky. I have to confess I do a LOT of bead embroidery and some peyote bezeling BUT I don't do a lot of bead weaving. But I thought this was my chance to do some practicing!
I attempted to created lots of movement/texture with the beading. I left some open spaces and also created lots of waving/rippling with changing up the bead size periodically. AND I had no idea what I was doing. Just picking up beads and trying them out. I think it worked okay.
Once I got the slightly irregular piece beaded, I needed to figure …