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AE March Theme Reveal-Luna Moth

The March theme over at Art Elements was chosen by teammate Jen. She chose the beautiful, luminous Luna Moth. I have never seen one alive-only found dead ones-but I do love them. I didn’t know that their adult life span is so short only 7-10 days. Maybe that’s why they’re so elusive.

I knew I wanted to do an embroidery piece for this month’s theme. I wanted to keep a series going that I started with the fairy theme back in September which is an embroidery piece with the moon in the background. I also did an embroidery piece for January’s Moon theme. So here is my Luna Moth Moon piece.
Embroidered Luna Moth- 12x12 on stretched canvas

I have never tried using watercolor paint on fabric, only textile paint or acrylic with textile medium. For this piece I decided to try Daniel Smith watercolor paint in Buff Titanium. It has such a luminous finish on paper and when painted on the black fabric it created a pretty cool moon surface. I sketched a Luna Moth on paper the size I wanted my embroidery to be & used it as a template to trace around the design onto the black fabric using a white gel pen. Then I gathered threads and started to work. Once the embroidery was done, I backed it with several layers of quilt batting and stapled it over a 12x12 canvas.
close-up of embroidered Luna Moth

My second & smallest piece probably took the longest to create. It started out as a two dimensional beaded Luna moth but then I changed my mind and decided she was going to be a 3-d small art doll. I sewed the backing on as you normally would if making a bead embroidered pendant but left one end open so that I could stuff it with a little polyfil, then finished beading it closed. Now this next step is where I almost lost my mind...I wanted to make her wings from a wire frame and then bead the wire frame. Ha! I got about 50 beads wired on and had barely covered one tip of a wing when I decided nope not gonna go this way. Changed course and decided to created some shiny cellophane wings over the wire frame. First of all I used the original frame which had wire that was way too large in gauge, secondly I used a heat tool to try and melt the cellophane onto the wings and used it way too close in areas. The wings were okay but just did not make the cut. So back to the drawing board. Final attempt was lighter, airier and much better for this little Luna baby. I used bits of fabric snips, yarn and snippets of cellophane sandwiched between tulle. I placed all this on water soluble stabilizer and used a satin stitch to get all the bits stitched together. I dissolved the stabilizer then let it dry. I didn’t use wire to help the wings hold their shape instead I used a small amount of fabric stiffener. Once dry I glued her wings on & gave her some beaded antennae.
Ceramic Face Cabochon is by teammate Jenny Davies-Reazor

I painted a wooden base and glued flat glass marbles to the bottom to compensate for the screw head (since I didn't use a router to allow the screw to be flush with the wooden base)which I used to attach the wooden bead which holds up the baby Luna. I inserted a heavy weight piece of wire into the doll at the bottom of her body to glue into the wooden bead.
Baby Beaded Luna Moth
Back side of Baby Luna-You can really see how transparent her wings are
Next up- March goddess/art doll. She is ‘Queen Mother of the Luna Moths’. I used/repurposed one of my old Barbie dolls to create this creature. I used apoxie sculpt clay and a face mold to cover the original Barbie face & inserted copper wire into the clay before it set up. She was painted with several layers of paint-first a brass color, then lime green with a smudging of verdigris ink over her face. I  used a gold paint pen to color her lips and highlight the eyes. She has dyed & distressed cheesecloth draped and glued around her body, arms & head. I created her wings in the same fashion I created the baby Luna wings. But I added extra fabric  and I used wire to help stabilize and bend these huge wings. I also used the fabric stiffener just to add extra strength to the wings. She is perched on a chunk of wood from our woodpile out back. She is queen of the silk moths, even though she isn’t wearing any silk!
Queen Mother of the Luna Moths
Using/repurposing an old Barbie was quite fun and since the April theme is repurposed/recycled items I may have to do that again!
Close up of the Queen of Silk Moths-she definitely has a bug-like face;-)
For comparison-Baby & Queen side by side

Looking forward to seeing all the participants Luna Moth creations. I have seen glimpses on social media but really looking forward to the full reveal. Thanks to Jen for such a fun theme.

Here’s the list of team members participating this month and our guest:


  1. Your embroidered and painted moon piece is gorgeous! I would love too see all the different pieces you made over the last months together next to each other. Your art dolls are wonderful and I love to see where you are going with each one... and I love even more how they came together, what pieces and stories they are made off. The idea of covering the barbie doll made me laugh out loud and worked out so great!

    1. Thank you Claire!! I am going to exhibit my fiber art at a local restaurant from mid April to June so I will hang my moon pieces together and take photos;-)

  2. Your embroidered/painted piece is beautiful and immaculately stitched as always andyou little sculptures are wonderful - so original.

  3. I am always amazed at what a person can create from sewing (I can't sew a button). Your pieces are truly amazing and I always look forward to seeing what you have created. Each one of your dolls is just amazing. Love them all!

  4. Omigosh, absolutely stunning, all! Love the baby especially, and the framed piece, and....and....

  5. Everything is so gorgeous. Your moth embroidery with the painted background is so beautiful. The moth dolls are spectacular. And what a great way to repurpose a doll.

  6. Your works of art are amazing! I'm smitten with the embroidery piece and how you were able to paint the moon on the fabric - that gave it a lovely, ethereal quality.

  7. Experimenting with media is a great part of the fun and the embroidered Luna Moth looks so beautiful against the fabric painted with watercolors! The baby and queen moths are both fabulous! Repurposing a Barbie doll sounds hilarious - put to a good deed!

  8. I love coming to your blog and this month is no different. Again such amazing creations, you are a very talented lady!

  9. Is there anything you can't do? I seriously love every single thing about every piece. Your embroidery always blows me away and this is no different. And the little luna moth baby is perfect as a display piece. I love him (her?). and the art!!!! You can't even tell it used to be a barbie. And I love that you used an unused doll to create art. She is just beautiful.

  10. First, re-purposing your Barbie doll was such a great idea! And I love the cheesecloth use that creates a draping effect, Mother turned out fab! Baby is fab too, it's all a learning curve. Her wings turned out as they were meant to be, scrapping ideas let to that. Your first embroidered piece is stunning, I love how your stitches add so much dimension! Congrats on three superb projects! Alysen

  11. Your embroidery is wow but your doll is wow wow wow!!

  12. I am swooning over these art dolls. Your faces remind me of Dave McKean's style, and I feel like I'm look at some surreal fae creatures wandered out of an enchanted wood.

    Your use of so many different materials creates such an organic, beautiful texture that adds to their oddly elegant nature. Wonderful job!

  13. Such gorgeous pieces!! I adore these art dolls. From concept to construction, your work is fabulous!

  14. Wow! I love your embroidery but the dolls!!! They are incredible. I particularly love the Queen, she's stunning and I love how you've repurposed a barbie. I would have much preferred her to play with when I was little!


Wishing you peace, love & chocolate!

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