Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February's Component of the Month-Runes

Over at Art Elements, the February Component of the Month's host was Niky. She made lovely runes in copper metal clay that you can see in the photo below. 

As soon as I saw these beauties I knew I wanted to participate in the challenge. My first idea was a talisman type necklace. Then when I received mine in the mail and saw which one I got I knew for sure that I was going to create a necklace for myself that resembled a collection of talismans or good luck charms. Per usual I failed to photograph mine until the beading was underway (below).
I received the rune above, marked with an M. 
Runes were the first system of writing developed and used by the Germanic people prior to the Latin alphabet.  They functioned as letters but have much more meaning. The word rune means both letter & secret or mystery. You can check this site out if you'd like to learn more about Norse mythology and runes.

I searched the Elder Futhark runic alphabet for the description of mine. The 'M' rune is Ehwaz, pronounced as 'E'. Its symbolic image is the horse because this rune represents movement or transportation. I searched for stones associated with it and came up with Iceland Spar also called Optical Calcite on one website. Agate and opal were listed on another site. Iceland Spar/Calcite stone seemed to work better for the plan I had in mind.

I beaded around the stone with an asymmetrical assortment of beads. I wanted the stone to look as though it was found among some ancient rocks and pebbles. I used some etched seed beads, copper beads and raku ceramic beads.

I had already planned to combine the beaded pendant with some copper wire so I could create a suspended bar to hang my charms/talismans from.
After attaching the copper wire to the beaded rune, I made some charms to dangle from the bottom wire. I found some rough Optical Calcite crystals on Etsy and pulled out my electroforming supplies to create a copper band around the crystal so I could hang it. I also found the cute little pewter horse charm from Inviciti. I think the horse charm fits perfectly with the ancient feel of this piece!
I also drilled some holes in small black & gray pebbles to hang from the bar. There are also some of the same raku beads and copper beads dangling in between the charms.

I debated about how to complete the necklace. A part of me wanted to go with leather deerskin lacing but I didn't have a dark brown and the black looked too harsh and new. I would prefer a distressed looking leather if I can find one.
In the meantime- I added a copper chain.
This challenge was so much fun. I loved doing the research for this as well as trying to find just the right components to compliment the ancient looking rune.
I can't wait to see what all the other participants have created with their runes.

Here's the list of guests and team members. Please go check them out & enjoy!


  1. Love this. You did a great job incorporating that Rune into a finished talisman/ amulet piece. it has a rustic old world look to me. I'm happy to hear that you made this for yourself. it's a keeper for sure.

  2. What a beautiful piece - Niky's rune looks like it's been there forever!

  3. Love this, I love the tactile look of the piece, just beautiful.

  4. I am FACINATED by your piece! The way you connected the beadwork to the copper framework is SO cool. I love how rustic and charming this is - super in love!

  5. That's a stunning design. I love all charms and little details. I bet it's wonderful to wear!

  6. Beautiful Cathy! I'm jealous...every time I try to do something like this, like a amulet or talisman collection, I end up with some massive jumble of things and can't pare it down. You chose exactly the right elements to represent the meaning of and accent the rune.

  7. You are my beads + metal mentor. O. M. G. I love everything about this. The colors, the textures, the framing. Wow.

  8. Yep, you nailed it! I love the texture, the aged rustiness of the piece and all the charms. This is a really stunning piece Cathy, a little piece of magic! Thank you for joining in x

  9. What can I say? I just simply love every single detail of your piece and I so feel for the stories behind all the different elements that went into it! This is one of the pieces where you look at it and feel the meaning and your mind starts on its own letting it grow and grow! :)

  10. Wow, as usual! Perfect all the way around!

  11. Totally fabulous! I am in love with your piece!


Wishing you peace, love & chocolate!

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