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October Component of the Month

This month over at Art Elements it was Niky's turn to host the design challenge. She created these
lovely coin clasps with a hare on them. Fortunately, I remembered to photograph it first but these little beauties are difficult to capture. My lighting was off in every photo and then this photo which I decided was the best is a bit out of focus. Ugh....
So here is Niky's photo of the clasps. Much better than the one above.
I knew when I received mine that I wanted to make it the centerpiece of the jewelry design rather than relegated to the back of your neck or the underside of your wrist. I am a beader but my experience lies mainly in bead embroidery and NOT bead weaving. I figured it was time to try and create a beadwoven necklace with this clasp at the front center. I mean how much harder can it be to do tubular peyote rather than a peyote bezel....haha
Well, I found out it is a tad more challenging. And of course you should never do something for the first time when you actually have to show it to people.  I searched my beading books to determine how many beads and what size beads I needed. I found a tubular peyote necklace that used 10gm of size 11 seed beads. I had the perfect beads for it. I had 10 gm exactly....Guess what, 10 gm got me about 2/3 the way around my neck.

At this point the tubular peyote looks pretty good, especially with the backdrop of my cat's fur. He was in my lap the entire time I beaded this.
So I decided to do a color blocked necklace with  coordinating solid color beads at each end. Okay, not too bad until I had to go back to the end I started beading and add the additional color at that end. It got very wonky, very quickly!?! What the heck did I do? First problem-when I wove in the ends adding the new thread I pulled WAY too tight which caused it to twist and become mishapen. But I persevered and was determined to finish.
So here is the necklace....
The original beads, which I ran out of are a really pretty silver lined matte amber AB. So they had tones of silver/gray, gold, and plum which I thought were perfect for the silver clasp with the copper hook/jump ring. The beads at each end are a dark matte plum. I used 14 gauge aluminum wire to insert into the tubular peyote and used silver bead caps to cover the ends of the tube. Then added copper jump rings to coordinate with the copper on the clasp. Initially I added a couple of extra beads between the ends of the aluminum wire and the clasp but it made the neckl too long for the clasp to sit properly at my neck. It kept flipping over and you couldn't see the hare. So this length is a choker but itis so light and flexible with the aluminum wire it's quite comfortable. BUT I hate the beading!
I am so unhappy with my attempt at this tubular peyote that I plan to rip it apart, order more beads and do it properly because this clasp is just too cool to not have a proper necklace attached! 

At the last minute before this post was scheduled to go live I decided to see if I could use this clasp to create something else until I have time to make a new tubular peyote necklace.
I came up with this bracelet... Using a piece of copper I had previously etched, paired with some copper jump rings, turquoise nuggets, copper bead and silver wire. The etched copper has a little verdigris patina on it.

I like it more than I like the wonky beaded necklace but I still WANT to bead a new necklace for this clasp.

Thanks to Niky for the lovely clasp! I enjoyed this 'test'.  It was definitely a learning experience for me. I intend to master the whole bead weaving thing;-)

Come join along in the blog hop and see what all the other team members and guests have created.
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Caroline said…
Your necklace us way better than anything I could do but understand your frustration that it's not quite right...I'm the same. The bracelet is very pretty too though - hope you get the coin clasp to work as ou really want it to.
Lesley said…
OK - so that comment purporting to be from Caroline is actually from me...weird.
Saraccino said…
After all the work you put into the tube necklace, it must have been frustrating. But I think the design and feeling of the necklace is wonderful and I would love to see the final version of it!
Laney said…
I love the necklace that is something I would wear, wonky and all! That bracelet is pretty special mind. I have tried bead weaving and you are much quicker.. and less wonky.. than me!
Kathy Lindemer said…
I love the design of the necklace. I understand your frustration and I would be the same way and redo the necklace. The necklace really showcases the clasp as it deserves to me. The bracelet is gorgeous also. I love the bracelet bar that you made. It deserves a special clasp like the hare. I think you will just have to get another clasp for the necklace redo!
I love the necklace. If you hadn't said anything, I would never have thought it was wonky at all. Also, I never would have attempted to make that so props to you! The bracelet is also very pretty. ~Diana P.
Divya N said…
I agree with others before me. The necklace looks perfect to me but then I am a beading novice and can manage to beads just a few inches without cussing. LOL!! I like the bracelet too - particularly the copper focal. There is a lot of energy in that piece
Caroline said…
Your bead weaving looks amazing, I think that design is perfect for showing off Niky's Hare. Love the second design too... I agree that you need more clasps!
Linda said…
Totally understand your frustration...and your unwillingness to settle for something that is just not quite right. But still, argh! If redoing the whole necklace seems daunting, you could do a tubular peyote bracelet with the clasp at the front. Your bracelet is very pretty too.
Niky Sayers said…
I really love both designs, I can't even get my head around using seed beads flat or tubular and I think you did a great job, but I also get what it's like to make a piece and not be happy until it is perfect, That bracelet bar is just stunning, I love etched metal and the tough of green, beautiful!
Lindsay said…
I suddenly understand your comment on my post, lol! I know the second time will work out for you with the necklace...and you can always message me if you need a brain to pick! In the meantime, the bracelet is awesome!!!
SueBeads said…
I do like your tubular peyote necklace as well - I think you should def. revisit it if you don't like it, because it's a cool design!

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