Saturday, September 30, 2017

September's Component of the Month

It was Laney's turn at hosting the Component of the Month design challenge over at Art Elements.
Laney makes the cutest whimsical lampwork beads you have ever seen. For this month's challenge she decided to make Zom-Bees!
Laney's Zom-Bees

I wanted to play along with this challenge but once I got the bead I had ZERO ideas about what to create. I decided a freeform peyote bracelet with the zom-bee as the focal would be perfect. Hmmmm. Didn't quite come together.

I make a commitment to myself at the beginning of the year that I would do some daily stitching with the groups 'A Year in Stitches' and '1 Year of Stitches' so I thought maybe I should create something using this cute little zom-bee as a centerpiece.

As soon as I decided to do some embroidery it all came together. This little bee needed a garden.
Sooooo, 'A Zom-Bee's Garden was born.

I thought black fabric as a background would make the bee stand out as well as the zombie flowers in the garden. 
Above you can see the adorable Zom-Bee Laney created much better. I used 2 howlite skull beads and the center skull is a ceramic charm I got from Lesley another team member.

The skulls make the perfect flowers for the zom-bee's garden, don't you think?
P.S. Please overlook the cat hair on the black background! My cat insists on laying in my lap at night when I stitch or bead. I was sure I had removed all the hair via lint roller but these close-ups prove otherwise.

I can't wait to blog hop and check out all the other participant's creations. Thank you Laney for creating these zom-bee beads.

Here's the list of participants:

Team - Lesley  Watt  -  Jennifer Cameron Diana Ptaszynski  - Jenny Davis-Reazor - Caroline Dewison Cathy Spivey Mendola - Laney Mead


  1. I'm amazed! I would never have thought to use the zombee in this way and it is just perfect, I love the skull flowers and your sticking is beautiful!!!

  2. Well done! I love your garden. It is very clever and cute.

  3. FABULOUSLY different, I LOVE it! I love the flowers they are inspired! Love it all. Thanks so much for taking part I am so enjoying this hop to see how my creations grow up in the hands of professionals :D

  4. Really really cool - I love the skull flowers, what fun!

  5. That is way original! I would never have thought that, but it makes such sense!!! Great job!

  6. Wonderful and totally inspired.. I love everything about it!!!

  7. Just adorable - love the stitched flight unique.

  8. Fantastic!!! So cute and well done. I love the skulls added in with the zombee.

  9. I am coming to visit you so you can teach me to do this :-) Absolutely love it and would hang it in my house year round.

  10. THat is so cute and such a creative way to use a zombee!

  11. YES> I agree with everyone! Crazy creative - and I would hang it up all year. Those flowers though!? Perfect!

  12. Oh my goodness! That is ADORABLE! I'd have NEVER thought to do something like that and I LOVE IT!

  13. Oh, the skull flowers! I so fell in love with the skull flowers! It looks so cute!

  14. So cute Cathy! I love how you kept the embroidery equally minimal and whimsical to create the perfect environment for your buzzy friend. So fun!


Wishing you peace, love & chocolate!

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