Thursday, August 31, 2017

Component of the Month Design Challenge

Over at Art Elements Caroline created the most beautiful starry bead sets for August's Component of the Month Design Challenge.
Below is the bed set that I received. The photo doesn't do them justice. The lustrous finish is just gorgeous and those stars on the central bead are brilliant.

I received these beads while I was working on a tuturial for etching brass bullet casings (you can see the dirty fingers in the above photo). As soon as my bullets were etched I knew the brass would look really good with these beads!
So I created a tassel of brass chains and seed beads to dangle from the bullet shell then added the starry bead at the top.
Once I create a pendant whether it's bead embroidered or a tassel type pendant, I am always torn about how to finish the necklace portion off... Of course I knew I would use the other 2 beads but I didn't know whether to use chain or more beads or leather etc etc etc.... Too many choices.
I ended up creating just a short beaded portion with some Beadalon wire crimped onto brass rings and then looped leather deerskin lacing into the brass rings to create a really long necklace.

Here's a close up image of the beaded portion.
I used some vintage glass coin shaped beads that are an antiqued golden color which worked well with Caroline's beads. I also used a few small brass cube beads and brass rondelle beads to complete the beaded section.
I was really happy with the way it turned out until I woke up at 4 am and started second guessing the leather portion! So I went back to the studio with the intention of taking the leather off and replacing it with brass chain. But you know what? When I looked at it I realized I really like the leather paired with it. So leather it is...
I really hate when I second guess myself. Sometimes when I step away from something that I'm not sure about & come back the next day, I can see it more objectively. This time I actually stuck with my first instincts and I'm glad.
I can't wait to see what all the team members and guests have created with these beads. Come join along in the blog hop and see all the creations.

Here's the list of participants-


Art Elements Team


  1. What a stunning design!!! I love all the little details, especially the shower of blue beads on the fringe. Thank you for taking part :)

  2. Thank you so much! I was hoping to do these beautiful beads justice and let the 'shine'.

  3. Brilliant design - I love the tassel.

  4. Beautiful necklace! The bullet casing is very cool.

  5. I'm pretty sure second guessing yourself while creating is a requirement - goodness knows I can't get away from it. I love using leather for a long neckstrap, especially when the centerpiece is big or heavy - its so much more durable than many options, and comfortable on your neck. And tassels are always a great way to show off a fun small focal, my thoughts were running that direction until the eclipse happened...

  6. Beautiful! I really love your bullet casings and think it goes beautifully with this necklace. I always go through a love hate phase with everything I make and have found that leaving it for a few days helps. I really love the leather!

  7. It looks stunning! I agree that the leather is the perfect choice. For me, it is a wonderful balance to all the other parts of the necklace, from the colour, soft texture, and size! I sooooo love the tassel with the galaxy bead you made!

    PS: I so often second guess myself... but once it all comes together, it is a great feeling! I also think that it is a necessary part to create something stunning as well as balanced. Sometimes I even take a picture and have a look at the image instead of the real object. Somehow this helps me to get more distance.

  8. I am SO glad you stayed with the leather - your piece is so elegant and I love the juxtaposition of materials. Amazing how fabulous you can make a bullet casing look! And, of course, I have to concur with everyone else...second guessing is part of the process! LOL...did you see how I had to completely rip out my original fringe?

  9. Agreed, your leather looks great with the necklace! I love your brass bullet - I have several bullet casings in a bag waiting for me to attempt your tutorial! Great job, Cathy, it's a gorgeous necklace!

  10. Love it - and love the leather. She really gifted us with ease of design when she gave us a set of three, didn't she? I mean - perfect! I love the brass beads you paired with it all!


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