Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May's Component of the Month

 Over at Art Elements it was Lesley's turn to host the Component of the Month. She made these gorgeous ceramic cabochons and pendants with the impression of a cross section of a shell. Just love the earthy look and shells are one of my favorite things!
I failed to take a photo of the one I received but as you can see from the photo below it was one of the cabochons with the darker glaze with the touches of green pooling in areas--yummy!
I knew I wanted to pair it with either more shells, or rocks that would keep it beachy yet earthy.
Out of the millions of sea shells I have I could not find ONE that looked good with these darker shades in the glaze. I also wanted to enhance the circular shapes by using round shells. I tried several different colors of snail shells-nope didn't look right. Tried some pebbles but they were too black and too blah. So I found this fossilized coral cabochon in my stash and decided to use it.
It wasn't circular but the starburst effects in the coral kind of continue the theme. I played around with several different colorways of beads before I settled on a a gray/green & brown color scheme. Of course I couldn't find any 15° brown beads so I settled for some bronze to create the bezel around the coral and then added a few in the last row of the bezel around Lesley's cabochon.  I also had some larger round beads to create an arch across the top of the ceramic cabochon.
I added a bail at the top with some rows of peyote and wrapped it around a deer antler. I drilled holes in the antler to add wire, beads and brass rings to loop the deerskin leather lacing through.  I tried photographing this in all sorts of lighting. The beautiful glaze on the ceramic piece just wanted to shine, shine, shine no matter what light I used.

I had fun with this one and want to get more of these cabochons and pendants from Lesley.
I am determined to pair one with actual shells!

I can't wait to see what our guests and the rest of the team have created with these piece.

Here's the list, go check them out for yourself.

Jess Green
Linda Newnham

Art Elements team
Laney Mead


Lesley said...

Wow - our necklace is just stunning! I love the components you've matched up with the cab and that dark but rich colour palettes is just yummy! Thank you for taking part :0)

Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

Thank you Lesley! It was fun working with such a lovely cabochon.

Laney said...

oh wow that is amazing!!

SueBeads said...

Wow, Cathy, I'm always amazed at what you make! How you put things together, and the bead choices you have!

Diana P. said...

I'm just going to stare at this and drool for awhile. LOVE IT!

Caroline said...

What a stunning design! I love your colour choices and the deer antler is fabulous!!

Jenny said...

Hang on - I have to go drill my antlers now... bc thats freaking genius! OK - the fossil cab if perfect! Did you see one of my bead options was fossil stuff too? Heavens. Great minds+ friends= think alike!

The matte finish is great to set off the glaze. The green pooling is really delicious in the shell.

Sarajo Wentling said...

That is truly lovely! What a wonderful combination of elements you came up with! The antler is a really unique touch too.

Lindsay said...

I had the same problem with my shell bead stash too Cathy. Good thing our stashes came through in the end, because your piece is fantastic! I love how you used the antler in particular.

Karen Totten said...

Love the powerful tribal feel of this. Stunning work!

Niky Sayers said...

I utterly LOVE this piece! Your bead work is beautiful, the colours are perfect (I really like the bronze) plus there is a fossil! What a wonderful design and now I need to get hold of deer antlers!

Jess Green said...

Fabulous, this just screams warrior princess to me! Love the earthy tones and feel :)

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