Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January's Component of the Month-Leather Cabochons

Lindsay over at Art Elements, chose to create leather cabochons for the January component of the month.  That's right, I said LEATHER cabochons! I knew that leather is moldable and malleable, but never considered creating a cabochon out it. Brilliant Lindsay & thank you.
As soon as Lindsay posted photos of these beauties they reminded me of aboriginal art. Probably because of the dots she painted on them but the colors and the fact that they were leather just made me think of aboriginal/tribal jewelry. As soon as my cabochon arrived I knew exactly what I would make-a talisman type necklace with a tribal/aboriginal feel to it.
I was so excited to get started that I completely forgot to photograph it BEFORE I beaded around it. So here it is after beading and before completing the necklace.

I pulled out various components and found objects that I could use as talismans to hang from the necklace. I chose a carved Camel bone pendant that I have had for years. It has dots carved into it and seemed to go right along with the leather cabochon. I added a piece of coral, a piece of beach glass, a bronze goddess pendant by Lesley Watt, a ceramic acorn by Caroline Dewison, a small ceramic heart by Scorched Earth on etsy, a piece of etched brass by me and some feathers and beads.
When I beaded around the cabochon I chose some small wooden beads to use around the outer edge that have the look of bone which ties everything in nicely since I decided to hang everything from a deer antler.
I knew I wanted to dangle the talismans from the cabochon but didn't want to do a traditional fringe hanging off the beaded cabochon. I wanted something more rustic and tribal. So I went with the hammered copper and wired the cabochon to the copper.
I love how everything just seems to 'belong' on this piece. The etched brass is from my favorite stamp- 'Be still woman and know who your are'. Quite appropriate for my talisman necklace. And I love that the piece of coral looks like a bone of some sort.
 This is quite a heavy necklace but not too heavy to wear occasionally. It is certainly a 'statement' necklace! I may end up just hanging it in my studio to ward off evil spirits & keep the negative energy at bay. Or it may end up in a special case or frame to show it off.

I can't wait to see what all the participants have created with their leather cabochons.
Here's the list of everyone who is playing along this month:


AE Writers:


  1. Wow! What a stunning statement piece. There are so many intriguing components for the eye to linger on. Exquisite!

  2. Wow!!! Love everything about this piece!

  3. Whoa!!!! What an amazing piece! I knew you'd come up with something awesome, and you did! Speechless! Gorgeous cab by Lindsay too!

  4. Oh, I love how you drilled through the deer antler and hung it sideways like that! I have several my dad cut for me but the size is always intimidating. I might have to try them sideways!

  5. Tribal, rustic, organic... you just had me with the camel bone! I love the look and the feel of your piece! It is definitely a piece that should hang on a wall when not worn :)

  6. Wow! That's a stunning design... I bet it's great fun to wear!I

  7. I agree with "stunning"! I absolutely love it!

  8. Wow Cathy! I love it! I would not have thought to incorporate so many organic items with such a bright colored cab. I love that you weren't intimidated by the size of this cab either - it was one of the biggest, and is perfectly complemented by all of the materials and components you chose.

  9. Wow, I love this! It is a real statement and has so many great elements yet still allows the leather cab to shine. Beautiful.

  10. Simply superb, Cathy! I love how all the components compliment the cab.

  11. It's tribal, it's organic and OOAK piece - very inspirational!

  12. This really is an outstanding statement piece with such wonderful rustic and ancient feel to it, like a long lost treasure! Such a stunning piece with a wonderful calming feel to it!

  13. Absolutely fabulous Cathy! So much detail and interest it's like looking at a painting when you keep finding more to see.

  14. I agree - wall piece - talisman for studio! I love every part of it. Visually and symbolically.

  15. Your design is so tribal and spiritual at the same time. Beautiful design.


Wishing you peace, love & chocolate!

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