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AJE September Tree Challenge Reveal

The theme challenge of the month over at Art Jewelry Elements was 'trees'.  I was delighted that Caroline chose trees for the month of September. Trees happen to pop up quite often in my work.
I also happen to take a LOT of pictures of trees. They are a constant source of inspiration.
What's not to like about trees? They are beautiful during every season. In fact, I think during winter they might just be at their most beautiful.
If you read my last post, you saw that I ordered some fabulous jewelry elements from blueberribeads.
The first thing I made with trees in mind were these cute little earrings using the gingko leaf headpins. I paired them with Czech glass beads and some copper washers that I distressed and aged. Can't wait to wear these!!
Gingko Headpin Earrings
                                                Trees and leaves and acorns-oh my!!
Trio of Tree Themed Necklaces

The next tree piece I created was the necklace (above left & below) using a gorgeous porcelain tree pendant made by Caroline over at blueberribeads. I wanted to showcase this lovely pendant so I didn't want a lot of busy beading on the necklace itself. I did use some smooth black river rocks that I drilled holes into and threaded the rocks with a couple of matte green jasper beads between them. I used two pieces of dyed silk fabric that I ripped to size in a shade of green that complemented the pendant.
Porcelain Tree Pendant Necklace

The next tree related piece was also one of Caroline's cute little gingko leaf beads and one of her acorn pendants (above right & below). I also didn't want anything heavy or busy to distract from the focal bead & acorn so I threaded the acorn pendant on copper wire and up through the bead. Then to add a little more green I hung some green Czech glass beads from the copper wire holding the acorn. I used the same green Czech glass beads to thread onto C-Lon bead cord and crocheted the necklace.
Gingko Leaf Bead With Acorn Pendant Necklace

Next up for my tree inspired pieces was a piece of copper etched with a leaf that I hung from African Opal beads knotted on waxed linen (above center & below). I added the little fetish turquoise bird just for fun.
Etched Copper & African Opal Necklace

Of course I couldn't do a challenge without doing some bead embroidery so I decided to use this Chinese Paintbrush jasper cabochon that looks like a landscape. Remember when I said I love trees in winter? Well, to me this looks a bit like a forest where the trees have lost most of their leaves. And because I just love those little acorns that Caroline made I wanted to dangle an acorn from this pendant. It was the perfect color and acorns are a promise of rebirth, growth and potential. Perfect to hang from a forest that has lost all its leaves.  I attached the beaded pendant to a piece of driftwood and created the necklace from Chinese Paintbrush jasper coin shaped beads knotted on waxed linen.
Chinese Paintbrush Cabochon With Acorn Pendant
Chinese Paintbrush Jasper, Acorn & Driftwood Necklace

And last but not least........I received this lovely 'Greenman' cabochon from Jenny Davies-Reazor and naturally he needed to be included. So I started some bead embroidery around him and lots of fringe that hopefully mimics foliage. I am sorry I didn't get to complete a necklace using him but it's on my to-do list.
GreenMan Pendant

I have so many tree inspired necklaces, art quilts and felted pieces that I created previously I might just have to do another blog post on tree related art.

Thanks for stopping by. Please have a look at all the participants for the tree theme challenge this month.

AJE Team

Until then, live your life creatively~


Laney said…
I love that beaded cab with the acorn that was just beautiful and most definitely my favourite of all the pieces even though each and every one was just lovely :)
Caroline said…
I don't know where to start! Each piece is amazing... and it's wonderful to see some of my work in your beautiful designs! I love every one of them, especially the porcelain tree pendant piece, it's gorgeous!

Thank you for joining me in the challenge :)
Niky Sayers said…
Oh my you were busy! What an amazing collection of treasures, they are all so lovely but that porcelain tree piece has to be my favourite!
Kathy Lindemer said…
A really amazing collection of gorgeous necklaces! Well done!
Cooky Schock said…
Oh, the Chinese paint brush jasper piece is my favorite!
Brooke Bock said…
I am absolutely in love with each piece you made....Sigh!
Thank you so much Caroline! Your pieces are gorgeous & I was hoping to do them justice. Thanks for hosting this challenge.
Thanks Niky! I had fun with this one. Trees are a constant source of inspiration & Caroline's pieces just called out to me:D
Thanks Cooky! That is one of my favorite stones.
Lesley said…
Wow - what an amazing amount of work and all so good it's hard to pic a favourite....but I do love the monotone beaded piece and the foliage effect on your green man is just inspired....remembering that one for future use :0)
Karin G said…
Oh I just love everything, the bead embroidery is fabulous, the green man is my favorite!
Suntsa said…
What a wonderful Trio of Tree Themed Necklaces! I love that beaded cab with the acorn.. I love all!
Janet Bocciardi said…
Your bead embroidery piece is magnificent!
Jenny said…
Good Grief woman! You have been busy! I love it all! Glad yo liked my lil Green Man - I look forward to seeing him finished. Arent Caroline's tree and acorn beads divine!? I do think the fetish bead is a perfect companion and color pop!
gloria allen said…
Loved your post, you have created some awesome pieces.
Tammy Adams said…
I love the earthy natural colors in all of your designs. Each piece is so different and yet they are tied together by your voice. Truly beautiful work.
Thank you so much Lesley! It was so much fun to work in these pieces. Fringe around a cab really adds lots of texture & depth.
Thank you Karin! I really like the green man also:-)
Thank you so much Suntsa! I loved this challenge.
Thank you Janet! That is definitely one of my favorite types of gemstone.
I saw those ginkgo headpins in Caroline's shop and loved them. They look perfect with the Czech glass and textured copper washers. And those necklaces . . . perfection, all of them. Loved the variety of stringing materials from silk to C-Lon to waxed linen. You explored so many designs, and they are all beautiful. I'll probably be dreaming about the etched copper and African opal one. Yummy! The embroidered cab hanging from driftwood is unique and beautiful with the sweet acorn dangle. Your green man piece will be lovely as well. You rocked this challenge!!!!
I keep saying I don't have time to do more than one piece but then I get so excited I have to do as many as possible! Love the green man also. Can't wait to see how he progresses. Thank so much!!
Thank you so much Tammy! I am loving all the challenges with AJE.
Thank you Cindy! I fell in love with all of Caroline's tree related items-so beautiful!! They were such an inspiration to work with.
Wow girl!! I'm impressed with all the gorgeous creations!!
Wow girl!! I'm impressed with all the gorgeous creations!!
Shaiha said…
Talk about a bunch of gorgeous necklaces! I couldn't decide which one I liked the best as they are all so beautiful!
Thanks so much Shaiha! It was a very fun theme for me.
Thank you so much Terri! I loved making all of them.
SueBeads said…
WOW! Awesome pieces, that picture jasper is fantastic, love those ginkgo leaves, can't believe you made all of those pieces! Just stunning! I participated at the last minute:
Anita said…
I lost track of all the comments that came to my mind, so I'm just gonna say that each piece is more fascinating than the other! Love them all! :)

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