Friday, January 22, 2016

How did I get here? ...

What a fast paced year it was in 2015. I actually ONLY posted once and that was a year ago, with the idea that I might-just might-post more frequently last year than the year before. HAHA...

Facebook and Instagram have pretty muched killed blogging, at least for me...So sad...

I  would like to turn back time-to a year when I had WAY more time to blog because I didn't spend it on Facebook! I spend way too much time looking at all my friends' photos and catching up with everyone. It's like having a conference call with all these people all the time. You can step away and come back and they are still there. Always something to look at or someone to talk to.

Then there's the fact that I joined so many Facebook groups with wonderful bead artists and lapidary artists. I am mesmerized by the eye candy when I log on. It is inspirational to me as well as Pinterest. So who is hooked on Pinterest? Another huge consumer of my time...UGH!

I have done a pretty good job (not great but pretty good) of staying away from FB (ok not spending as much time)since the end of 2015.

I have also not been on Instagram as much as last year.  Which means I've actually had time to create some ART.... Jewelry to be exact!

I spent the first week in January working on some pieces to submit to a magazine. (fingers crossed)
Then I spent the week after that finishing up pieces I started last year. They had been sitting on my work table waiting patiently to be finished.  Sometimes I don't always know what I'm going to do to finish off a piece. I pretty much NEVER plan ahead. I jump in, create a pendant and then once I'm finished I let it sit and rest until my muse tells me what to do with it.  Sometimes she doesn't speak loud enough for me to hear or maybe I'm just too busy to listen. So things sit and wait to be finished.

So I'm off to a pretty good start with the year as far as finishing up pieces from last year and shipping off jewelry for possible publication.

Now, I just need to figure out what I'm doing with my Bead Journal Project this year. I have wrestled with what to do for about a month now. Guess it's time to just do it!After much deliberation I have come to the conclusion I cannnot commit to one piece per month. I decided that maybe something realted to the seasons. That would mean I only need to make 4. But I didn't want anything your average 4 season depiction in beads. I wanted something a little different. So I though why not do a seasonal mandala! I love to draw and doodle so I thought I would draw my own mandala then transfer it to a beading background and bead away. Well, that idea just never felt quite right. I let it stew for about 2 weeks and never attempted to start. Soooo, I have re-thought my plan. I am planning to do the 5 Elements (fire, water, earth, metal & wood) I will do each one  approx 5 inches in the shape of a pentagram with the Chinese character for each of them in the middle of the design. I will use beads that correspond to the colors of each element. Since I love monochromatic schemes this is going to be fun. I will try to pull in an array of the colors of each element and do the Chinese character in black. OK, now that I have stated my plan I guess I best get to work.

Another thing I MUST do is continue to clean and purge my studio. Which brings up the BIGGEST news from last year....we are moving from the icy cold midwest to a much warmer climate this spring. After 7 years of  living in the northern burbs of Chicago we are heading to the burbs of Raleigh, NC. WOO-HOO! Which is one of the bigger reasons for scaling back on my bead journal project.

I am slowly, going through supplies that have multiplied since we moved here. I am purging and cleaning. Trying hard to think about the direction I am going with my art/my life.  I have been fighting a battle with myself when it comes to what I make...I have wanted to be a mixed media fiber artist for soooo long that while I was busy waiting for things to happen in that arena, I ended up becoming a jewelry artist! Who knew?  Certainly I didn't, because I kept telling myself EVERY DAMN year, that I was going to stop making jewelry because it was taking up too much of my time!!! I thought I wanted to be making art quilts. Then I would declare that I was done with jewelry and someone would ask me to make them something or I would see some new beads or jewelry techniques and go ohhhhhh-gotta try that, gotta have those beads, gotta make more jewelry. So then it hit me one day that I AM A JEWELRY ARTIST---hello... What was I thinking? I was spending so much time trying to be something else when I really LOVE making jewelry. I fell in LOVE with bead embroidery about 2 and a half years ago and that is when things really started to fall into place.

Not saying I don't want to do art quilts-I do. It's just they are not my passion. I have loved fabrics and
fibers of every sort for as long as I can remember. But jewelry has been a passion for probably longer.
First as an admirer, then as a dabbler in making a little jewelry, then a novice at trying my hand with all sorts of jewelry techniques. But the bead embroidery-AHHHHHHH! She's my true love.
Maybe I will get tired of it one day, maybe I'll fall back in love with art quilting, or mixed media paintings, or assemblage. But for now, it's beading with a beautiful stone cabochon or some seashells,
some ultrasuede and my favorite KO thread.

Okay enough babbling. Probably one reason I don't blog very much is once I start typing I don't know when to stop!

I promise to post photos of new work frequently this year--she says with a wink-Ha!

Creatively yours~


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Robbie said...

Look forward to seeing more blog posts on your upcoming year and move!!!

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