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Post Blizzard.....

We had a major blizzard here in the frozen tundra last week. Really intended to update my blog during the time that I was snowed-in but never got any further than the title.  Obviously plans to post more on this blog for the 'new year' are not going very well.  I could beat myself up for it but it wouldn't do any good. The great news is -- even though I'm not posting any new work I HAVE been very busy.
I am now in week 5 of my 'Personal Revolution' program at the yoga studio. It's going quite well. Good news is my body doesn't feel like someone beat me up when I leave yoga class anymore. I'm starting to reap some of the benefits like my jeans fitting better and I'm not feeling stressed out about all the little things that used to send me 'over the edge'.  Hopefully when Week 6 is over I will be able to retain the knowledge that I've learned during this program.

On top of all the yoga I've been working on projects for possible exh…