Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacup Texture Tuesday

A very quick post as today was a crazy, busy day. Just a few photos for the Texture Tuesdays challenge. This week's challenge was to use a photo of a teacup or coffee cup.
Here's mine.

While I was out & about last Saturday I drove by a HUGE swan's nest. I drove round & round trying to figure out where to park so I could get a good shot. For now I'm just showing you papa swan. He was on high alert while I was walking around taking pix. He was quite a handsome fella too!

I promise to show photos of mama swan and her nest later this week. I also plan to do another drive-by and see if the eggs have hatched.
I do have photos of baby geese. Usually the mama goose doesn't bring the babies out until Mother's Day weekend. This year she brought them out early. I have no idea why, since we're experiencing one of the coldest, wettest springs ever!
Here's the goose family.

I love the bright chartreuse color of the babies! I regret to say that I have only seen them twice since last week. I do hope that a coyote or a hawk hasn't gotten them.

One last photo of a bird's nest built inside a light fixture. While I was driving around trying to find a place to park to get photos of the swan nest, I came upon this nest in the light. The light fixture was on a brick pillar at the entrance to a subdivision. Love all the feathers spilling out of the light.

The teacup was layered with Kim Klassen's portrait texture & her love texture. Both times 2. A gaussian blur was also added.  The swan was layered with Kim's portrait texture and also The Pioneer Woman's edge burn action. The goose family was layered with Kim's love texture times 2. And the nest in the light was layered with Kim's chamomile texture-multiply x 2 and soft light x 1. I really like the way her texture really adds a nice aged effect to the brick.
So that's all I've got today. Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday. Hopefully on Thursday I'll show you some photos of the swan nest and maybe some sketchbook work.
Until then...
live your life creatively~


Rural Revival said...

Lovely photos! The baby geese are so precious and I love the lantern light full of feathers. What a great find!


Marilyn said...

Beeautiful photos and processing. I really like your china.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Cathy
Just popped over to say thanks for entering my giveaway and find your Texture Tuesday post... I'm slow to get around this week...

Fantastic that you captured those swans!!! lovely... And your Tree of Me!!! brilliant.. I really really love this... I have a thing for tree branches.. haha strange.. but see it is also a mind map.. of you!! really great..

PS... please feel free to enter another comment on the giveaway.. separate comments for the followers chance... thanks again and have a great day!!! ciao xxx Julie

Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

Thank you all so much! I am having so much fun photographing all the water fowl near my house this spring.
As for the china.. it's an antique set passed down to me from my aunt who told me it was a hot chocolate set.
Or maybe just a tea set. There is a teapot with 4 little cups and saucers.

Anonymous said...

Cathy, what a lovely effect you got with the teacup texture image. So soft and romantic! Thanks for commenting on my blog post as well. I'm having such a great time with Texture Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing more of your fun fiber arts as well, from a fellow fiber fan!

Deb said...

Sweet sweet photo for texture tuesday! your other photos are great too!!!

Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

Thanks HK & Deb!

Anonymous said...

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