Sunday, October 24, 2010

Long Overdue Update

Hard to believe I have not posted an update in over a month! Where DOES the time go?
My time has been spent getting ready for the Fine Art of Fiber exhibit at the Chicago Botanic Garden
the first weekend of November. I submitted 7 pieces of fiber art on my application and ALL 7 were chosen.
Problem is there were TWO pieces that I had not even finished when I submitted the application.
I am also selling jewelry in the boutique gift shop of the show so I've been busy making necklaces & a few bracelets.
I also spent an entire week sitting in the hospital at my husband's bedside. He became ill 2 weeks ago and was admitted to the hospital. It was pretty scary for both of us but after 5 days in the hospital he is back at work and feeling much better. That week took that wind out of my sails so to speak and it took all last week to pull myself back together and get back to work on the fiber art and jewelry.
The above photo is the bottom portion of a mixed media fiber piece that I finished last week (one of the 2 previously unfinished pieces) for the show. Below is the top portion of the piece.

This piece is titled "Coral Garden". It started with a piece of felt that I was just playing around with and needle felted pieces of hand painted silk organza to along with alpaca fibers, dyed silk, silk carrier rods and dyed cheesecloth. As I kept adding fibers it began to look like an underwater scene, more specifically a coral garden. After all the needle felting, I added hand embroidery and beads. Then I painted a mounted canvas and collaged it with painted paper towels and tissue paper, added more paint and oil pastels and ink. I attached the felted piece to the canvas and added more beads and some painted, heat distressed tyvek.
And here is the finished piece.

Here's a few more of my necklaces also:

And a close-up of some of my bird nest pieces. I just love these!
A few more:

I spent a day last week playing with fabric dyeing. I've painted fabrics in the past and I've used good 'ole Rit dye but I've never used fiber reactive dyes before. I'm going to take a class later this week on vat dyeing and I needed to bring some previously fiber reactive dyed fabric to the class. SO, I rolled up my sleeves and
covered my kitchen counters in plastic and dyed some fabrics. It was SO MUCH FUN! I will post some photos of fabrics later. Maybe after the vat dyeing so I can show some before & after photos.

Believe it or not, my intention for the fall was to post something on my blog at least once a week. AND create a new blog specifically for posting items for sale. So far, none of that has happened. So maybe my new year's resolution can be to follow through with this??
Oh well, at least I've been busy creating and that's the important thing.
Now, just one more fiber piece to finish before FAOF!
Live your life creatively~

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