Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Play Date With Bleach

I spent a few hours playing with good old household bleach experimenting with different weight fabrics and different applications. My last play date with bleach is posted here.
This time I decided to play around with a 'resist' in the form of a crocheted doily.
I have lots of these doilies. My grandmother used to crochet them and I've picked up a few in antique stores over the years. They come in handy while working with clay. I use them to lay down on the clay and send it through the slab roller or use a rolling pin to impress the clay with the design of the lace. Very cool results on clay. SO... Here is my first piece with using the doily as a resist on some black cotton.

I actually used Tilex spray instead of chlorox since I wanted to spray over top of the doily. This worked just as well since Tilex's main ingredient is bleach. I sprayed the Tilex pretty heavily and the doily became saturated and actually started to absorb some of the black from the fabric beneath it. I left the doily on the fabric approximately 15 min. Took it to the sink and soaked it in water. Washed then threw in the dryer.
Really should've ironed it but you can still see the lovely kaleidoscope pattern the doily created.
This black cotton discharged to a creamy off-white with touches of blue/green here and there. Really pretty.
Next piece was done the same way but I used 3 small doilies rather than one large one.
Interesting colors and design I think!

Then I grabbed a new batch of black cotton and used rubber bands to crimp at intervals.This cotton discharged to a beautiful rusty orange color.

This next piece was using the same cotton and trying a circular crimping with the rubber bands.

Love it!

Then I tried a piece of black cotton from India that I had and it was almost a faded charcoal rather than black. I used a roller with squares on it to print the design using regular bleach.
The roller randomly sprayed flecks of bleach in areas and I also went back over it twice with the roller so the design is a random checkerboard. This piece discharged to a peachy tan color.

Next fabric I tried was a black cotton twill. I loved the colors I got on the last experiment with the twill and I was hoping for the same rusty golden colors. Not quite the same with this twill but I do like it.

This discharged to more of a salmon/coral color. I used a sponge roller to lay the bleach down in the stripe pattern.

Final piece I tried is a piece of black burlap. Wow! Love the color this discharge to-bright red!
With this piece I used comet gel rather than liquid bleach or the Tilex spray. I just squiggled some gel on, let it sit for maybe 5 min. Rinsed, soaked, washed, dried.

Not sure what I'm going to do with some of these but I have several designs in my sketchbook for using some of my discharged fabrics.

Right now I'm working on a project for the North Suburban Needle Arts Guild. They have an annual project with a theme. This year it's 'Pathways'. The project is due at the guild meeting in April which is 2 wks away. Forever the procrastinator I am now just starting to work on mine. I started sketching the design the first week in March but I've been tweaking it and researching it before actually cutting my first piece of fabric. I'll post it when finished.
I still have several more projects that I just completed but will save those for another day...
Until then- live your life creatively~

p.s. The blog banner is a piece of fabric I disperse dyed in a workshop I did with Barbara Schneider a few weeks ago. I have a couple more things I disperse dyed in her class I will post in the next few days.


tmstewart said...

Hi Cathy,
Those doily pieces are so cool. Great results all around. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the guild challenge!

Terri Kahrs said...

So nice to know that you're having fun, Cathy! I do remember the earlier post, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of your latest experiments. LOVE the new header! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

Thanks everyone!

Janine said...

Your experiments worked out beautifully.
Have a great week

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