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Back to School/Back to My Life

Forever the procrastinator, I am finally posting about Crusade No. 33 which is due by Oct. 1... Oh well,
I guess I've just been busy learning new things.
I haven't posted anything since early Sept. and that post was dedicated to one of my 'learning' experiences-
a fiber workshop with Jeanne Beck.  I had been wanting to join a group of artists in my area and I found
a fabulous group--the North Suburban Needle Arts Guild. I joined in early Sept and did the workshop they sponsored the very next day. Talk about jumping in head first! I loved the workshop and learned quite a bit about painting and layering on fabrics. I'm busy playing around in my studio with some projects which I will post later.
At the beginning of this year I began a wheel thrown pottery class and have been enjoying a love/hate relationship with it. I have done handbuilding for several years but wheel thrown is a whole different animal.
Patience, patience and more patience. I wasn't sure if I wa…

So much Art, so Little Time...

I cannot believe it's been OVER a week since my last post. And I had sworn I'd be posting daily now that my daughter is back at school and I'm back to work in my studio.
You know how that laid plans seem to always go awry.
First of all, I spent an entire weekend doing artsy things. I went to the American Craft Expo at Northwestern University on Fri. Aug 31. Then the next day, dear hubby & I went to The Art Institute of Chicago (well worth it). I took some great pics for inspiration which I will post to flickr one of these days. Then we went to a market that runs the last weekend of the month from May to October I believe, called the Randolph Street Market. It is a pretty huge flea/antique market. Taking dear husband to the museum was fine, but he's not a good partner for doing the flea market thing!
I did manage to buy some WONDERFUL old books, that I plan to use for some mixed media
pieces and maybe even altering. Then the next day, I went to an art fa…