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"Sometimes I sits & thinks,sometimes I just sits." Satchel Paige

That quote pretty much sums up my life for the past few days. I've given myself a bit of 'downtime' and haven't accomplished very much in the studio. Come to think of it, I haven't accomplished anywhere near the amount of work I had scheduled for myself the month of April.
I keep telling myself "it's OK". This isn't a race, no one is keeping score of the amount of art I produce. BUT... I'm really hard on myself and really don't like it when I don't get things accomplished!
The whole sinus problem/inner ear thing just threw me in a funk and I've not felt like doing a whole lot of anything. So I finally told myself that all those projects will still be waiting for me when I DO feel like doing something.
With that said, I will be taking off tomorrow morning for a much anticipated trip. I was hoping to be in a better frame of mind, but maybe this trip is just what I need right now.
I'm flying to VA for a quick visit with my brother and…

Oh Happy Day!

It's a glorious day here in northern Illinois. I have the windows open and the doors open. The birds are chirping loudly, the flowers are blooming and the trees are trying to sprout their little leaves. The forecast for today is 85 degrees!!!
I cannot believe it. My only hope is that this wonderful sunshine and warmth will hang around and not give way to cold, gray skies anytime soon.
With this warm weather comes a fervent desire to spring clean. Not in the same way my dear old mom used to, but spring clean my studio. Clear out, clean up.
I've got my finger in so many pots so to speak that I've got an abudance of artwork
as well as art supplies. In the next few weeks I hope to go through my supplies
and figure out just what I REALLY need to keep and what I can toss.
There may be some giveaways posted or some items put on etsy.
In the meantime, I have started a new etsy shop, Flamingo Studio
to try and sell a few of the ceramics I've made over the years. They are piling up and…

"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change." Buddha

Happy Earth Day!
I awoke to a beautiful sunny day! Something we haven't seen since last week.
I am feeling better and better-of course the warm sunshine could have something to do with it.
Anyway, thought I would post these projects I was able to finish in the last week.
The first one is something that I had done awhile back. The main portion was posted on my flickr over a year ago, but it always looked unfinished so I took another look at it and decided to add it to a background to give it more depth. The inspiration to update the piece came from looking at Judy Wilkenfeld's work. Especially her piece in the book 'Exhibition 36' by Susan Tuttle. (If you haven't seen the book, I suggest you go out and buy it right now! Great stuff in there.)
I think I like my piece much better now. The old book cover is attached to a canvas board that was painted with layers of paint and oil pastels. Then I applied a piece of tapestry fabric that I distressed a bit with fraying and ink.…

Where Have I Been, You Ask?...

Cannot believe it has been a whole week since posting! Thought I was getting back into the swing of things but along came another illness just after getting over the sinus thing! Oh what fun... I won't bore you with details just that I have an infection of the inner ear(labyrinthitis).It affects your balance and makes you dizzy.
I did happen to take off for the weekend to head to college-it was MOM'S WEEKEND!
I was feeling a bit better by the time I got there, although I had to ride with someone else. If you knew me well, you would know that that just about did me in.
I am EXTREMELY independent and I LIKE TO BE THE PERSON DRIVING, THEREFORE I'M THE ONE IN CONTROL! So I gave in reluctantly since my doctor said I should not be driving since I was experiencing dizzy spells. Can't imagine why???
Mom's weekend was fun! Got to hang out at my daughter's sorority house, got to see a performance by some of the sororities and fraternities.Lots of moms and kids went out to a …

Hidden Beauty

Just playing around incorporating fabrics into my paintings. I used a piece of gold cotton, a piece of muslin and the black printed fabric. I dipped the gold piece in watered down sepia ink as well as the muslin in the watered down ink. Dried them slightly before applying them to the canvas with gel medium. Then I added more ink and paint randomly and applied the black script fabric down on top, applying more paint.
The face is actually a rubber stamp on beige cardstock that I colored with pastels and paint. I apologize to the maker of the stamp. I cannot remember who I bought it from, therefore I can't credit them with the stamp! It's unmounted so there's no identification on the stamp and I've had it for quite a few years. If anyone out there knows who the maker is, please let me know.
The background is several layers of paint washes in several different colors.
The verdigris embellishment is an old earring! After adding the earring I went back and added some interferen…

"Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain." Edware De Bono

A good sense of humor is essential to everyone but I think it's especially good for artists to have one. Or at least for me-I definitely benefit from being able to laugh at myself and all the silly things I do sometimes.
I'm taking an online class for cloth/clay dolls and being a seamstress for many years I was a bit too over-confident about the pattern and the cutting and the sewing.AHEM!!! It really does pay to read ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS! Even if you 'think' you know how to do something. HAHAHA... So I'm laughing at myself for totally screwing up the very FIRST steps of the process. I will have to admit this to the group I'm in.
I thought it would be easier to admit it first on my personal blog before admitting to the teacher and all the other participants.
SO... with a little cursing then alot of laughter I READ or rather LISTENED to all the instructions(the class is done with videos of each step) I can't post each
step of the way on this blog but I will po…

Happy Easter/Passover/Spring to all!

Some good news...My camera arrived safe and sound and fully repaired! Yay!!
Additionally, my new modem finally arrived, albeit a day later than I was told it would. Nevertheless, I am fully operational on the technical front.
However, my sinus adventure has been a strange one. Good news is that the infection
is FINALLY getting better. Not so good news, the medicine I was switched to has left me with some side effects that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
So for now, I will show a few spring-like photos of my flowers and birdie.

And I will show you the crazy quilt I was able to finish in between bouts of extreme dizziness! The orangey fabric around the borders is decorated with Shiva Oil sticks
rubbed over a texture plate. I used several different plates then cured the oil paint, ironed it, cut the borders and stitched it up. I added a solid back background that rolls over the front edges to create another border.

I do hope to be back to MY LIFE in the near future.
In the meantime, ple…

"Painting is an attempt to come to terms with life. There are as many solutions as there are human beings." George Tooker

This is the painting I finished a few days ago and was going to post yesterday but decided to add a few more highlights and shadows. It is titled "Honey, I'm Home".
Started it last week while hubby was out of town, hence the painting and title, I GUESS? I like the textures. This was an old collage that I never really liked so I threw some paint on it thinking I would turn it into an abstract piece. It didn't
want to be an abstract, so after the paint dried I applied tissue paper with gel medium and made sure it had ALOT of wrinkles in the paper to add texture and also to try and hide the previous collage elements. After the gel medium dried I painted this picture. To make the silhouette stand out a bit more I cut him out of an old map and glued him down; covered him with a nice coat of gel medium, let it dry, then
painted. I used my finger to wipe the paint off his chest in the shape of a heart,
exposing the map underneath. With the gel medium covering the map it was eas…

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." Anais Nin

That quote really opens my eyes.Makes me realize that art is so subjective.Art is
the raw emotions, dreams and imaginings of the artist and as viewers of the art we do not always necessarily see or feel what the artist felt at the moment the art was created. I think each person who views art will see it differently because of their own particular emotions or dreams. Of course on any given day those emotions can
be different, so each time we view art it can change for us. Which is why I always get really upset when I read a review of an artist's work by an art critic! How can one person look at a body of work and give us a valid and reasonable opinion, when art is SUBJECTIVE. How does that critic 'know' what the artist meant or felt when the artist created it?(Unless of course the critic interviewed the artist.)Also, when the artist created the art he/she may not have had any idea in mind and just let things flow intuitively with no rhyme or reason for it. Does that make any …

Painting:The art of protecting flat surfaces from weather & exposing them to the critic. Ambrose Bierce

This is the most recent abstract. I started this one while the one in the previous post was drying. This is titled "Crimson Sunset". I was playing around with it and glued down some string to see if it would create an edge. As though it's a body of water at the bottom and the sun setting is reflecting??? Maybe it works.
Then below I reworked another from a few weeks before. Previously posted on 3-12-09
I wasn't satisfied with the sun previously.It just needed something more.
So here it is.

Of course my GOOD camera is still in the shop and my old Nikon just doesn't get the color quite right, even with editing. Hopefully it will return to me safe and sound and fully operational by next week.
Be creative~

Which Way is UP??

Most days I'm asking myself that question...which way is up?...Which way do I go?...And where am I going? I usually end up going in circles.
NOW, I'm asking you guys to tell me--Which way is up with this painting...
I did this painting week before last after I found out that someone wanted to buy our horse.I knew we should sell her but I love her and my daughter really loves her so it was a tough decision. Lately when I'm frustrated I drop whatever art thing I'm working on and grab a canvas and started slopping paint all over it. Makes me feel alot better.Especially if I'm not trying to 'make' anything. Just globbing on paint randomly and wildly. This painting evolved over several days. The first layer was done with my fingers..that's right, as in finger painting. And it felt wonderful.
Wasn't excited about the outcome but the process felt good.
So the above/below painting is the final outcome.
The original title due to my emotions over the horse was &…