Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So much Art, so Little Time...

I cannot believe it's been OVER a week since my last post. And I had sworn I'd be posting daily now that my daughter is back at school and I'm back to work in my studio.
You know how that goes...best laid plans seem to always go awry.
First of all, I spent an entire weekend doing artsy things. I went to the American Craft Expo at Northwestern University on Fri. Aug 31. Then the next day, dear hubby & I went to The Art Institute of Chicago (well worth it). I took some great pics for inspiration which I will post to flickr one of these days. Then we went to a market that runs the last weekend of the month from May to October I believe, called the Randolph Street Market. It is a pretty huge flea/antique market. Taking dear husband to the museum was fine, but he's not a good partner for doing the flea market thing!
I did manage to buy some WONDERFUL old books, that I plan to use for some mixed media
pieces and maybe even altering. Then the next day, I went to an art fair in Highland Park, called Port Clinton Art Fair. I had heard this was a really good one. I wasn't too impressed with it. I'm getting really tired of seeing the same old, same old.
There were a few booths that caught my attention but nothing that bowled me over.
I did however, go through at lightening speed almost like my husband speeding through the flea market. I didn't go to the art fair until late afternoon and thus I wanted to skim the crowd quickly so I did NOT stop at every booth. I may have missed a few nice ones. Oh well, didn't need to spend any money anyway.
The next artsy thing I did was on Tuesday last week. I finally went to a meeting of
the North Suburban Needle Arts Guild. I had found out about them last spring and wanted to go but was unable to get there before they took the summer off. This was
their first meeting of the season and I finally was able to go. Decided immediately that I had to join and also was able to register for a 2 day workshop with the delightful Jeanne Beck! She was the lecturer at the meeting then held a surface design workshop that was SO MUCH FUN! Below are photos of some of the fabric backgrounds I created in her workshop.
Once I got them home, I decided they were my favorite pieces so I have started to
embroider on them and will now add some seed beads to.

The photo below shows them all lined up together which I think will become a wall hanging. I will somehow piece them all together. The colors and shapes remind me of underwater life.

The piece below is piece of silk that was scrunched and painted, then I added some Shiva oil paintsticks. I failed to iron it prior to photographing it. It would definitely look better ironed flat!

The piece below is cotton and I'm thinking I got a bit carried away with this one.
Maybe a few too many layers and colors.

This one below was actually a piece of cotton that I was using to clean off my painting area and then I decided to print on top of it to see what would happen. It's not too bad for a cleaning rag.

The next 2 pieces are 2 more backgrounds I did. Not sure if I will use them for anything.
Maybe useful for cutting up and incorporating into some other project. We'll see.

If you ever get the chance to do a workshop with Jeanne, please do so. She is a wonderfully talented lady and she's also a patient and quite humorous teacher.
In between the workshop and spending a somewhat relaxing weekend with my hubby I also spent time working on Terri's, Marsha's and Becky's artwork that I promised them
a few months ago. I am not going to post it just yet, as I want them to be surprised.
The items are not quite ready to put in the mail but hopefully they will be on their way to their new owners by the end of this week.
Have a wonderfully creative week~


Terri Kahrs said...

You've been busy, busy, busy with tons of fun stuff! There's nothing better than art fairs of any kind and flea markets too. And to be able to combine them in one weekend is pure nirvana!!!

LOve,Love, LOVE the fabric backgrounds! You know how much I adore your fabrics and beadwork. Can't wait to see what develops with these marvelous new creations.

OMG, Cathy! You've got me all "a twitter"! Can't wait to see what you've created for my surprise!!!! My birthday is in a few weeks, so this will be a wonderful gift!!!

I'm just sooo happy to hear that you've been having a great time in the studio, and thanks for stopping by for a quick visit! Hugs & Love, Terri xoxo

Alberta said...

If I weren't so happy for you, I'd be green with envy. It sounds like you've been having a blast! I love your new mermaid-colored pieces, and I also especially like the next-to-last background piece you made. I used to enjoy as a needlework as a child and even in college; in fact, one of my earliest creative memories was of my grandmother teaching me to embroider on her front porch. (I stitched a daisy!) Then, of course, in the 70's I went on to embellish many a denim workshirt. If I thought I could create anything as lovely as your work, I'd think seriously of taking up stitchery again. I always found handsewing so relaxing, as opposed to using a machine. I really look forward to seeing the finished wallhanging. Keep having fun!


whymsicalmusings said...

Oh my Goodness Cathy! You have been sooo busy! Isn't it strange how life never slows down. The older I get the busier it seems to be!

The fabric you are working on is simply gorgeous but then all that you make is filled with that special touch that not everyone is able to find. Especially not me when it comes to sewing.

I love your work it shows how much you love it:)

Bonnie said...

i just found your blog, love these pieces! i'm a self-taught fiber/textile/everything else artist myself.

one thing that came to mind when you remarked about maybe too many layers in one piece...this is an issue i find myself struggling with in many ways also...i am trying to convince myself that less is more, simple is good, etc. i guess it's the nature of being an artist, we see the work but sometimes can't hear it...especially when it says "i'm done"....lol. selective hearing i guess:)

you didn't say, but these remind me of pieces created on a needle-felting machine. i own one and haven't begun to explore the possibilities (which i suspect are limitless).

peace to you:)

Cathy said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!
Thanks also for finding me Bonnie.
I will pop over to your blog and check it out. No, these pieces are not needle felted but they do kind of look like it. Everything was fused onto the raw silk before I started embroidering.

Jeanne Raffer Beck said...

Cathy, it was great to meet you as well last week. I'll look forward to seeing your beading on these pieces. I would have loved to join you for the flea market and trip to the Art Institute and imagine it's hard to keep up with so MANY choices of where to go and what to do in the Chicago area. Thanks for your nice words about me!

Janine said...

Oh Cathy, the backgrounds are swell, the first ones look like juwellery, just like a meremaids dream

Cathy said...

Thanks so much Jeanne and Janine for leaving comments.
It was great to meet you also Jeanne.
And Janine, I like your interpretation--mermaid dreams!

K said...

beautiful work and colors! loved hearing about all your ventures out into the art world...sounded very fun!! i really like your last painting...love the black, red and white!

Cyrille said...

After buying meds at www.buytramadol.ca and dealing with the usual sadness that comes with the thought of having to pay for my meds again, nothing cheers me up more than looking at beautiful artworks. your style and technique are like nothing I've ever seen before. I like the last one with the black swirling lines best. The way the colors suffuse the material reminds me of the tie-dyed class I took during my highschool summer.

whymsicalmusings said...

OH CATHY!!!! Your Art Piece arrived today. I had forgotten about it completly.

I am so touched I cried and cried. It is so beautiful. Everything about it just speaks to me! It has been such a trying couple of months a few crazy things going on and what a wonderful wonderful suprise in the midst of a ton of chaos right now. It is so greatly appreciated. I truly truly love it and will treasure it always.

I have posted a pic on my blog and a little write up for you.

Cathy said...

Thanks K, Cyrille and Becky!
I will come over to your blogs for a visit!

EHAG said...

Congratulations! you have won a prize in the EHAG Search for the Wandering Witch. Please email Melissa Valeriote of Valeriote Designs with your particulars (vlaeriotedesign@comcast.com) and she will send your prize to you. Thank you so much for playing along, I hope you signed up as an EHAG follower - we have fun give-aways all year long.

- Sweet B (Ehag Mod)

*retro-rudolphs* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
*retro-rudolphs* said...

Hi Cathy, Melissa's correct email addy is:

Thank you, Lori

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