Thursday, August 20, 2009

"What I Dream of is an Art of Balance." Henri Matisse

My plan for today was to spend at least 4 hours in my studio, more would have been better but I was willing to settle for 4. Guess what? Didn't happen...
Had major issues with my damn computer! I think that is one of the MOST frustrating things. Love technology as long as it is working properly! Anyway, that's another whole post. Won't bore your with the details.
I was able to get a little time in my studio and create my FIRST tag in many months. I took a little break from them in the spring and now it's really good to get back. They really get my creative juices flowing. Actually just going into my studio and pulling out papers, pens, ink, paint, etc, etc, etc beckons my muse and I have a hard time pulling myself away from her and my studio. Although today didn't go as originally planned, it was so very good to be in there.
Here is my tag. Click on the tag to get a better view.
I plan to start adding some to my etsy next week. I have many things to photograph and put on etsy, so I'm planning a whole day just to get those items up for sale. Stay tuned...

I had to clean my work desk up a bit before I could even create my tag.
See photo below. Of course after making the tag, it looks like that again.

I also decided to photograph some art supplies for your viewing pleasure. They're so bright and colorful. Just looking at my supplies makes me smile sometimes.
Acrylic paints up above in an antique wooden tool box. Pastel pencils, colored pencils,
and oil pastels below in ceramic containers I made.

And of course my Sharpie collection! Along with some gel pens in the background.

Live creatively everyday~


Terri Kahrs said...

Sooooo sorry to hear about your computer glitches, Cathy! B-U-M-M-E-R!

I'm happy to hear that your Muse is back! Love the tag. Is that a saying from a fortune cookie? Too clever, My Dear!

Yummy, yummy pics of all of the supplies. I love seeing all of the colors. You're so NEAT! I always start off neat, and then it's like something explodes, and I have only a small space left to work in! LOL Enjoy your evening! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Janine said...

Hi cathy, that tag is so phantastic and I love the creativ chaos on your desk.
Paint and paper and all this wonderful things we store until we don´t know where to put them.
Have a lovely weekend

Cathy said...

Thanks Terri & Janine! It's nice to have my muse back. And my workspace never stays clean when I'm in creative mode. Right now, my sewing desk is a bit of a mess because I had to do MANY alterations of clothing for my daughter before leaving for college. Then my art desk
got cleaned up yesterday only to have a major tornado hit it while I was working on the tag. You'd think for such a small piece of art it wouldn't make such a mess.
Have a fantastic weekend girls!

Susan Sager Brown said...

Goodness, I have a lot to comment on!!! First, the Pink Bra is AMAZING. I covet your beading/embroidery skills. What a wonderful way to express the sentiment. Love it. The pic of your daughter on the horse, is wonderful. She simply imbodies youth, energy, spirt on that beast!! (I fear horses BIG TIME- was on one when it got stung by a bee, need I say more- the first and last time I will ever go near one- and I was with a date-!!!) I love your music. My work space is way more cluttered than yours!!! teehee. It's amazing what we can create in such a small space, isn't it? I can relate to the fulltime job/household/parenting/partnering/creating art conflict. I am so glad you were able to quit your job. Great story about your experience. Being a single mom, I don't foresee that ever happening for me. sigh. Those faces in the bowl are awesome. And I love love love the tag, about "unexpected talents". okay, I guess I covered everything!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving charming and funny comments. The secret to glamour photos are: lots of makeup, dim lighting, and the patience to know that you will take over 100 pics and 2 will come out well!!! xoSusan

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