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"Think About the Good Things You Have Today." Fortune Cookie

25 yrs ago today, my husband and I had our first date! Sometimes it seems like yesterday and then other times when I think back on our life together it feels like we've been together always. Our life together has been VERY full, lots of twists and turns with not one moment of boredom or regret involved! We have weathered the years together quite well.Some folks think we're a little silly because we celebrate our dating anniversary every year just as we celebrate our wedding anniversary.But our first date is very significant, otherwise there would be no wedding! Am I right?
So we celebrate and this year being our 'silver' anniversary (of dating) we're pretty excited about going out and having a very romantic dinner. Our 25th wedding anniversary is still 3 years away, so I'm thinking something REALLY BIG for that one.
In the meantime, dinner at an Italian restaurant tonight. After reading Eat, Pray, Love I'm very much in the mood for a great Italian meal. I'll let you know how it goes in a later post.
For now... today's tag commemorating our 25 years together!

My friends Terri & Marsha are so good about posting where their images came from.
I'm not too good at that because a lot of my images are from magazines, catalogs,
junk mail,etc.I do know where today's image came from-Artitudezine. A fabulous magazine that isn't being published right now. They used to include a full page of images on the back cover. So that's where this came from.
The text at the bottom is from a fortune cookie, as was yesterday's text on the tag.

Below is a doodle that I started last night during commercials while watching Project Runway. I was a bit disappointed in the All Star Challenge as far as the winner goes. The competition was good though. The season premiere of the show was a little lackluster, or maybe I was just so pumped about watching that I had envisioned great things on the very first show of the season since it's been GONE so long. Anyway, I'm sure that things will heat up during the rest of the season and be the spectacular show that I remember!

I have been doodling for a couple years now and keep saying that I'm going to 'DO
Something' with them. Like color it in, or scan and print on a transparency or fabric, or enlarge it and paint in the shapes. ???? So many possibilities yet I haven't done a thing with any of them. So I did this one in my art journal prompting me to actually do more with it. I'll let you know how it turns out or WHAT it turns into.
Have a fantastic weekend~


Janine said…
This was a wise fortune- cookie (hehe)and you made a wonderful tag.
I love the idea with the tape measure.
Have a lovely weekend
Happy anniversary! Do you know that this year I got the date wrong for our actual wedding anniversary and not my husband for once? We had to actually check out the documents to see if it was the 28th or 29th of July. Oh my. We have never celebrated our anniversaries much for some reason though I can tell you we love each other more today than we ever have in over 20 years. So, it is very nice to read about another couple that has survived all the "twists and turns". Celebrate!

If I could doodle like you doodle I might not do anything else! It's beautiful!

And, I'm just now becoming a Project Runway fan. Watched it all day today, though I don't know which season it was I was watching. Jeffrey won. It was good.
Terri Kahrs said…
Happy, Happy, 1st Date Anniversary, Cathy! Believe it or not, we celebrate ours too. This October 10th it'll be 35 years! Wow! How lucky are we to have such great partners!!! Hope you had a lovely dinner date. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs & Love, Terri xoxo
Cathy said…
Thanks so much for your lovely comments my friends. It is truly a blessing to have someone you can share your life with. Someone you actually enjoy being around. It was a fabulous time last night!
Cat said…
Happy aniversary! I'm glad to hear of a very happy couple! My sweetie and I enjoy a very wonderful enjoyable life together as well... it seems it is a rare treasure in a world of broken relationships.

Love your tag and LOVE your doodle!

: ) Cat
Cathy I love that you celebrate your first date how romantic. But then true love always is. Every moment, Every breath a journey into love. MMMM I really am such a romantic at heart.

I so love your tag and your doodle! I do think when you figure out what to do with the doodles they will be simply amazing.

And to the statement on my blog about drinking lemonade together YIPEE I can envision it now! So wonderful sipping lemonade and creating together:) How funny I am listening to Summertime right now on your blog I love it the jazzy seductive sway. AHHHH The good old summertime.
Cathy said…
Thanks Cat & Becky! Enduring relationships are definitely a treasure to behold. It's wonderful being married to your best friend.
Yes Becky, I would love to come sip lemonade and play with art supplies!
It's a shame OK and IL are so far apart!
Alberta said…
I am rejoicing with you today, Cathy! You and your husband have been very blessed, and I hope y'all have many, many more happy years together.


PS: I may even have to splurge and have Italian food myself tonight!
Cathy said…
Thank you dear Alberta! The food was wonderful at the restaurant. And the conversation even better!
Karen Cole said…
Hi Cathy,

I wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting me. Your comments made my day. Wish I could automatically link back to you somehow.

You have a lovely blog here. Love the color scheme and back ground.....and doodles.....and tag projects.....
Trish said…
happy anniversary:) I think that is sweet! You know, I usually hate blog music, it just usually startles me cause I'm not expecting it and always seem to have speakers up loud, but I like your music, it's soothing. love your doodle-
thanks for the comment it really made me feel better. My kitty is under the bed-took the litter box and food and water (in the new food and water bowl i bought for her today, along with a new stuffed catnip toy and treats:) back to my bedroom so she wouldn't have to go far. I just started crying when I saw her hobbling and falling:(
ok, I'm going to end up writing a book if I don't stop-so I'll say goodbye for now-
have a good evening!
Gaby Bee said…
Happy anniversary, Cathy! Hope you will have many more wonderful years together.
Love your tag and your doodling!
Gaby xo
Cathy said…
Thanks Karen, Trish and GAby!
Your thoughts and comments mean so much.
TextileTraveler said…
Love that doodle! I agree with you about the PR Challenge show--disappointed, but looking forward to the rest of this season!
Cathy said…
thanks Michelle! I can't wait to see if things get better tomorrow night on PR.

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