Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Dreams Take Flight"

The above title is the title of my tag from yesterday which is posted below.
That's what I'm attempting to do, let my dreams take flight. I haven't read Kelly Rae Roberts book, "Taking Flight". But I do have Sheri Gaynor's book, "Creative Awakenings". I also have "Make Your Creative Dreams Real" by SARK and I have "Celebrate Your Creative Self" by Mary Todd Beam. All are excellent books with the same theme-let your dreams become reality. Unleash the artist within and allow your imagination to soar. I love reading the books and I'm even attempting some of the exercises in them. All with the intention of encouraging my inner voice to let loose and trying desperately to keep my inner critic QUIET! I'm really my own worst enemy when it comes to critiquing my work. Many projects get tossed by the wayside because I let that little devil critic have her way. She doesn't think some of my work is worth it, she keeps leading me down the wrong path.
WELL, I've had it with my little critic and I'm going to decorate a cigar box and put her in there seal it up and be done with her! How's that for waking up your creative self?
So, this tag marks a new beginning for me. I'm letting my imagination run wild.
Stay tuned to see what I end up creating.

Just had to show you these luscious lilies. My husband gave them to me last week for our anniversary. They smell delightful!

Also--presenting FRESH, homegrown tomatoes! FINALLY! It is now getting close to Labor
Day and I am finally able to have a fresh tomato from my deck garden.
Celebrating tonight with a BLT for dinner. YUM!

Live your Life Creatively~ And mean it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"The Days You Work Are The Best Days." Georgia O'Keefe

I would have to agree with Georgia O'Keefe on that! The days that I'm working in my studio at home or at the pottery studio are indeed delightful. Although, I have to
say that my husband and I ran errands and went shrub shopping on Saturday, not accomplishing much at all and it was also a perfectly wonderful day! I'm so easily satisfied. And so easily entertained.
Today I've been busy with my camera taking photos of a saddle to sell on ebay
and items to list on my etsy.
I have finally decided to start parting with some of my tags that I started making in
2007! My collection is overtaking my studio and I thought it was time to send them off to a new home. I also have some ceramic pieces that I will be listing later.
Below is yesterday's tag, today's is still unfinished for posting tomorrow.
The title of the tag is- 'She dreamed of Buffalo Bill'.
All my tags have a title written on the back along with the date stamped.

Life your life creatively~

P.S. I decided that trying to run 2 etsy stores was a bit too much, so I have closed down the flamingostudio store with my ceramic pieces and will add those to my pinkbirdgirl store later in the week.

Friday, August 21, 2009

"Think About the Good Things You Have Today." Fortune Cookie

25 yrs ago today, my husband and I had our first date! Sometimes it seems like yesterday and then other times when I think back on our life together it feels like we've been together always. Our life together has been VERY full, lots of twists and turns with not one moment of boredom or regret involved! We have weathered the years together quite well.Some folks think we're a little silly because we celebrate our dating anniversary every year just as we celebrate our wedding anniversary.But our first date is very significant, otherwise there would be no wedding! Am I right?
So we celebrate and this year being our 'silver' anniversary (of dating) we're pretty excited about going out and having a very romantic dinner. Our 25th wedding anniversary is still 3 years away, so I'm thinking something REALLY BIG for that one.
In the meantime, dinner at an Italian restaurant tonight. After reading Eat, Pray, Love I'm very much in the mood for a great Italian meal. I'll let you know how it goes in a later post.
For now... today's tag commemorating our 25 years together!

My friends Terri & Marsha are so good about posting where their images came from.
I'm not too good at that because a lot of my images are from magazines, catalogs,
junk mail,etc.I do know where today's image came from-Artitudezine. A fabulous magazine that isn't being published right now. They used to include a full page of images on the back cover. So that's where this came from.
The text at the bottom is from a fortune cookie, as was yesterday's text on the tag.

Below is a doodle that I started last night during commercials while watching Project Runway. I was a bit disappointed in the All Star Challenge as far as the winner goes. The competition was good though. The season premiere of the show was a little lackluster, or maybe I was just so pumped about watching that I had envisioned great things on the very first show of the season since it's been GONE so long. Anyway, I'm sure that things will heat up during the rest of the season and be the spectacular show that I remember!

I have been doodling for a couple years now and keep saying that I'm going to 'DO
Something' with them. Like color it in, or scan and print on a transparency or fabric, or enlarge it and paint in the shapes. ???? So many possibilities yet I haven't done a thing with any of them. So I did this one in my art journal prompting me to actually do more with it. I'll let you know how it turns out or WHAT it turns into.
Have a fantastic weekend~

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"What I Dream of is an Art of Balance." Henri Matisse

My plan for today was to spend at least 4 hours in my studio, more would have been better but I was willing to settle for 4. Guess what? Didn't happen...
Had major issues with my damn computer! I think that is one of the MOST frustrating things. Love technology as long as it is working properly! Anyway, that's another whole post. Won't bore your with the details.
I was able to get a little time in my studio and create my FIRST tag in many months. I took a little break from them in the spring and now it's really good to get back. They really get my creative juices flowing. Actually just going into my studio and pulling out papers, pens, ink, paint, etc, etc, etc beckons my muse and I have a hard time pulling myself away from her and my studio. Although today didn't go as originally planned, it was so very good to be in there.
Here is my tag. Click on the tag to get a better view.
I plan to start adding some to my etsy next week. I have many things to photograph and put on etsy, so I'm planning a whole day just to get those items up for sale. Stay tuned...

I had to clean my work desk up a bit before I could even create my tag.
See photo below. Of course after making the tag, it looks like that again.

I also decided to photograph some art supplies for your viewing pleasure. They're so bright and colorful. Just looking at my supplies makes me smile sometimes.
Acrylic paints up above in an antique wooden tool box. Pastel pencils, colored pencils,
and oil pastels below in ceramic containers I made.

And of course my Sharpie collection! Along with some gel pens in the background.

Live creatively everyday~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. " Cecil B. DeMille

I can't believe I'm posting again so soon! I decided to try and post at least a photo a day of something I made or just a pretty picture.
Today you get both.
First up, the new pieces I just got out of the kiln today. These are my first coffee mugs. Not too bad. I'll try them out tomorrow and see if I like them. There's also a bowlful of heads/faces. I plan to post some on etsy to see how they do. They're great little pieces for mixed media dolls and also for beading projects. I have also used some in mixed media quilts. Very versatile!

Next photo is my little shadow. Her name is Emmy and she follows me around like a dog. She will not allow me to drink my coffee and read the paper without getting right in the middle of it.

These last two are the gorgeous sunset last night. My husband called me out to the deck to look at it. I ran in immediately and got my camera. I have about 10 photos in all. I will post the rest on my flickr if you're interested in viewing more.

I just couldn't believe the colors and the puffy texture of the clouds.

I did not alter these AT ALL!

See you soon, until then live creatively every single day~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Back and Ready to Go!

I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and kicking as they say! It's been a fun-filled summer and although it isn't over, I feel like it is in a sense because my daughter is back at college. It's a bittersweet time...I'm sad that she's gone- we had a great summer. I didn't do much in the way of art this summer but I did manage to get to the pottery studio once a week. Will show you some pieces when I pick up the finished products and I'm even going to post some for sale on etsy.

Now that my daughter is gone I'm ready to go back to work in my studio. Ready to finish all the projects that I put on hold for the summer. Ready to finish the art that I promised to Marsha, Terri and Becky when they were the winners of my giveaway
several months ago. Ready to get back to my exercise/diet plan. Ready to get serious about selling my art on etsy and at a few galleries around here. I'm just plain ready to start a new phase of my life! Period!

I'm ready to begin what I had mapped out for myself when my daughter started college LAST year! The only difference this year is that I'm not employed outside the home.
I made the fatal mistake of thinking I could hold down a part-time job AND concentrate on expanding my talents. Once-upon-a-time I was really great at multi-tasking and running at full speed from sun-up to sun-down. BUT then age kicked in and I don't do as well as I used to. I find I can't do 14 things at once anymore, at least not do them well. SO, my plan for MY LIFE when my child went away to college was to hunker down in my studio and create some GREAT art! Or at the very least, create regularly in hopes that eventually my art would progress to the point of
me feeling really GOOD about it!

Last year, the day before my daughter left for college I casually asked the office manager of the equine vet at the barn where are horse was boarded if she could use some OCCASIONAL help since my daughter was leaving and I thought I'd be soooo LOST without her that a part-time job would help me get over it. The office manager was so happy I asked she hugged me and said "YES!When can you start?" That was a Wed. We took my daughter to school the very next day and I started working on the following Monday. My hours were 12-5pm EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! Not exactly my idea of occasional work. But I knew the office manager wanted me to get familiar with everything since she was taking a vacation 4 weeks after I started. She needed me to cover for her full time during her vacation, so I figured I could endure 12-5 until she left and then full time while she was away. MY plan was to cut back to 2-3 days a week when she got back.

WELL--- the week after I started work, the office manager QUIT! Which left me and another part-time girl to cover the office. Supposedly we only had to do this for a short period of time--until the vet could hire a new office manager. OK, I could do this for a little while. Meanwhile, my art studio is sitting with boxes of supplies
which I hadn't even finished unpacking from our move. My plan was to do a little
each day to get things organized enough to start doing some art every morning before going to work.... hahaha ....What was I thinking? By the time I got up, did some minimal housework, finished unpacking all the other household belongings, hung pictures (since we'd just moved in) organized cabinets, took the dog for a walk, took a shower, got dressed for work, packed my lunch...I had NO TIME FOR ART.
When I got home at night, it was dinner, clean the kitchen and collapse on the sofa until bedtime. So, again, no ART!
This little scenario went on for several months with my asking the vet WHEN he planned on hiring someone. I told him this WAS NOT what I had in mind when I came to work there. He was so delighted with my work that he offered me the office manager's
position and I said, uh NO!

Long story, short...he finally hired someone in DECEMBER. So I worked an average of 30 hours a week for 4 months, and managed to produce 2 pieces of artwork during that entire time. I handed in my resignation the week the new office manager started work!
They begged me to stay, but I said only if you need me ONE DAY PER WEEK. That didn't suit them for some reason! So I left the week before Christmas when my daughter came home for her winter break. I had a delightful holiday.

It was January when I threw myself into my artwork, and it was also January that I started this blog! It has changed my life and my outlook on my artwork in general.
I worked very diligently on my art January, February and March. I spent most of April not feeling well, then May we packed up my daughter brought her home, went on vacation and I have been in a vacation frame of mind ever since!
SO, as the title says---I'M BACK AND READY TO GO!

I would like to apologize to my many friends whom I haven't visited regularly.
I am going to attempt to rectify that. I will spend the next few days catching up
with you, as well as cleaning my studio so that I can actually produce some artwork.

Since I've done nothing creative lately, I'm posting a picture of my daughter.
Riding the horse we leased for the summer. It was her last ride before leaving for school. (I KNOW... she doesn't have a helmet on..she wasn't jumping that day, just a simple trot/canter, so I allowed it)
I love the way her ponytail is flying in the wind behind her. This photo conjures up the word 'freedom'. I don't ride horses but it looks like it's an exhilarating experience, very freeing. What do you think? What does the photo make you think of?

Have a great week~

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Big Thank You!

This award was presented to me last week from the wonderfully talented and sweet Alberta over at amusing muses. Please take the time to go visit her blog if you don't already know her. She's a sweetheart and her art is such a joy to look at.
She was extremely thoughtful in her post about this award and actually took the time to find just the right quote to go with each recipient. When I read her post I thought I would do the same. Then I got busy trying to get my breast cancer project completed and posted by the deadline with a promise to blog about the award. WELL, it seems the hurrier I go, the behinder I get! Or something like that...
First of all we are on the countdown to moving back to college for my daughter and these last few weeks are being spent picking up all the necessaries for back-to-school and obviously spending as much time as possible with my kid!
Last Saturday morning was intended for posting about the award BUT I was running about in a frenzy trying to get the house in order for family that was coming in Saturday night. And on top of that we had tickets to go see the White Sox play the Yankees! We hadn't been to a baseball game all summer and although we are warming to the White Sox since we live outside Chicago, we are Yankee fans! The game was a bit disappointing for Yankee fans but it was fun and I took lots of pictures which I will post on flickr soon.
On the way home from the game we picked up my brother, his wife and their daughter from the airport. It was a quick visit, but we managed to squeeze a ton of sightseeing in and I will post some lovely pictures later from the excursions.

NOW, on to the award presentations...
I'm supposed to award this to 5 other people. It's always hard to pick and choose since there are so many lovely blogs and bloggers out there.
I will however, try to choose 5.
First one goes to Terri Kahrs over at Pringle Hill Studio for ALWAYS leaving a comment and for being a sister at heart. Seriously I think we must have been related in another life! She's a wonderful artist whose work is beautifully detailed and always makes me smile. Thank you Terri!
Second goes to Janine at JoinJanine, who like Terri, always comments and she is very generous with her art. She paints beautifully!
Third one goes to Marsha at Tumblefish Studio. Marsha is a dear and leaves great comments. I feel like she is also a sister at heart. It seems the more I get to know some of you, the more alike I realize we all are! Marsha's art always grabs my attention. Her colors are so brilliant. She also has started an Art Piracy Campaign
which you should check out.
Fourth award goes to Tammy at Country Folk Art. She paints beautifully and she is so generous. She organized a fundraiser to benefit an adorable little girl who has cancer. Thanks for all your efforts Tammy.
Last but not least... Monica over at girl gone thread wild! She is phenomenal! She
organizes the Pink Artists Block Party fundraiser for breast cancer and she manages to organize other challenges to bring awareness to other causes as well.
Thanks for all that you do Monica!
I would also like to point out that I have visited hundreds of other blogs who
have beautiful photos, artwork and eloquent words and you are just as worthy
of awards. I just happened to narrow it down to these few women whom I come into
'contact' with more. The blog world has opened my eyes to a whole other world and
I'm finding not only beautiful art but beautiful people as well.
Thank you to everyone out there who is making the world a better place by exercising your creative talents!
Have a great weekend~

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