Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Be Still My Beating Heart...

Where have I been you ask? I haven't forgotten about you my blog friends. I took off for a few days to head north to Traverse City, MI. My daughter left last Monday for a horse show. Dear hubby and I left Wed. We stopped about halfway and spent the night in Grand Rapids, MI and it was a lovely city. Very clean with lots to do. We may have to head back there one of these days.
We couldn't stay there long, we had to rush to Traverse City when we got up on Thursday morning to get there in time to watch my daughter in the horse show. She showed on Wed. and we missed that so we definitely wanted to be there for Thursday's classes.
Wednesday she was excited to place 8th in her class among many other riders. Since she didn't ride much during her year away at college she was a bit rusty and she's only been riding the horse we are leasing for the summer since June 1st. It's also one of the BIGGEST shows she's ever been to. Riders from all around the country were there. WE miscalculated travel time from Grand Rapids to Traverse City and got there just as her flat class ended but in time to hear them announce her name as the 5th place ribbon holder! We did get to see her other 2 classes of the day which were her jumping classes and she did well. Didn't place but got a reserve honorable mention. Meaning if they gave out 9th place ribbons she would've gotten one in both of her jumping classes that day.

My daughter on her way to the show ring.

Friday's classes brought her a 4th & 7th place ribbon.

Rounding a jump and heading to another jump.

This shot above is the perfect capture. It's a shot that I've been trying to get for a very LONG time. It's very hard to get the horse with all 4 feet off the ground and heading over the jump. Even with my camera on sports mode, it's a tough shot.
Finally I got it!
As with anything else photography is all about practice, practice, practice. And timing! I was so excited when I got this shot. Of course I worked really hard for the next 2 days trying to capture another one like it, but no such luck.
Saturday & Sunday she did well but didn't receive any ribbons, but did receive another reserve mention. There were more horses and more talent on the weekend classes. Some very expensive horses were in the show, along with very experienced riders. I think she was content to just hold her own amongst them.
Unfortunately dear hubby and I came home Sunday evening and she will stay for another week!
She and the horse had yesterday off and today was just exercising the horse. Tomorrow she will show again, as well as Thursday, Friday and Sat.
Good luck to my girl!
Promise to show you some artwork one of these days.
Currently working on some art dolls, as well as some backgrounds for fiber art and
canvases for collages.
Promise to visit you folks in the next few days! PROMISE!
Until then, live creatively~


Poetic Artist said...

Great Shots! You must be very proud.

Janine said...

This is a great photographie. Good luck for your daughter and all the best for you

Terri Kahrs said...

Hi, Cathy! I'm SO happy to hear that you're enjoying the summer. Good for your daughter! "Holding her own" sounds amazing considering the pool of talent - both riders and horses.

Thanks so much for "visiting" my blog and your comments - especially the ones about the 7 things. Your remarks cracked me up. I AM beginning to think we were related in a past life! LOL!

Love & Hugs,
Terri xoxo

Terri Kahrs said...

Ooops . . . it's ME again! Meant to mention "great capture"! I know how hard it is to get "action shots" just right. Last week I drove myself crazy trying to get a great shot of our 3 year old granddaughter running through the sprinkler! More Hugs, Terri xoxo

Cathy said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comments Katelen, Janine & Terri!
She's having so much fun. I'm waiting patiently today to find out how she does in today's classes.
I'm walking around holding my cell phone so I don't miss the call!
Thanks again,

arlee said...

Welldone to your girl, and nice shots! Makes me miss an equestrian rider friend who was superb....

sgaynor said...

Look at her fly! I am so jealous, I used to show as a kid, but never went as far as jumping taller hurdles. Gals and horses...a beautiful combination.

Thanks for finding me Cathy. Your blog is beautiful!

Alberta and Ava said...

I've been missing you, girl! Glad to hear you're haveing such a good time this summer though. That perfect capture actually made me catch my breath audibly! It is awesome. Are you going to enlarge it for your daughter. It looks like it belongs in a publication! I can't wait to show it to my best freind Susan, who rides dressage. She will love it!

Cathy said...

Thanks Arlee, Sheri & Alberta!
Gals & horses--what a love affair.
I too love them, just don't ride them. They are such beautiful creatures.
I will definitely enlarge the great shot and frame it for my daughter.
She loves that I finally GOT IT!

martha brown said...

Those are beautiful shots! You must be so proud of your daughter!

Cathy said...

THanks Martha! I am, very much so!
She's a good kid.

vintagepix said...

Great shots! Thank goodness for digital now that we can shoot those 100s of pix just to get the perfect moment :D What a great experience for you daughter just to get out there and ride and have some wonderful photos to capture her talent in action.

Cathy said...

Thanks Carolyn! Yeah, I don't know what I'd do without my digital now.
Being able to look at what you just shot and re-do if you don't like.
AMazing how we used to have to wait for photos to be developed to find out if the shot was even decent.
Seems like ages ago! I suddenly feel so old...
Thanks again for your comments.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Miss Cathy! We are two peas in a pod with our blog visiting - just off pace this summer but only because other parts of our lives needed attention I suppose.

This looks like such a wonderful exciting event! Be still MY heart! The photos of your daughter riding are just stunning - down to the focus and determination you can see in her face. Beautiful! I bet you are a proud mama!

Also, so sorry I missed the Dress project below. I would've tried to participate if I had been more caught up in my blog visits. Your submission is thoughtful and profound - I am so impressed with it.

Well, I've enjoyed your lovely music (had to remove mine since it seemed to be causing havoc with so many of my regular visitors recently - don't know why it all of a sudden started causing problems) . . . anyway, I always love visiting you and reading all you are up to. I've missed you!

Cathy said...

Dear Marsha, we are certainly 2 peas in a pod this summer when it comes to blog visiting. BUT you are at least getting some beautiful artwork done and posted. I can't seem to get anything posted.
Oh well, I'll be back to it very soon. Summer with daughter is winding down : (
And yes, I'm so very proud of her!
Sorry I didn't post about the dress challenge earlier. I realize now I should have linked to Monica's blog early on.
I also have another issue I'm going to link to in my next post.

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