Thursday, July 30, 2009

*Pink Artist Block Party Project*

I have finished my project for the Pink Artists Block Party which starts tomorrow.
If you don't already know about this great collaboration please go to Monica Magness'
blog,girlgonethreadwild to read all about it. By contributing to the Susan G. Komen Foundation you will be eligible to win the fantastic quilt created by the Block Party artists or one of the other fabulous creations that have been donated.
They have made great strides in breast cancer treatments in the past few years thanks to generous donations made to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. What if we could make it possible to have a 100% cure rate from breast cancer in our lifetime?
Think about it and go to Monica's blog to view all the art that has been donated.

I started with the pink bra;attached faces from Artchix Studios, beaded and embroidered it.
The base of this art quilt is a piece of dyed canvas that my dear friend Sandy Lupton
had given me a year or so ago that has just been sitting around and waiting to be used. I took a few fibers and spread around on the piece of canvas then fused a piece of chiffon over the fibers. I used my sewing machine to embroider "Support Your Sisters" to the top portion and then free-motion embroidered the whole piece.
I then attached the bra with machine and hand stitching. Of course the bra didn't lay flat so I had to stuff the cups a little to keep them 'supported'. I used some fiberfill that I wrapped some chiffon and tulle around. Works pretty good.
It can be hung on the wall by the top of the bra straps.

I do hope you will take a few minutes to go and check out this great project for such a worthy cause. ALSO, remember to get your mammogram!

P.S. I also received a lovely, lovely award from my dear friend Alberta over at Amusing Muses. I full intend to blog about that tomorrow, as it deserves it's own post. Please go visit her blog if you don't already know her. Her artwork is delightful and she's super sweet!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Little of This and a Little of That...

Today's post is an eclectic mix of things.First, I just wanted to extend wishes for a wonderful weekend to you all and show you a little bit of my current project.
It is for the Pink Artists Project. If you would like to be involved just click here. You have until next Friday July 31 to create a piece of art to be placed in the auction to benefit breast cancer. Below is a close-up of what I'm working on.
The finished piece will be a surprise-- not only to you but me as well since I haven't decided how I'm going to incorporate this into what I'm making. I just knew that starting with a pink bra was the way to go! I'm making it up as I go and so far I like it.

I plan to attach it to a background of either fabric or painted canvas??
We'll see what it tells me to do as I get closer to finishing the bra itself.

I urge you to at least go to Monica's blog and check out this great project.
Even if you don't have time to create something maybe you'd like to participate in the auction.
Second, I'd like to call your attention to the artwork at the top of my left-hand column. My dear blog friend Marsha created this piece as well as a new flickr group in response to someone stealing some of her lovely artwork and using it as their own.
Whether it was done in pure ignorance of copyright issues or outright theft is beside the point. WE all need to be aware of taking something that isn't ours and then trying to pass it off as our own. I know there are tons of images floating around on the internet that are in the public domain, BUT artwork created with these images is NOT for the public domain! So go check out the flickr site, it has some great art with the piracy theme.
And finally I'd like to share a recipe with you. Another form of creativity for me is cooking. I don't do it as much as I used to because paintbrushes and beads and thread and on and on, usually call my name a bit louder than the pots and pans in the kitchen do. But I did make this dish a few weeks ago and it's still on my mind.
It is sooooo good I just have to share it with you. Especially with the abundance of fresh blueberries in the grocery store and farmer's markets right now.

Blueberry Crunch
1 (20 oz) can crushed pineapple
2 cups fresh blueberries
1 cup sugar
1 box yellow cake mix
1 stick butter, melted
1 cup chopped pecans
Spread the undrained pineapple in the bottom of a greased 13 x 9 pan. Put the berries on top and sprinkle on 3/4 cup of sugar. Spread the dry cake mix over the berries and drizzle butter on top of cake mix. Top with nuts and sprinkle on the remaining sugar. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 min. Remove and cut through with knife to juices can moisten the cake mix. Put bake in oven and bake another 25 min.

It is delicious warm with ice cream or whipped cream or plain. And it is even better the next day. It's even good cold! Why of course it's good, it has all that butter and a whole cup of sugar in it... I know it's not exactly healthy... So to cut the sugar I did use half a cup of sugar and the equivalent of half cup of Splenda.
I DID however,use the whole stick of butter!
I wasnt' sure about the pineapple with the blueberries BUT WOW, was it good! Did I say it was really delicious? AS you can see this recipe left it's mark on me. I WILL
be making it again very soon. Right after I spend several hours on the cross-trainer.
Let me know if you like it as much as I do.
Enjoy the weekend my friends~

P.S. I received my "Party Animals" book to help benefit A Place To Bark and it's so cute. The artwork is fabulous. I'm already counting the days until I can bid on some of the original pieces of art on ebay. Click on the pug on the left side of my blog
to find out more.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Frida & Flowers For You

Although I haven't been doing art on a very regular basis, I do occasionally sit down and doodle a little in my sketchbook/journal. This is my latest 'doodling'.
Love old photos of Frida.

I painted the background with watercolors in swirls,added the writing in a circle with gel pen, then attached the copy of her image. Using sharpies, gel pens and pastel pencils I added some more color to her image. I also added a flower in her hand with oil pastels. I added the paper from a pair of chopsticks to the bottom and then doodled around the edges with gel pens and sharpies.

This is a close-up of Frida.

Below are flowers from around my yard. I have posted flowers in a previous post from my yard which were all flowers on my deck on the back of the house. The photos below are all from my front yard.

Above is blue scaevola and red petunias in the background.

Close-up of a purple coneflower showing you the bug-eaten holes! I guess I need to
spray them with insecticide.

Above is a close-up of purple phlox.

This is a shot of purple coneflowers again, but I believe this is a different variety.The blossoms are smaller and the color is a much lighter pink. (I didn't plant any of these coneflowers, they were already in the garden when we moved here)

LOVE this one! It's a close-up of my Mandevilla vine. I have never had a red one before. I usually get pink ones and occasionally a white one, but I found this red one this year and it's GORGEOUS. I didn't edit this photo at all. I just love how
brilliant the color is. I took it with my camera on manual with the ISO set on 800.
I'm still learning how to use it on the manual setting. It's a real test; lots of trial and error.
So even though I haven't been blog visiting, or creating a lot of art, I am still doing something creative almost daily. Whether in the form of doodling in my sketchbook, gardening or taking photographs. I really have been trying to stay somewhat creative.
One of these days, in the not too distant future I will return to my art studio on a very regular basis as well as back to visiting you-my blog friends!
Until then, live your life creatively~

P.S. I just wanted to direct your attention to the cute little PUG at the top of my left-hand column. If you click on him you will be directed to the wonderful blog of Bernie Berlin's. If you don't know her, take the time to go visit. She not only is a
wonderful mixed media artist but she is a saint when it comes to rescuing dogs & cats. She has a rescue facility in TN called A Place To Bark. The proceeds from the sale of the book titled "Party" will go to help her rescue facility. The book is a collaboration of quite a few artists and the original artwork will soon be posted on ebay for sale to also benefit the rescue facility. I urge you to go check it out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Be Still My Beating Heart...

Where have I been you ask? I haven't forgotten about you my blog friends. I took off for a few days to head north to Traverse City, MI. My daughter left last Monday for a horse show. Dear hubby and I left Wed. We stopped about halfway and spent the night in Grand Rapids, MI and it was a lovely city. Very clean with lots to do. We may have to head back there one of these days.
We couldn't stay there long, we had to rush to Traverse City when we got up on Thursday morning to get there in time to watch my daughter in the horse show. She showed on Wed. and we missed that so we definitely wanted to be there for Thursday's classes.
Wednesday she was excited to place 8th in her class among many other riders. Since she didn't ride much during her year away at college she was a bit rusty and she's only been riding the horse we are leasing for the summer since June 1st. It's also one of the BIGGEST shows she's ever been to. Riders from all around the country were there. WE miscalculated travel time from Grand Rapids to Traverse City and got there just as her flat class ended but in time to hear them announce her name as the 5th place ribbon holder! We did get to see her other 2 classes of the day which were her jumping classes and she did well. Didn't place but got a reserve honorable mention. Meaning if they gave out 9th place ribbons she would've gotten one in both of her jumping classes that day.

My daughter on her way to the show ring.

Friday's classes brought her a 4th & 7th place ribbon.

Rounding a jump and heading to another jump.

This shot above is the perfect capture. It's a shot that I've been trying to get for a very LONG time. It's very hard to get the horse with all 4 feet off the ground and heading over the jump. Even with my camera on sports mode, it's a tough shot.
Finally I got it!
As with anything else photography is all about practice, practice, practice. And timing! I was so excited when I got this shot. Of course I worked really hard for the next 2 days trying to capture another one like it, but no such luck.
Saturday & Sunday she did well but didn't receive any ribbons, but did receive another reserve mention. There were more horses and more talent on the weekend classes. Some very expensive horses were in the show, along with very experienced riders. I think she was content to just hold her own amongst them.
Unfortunately dear hubby and I came home Sunday evening and she will stay for another week!
She and the horse had yesterday off and today was just exercising the horse. Tomorrow she will show again, as well as Thursday, Friday and Sat.
Good luck to my girl!
Promise to show you some artwork one of these days.
Currently working on some art dolls, as well as some backgrounds for fiber art and
canvases for collages.
Promise to visit you folks in the next few days! PROMISE!
Until then, live creatively~

Thursday, July 2, 2009

aDRESSing the Situation...

I just finally got a piece of artwork in the mail heading to Stampington & Co. for a wonderful cause...the Women of Juarez. The very caring and compassionate Monica Magness posted the photo below with a call to artists all over the world to create a "dress" to call attention to the situation in Juarez Mexico. There have been hundreds of women murdered since 1993. There are also hundreds still missing.
It seems the local authorities are doing very little in solving these murders or in
finding the missing women. Most of the victims have been girls in their teens and early 20's.
As soon as I read about this on her delightful blog I knew I wanted to do something.
Everyone who created a dress is shipping their's to Stampington NOW. Hopefully when
they are bombarded with all the wonderful dresses that have been created they will
do an article to call even more attention to the situation.

Below is my submission. I gave it a lot of thought over the past couple months
since I first read about it. I was torn about what direction to go. Ever the procrastinator, I still had not started my piece on Monday June 29. She wanted us to
mail them out on July 1st! HELLO? Could you wait a little longer next time?
I grabbed a canvas Monday afternoon and threw some black gesso on, not knowing exactly what I was going to do. Then when I went back to it, I decided on a graffiti
type dress to hang on a pink cross.

When I researched the murders of Juarez, I found many photos of pink crosses with the victims pictures on the crosses. Hence, the pink cross.

If you would like to see all the other wonderful artwork created for this, there is
a flickr site. Just click here.

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