Thursday, June 25, 2009

"summertime & the living's easy....."

We went from very cool, rainy weather to the dog day's of summer in a heartbeat here in the windy city! It feels more like the tropics. But as a friend of mine reminded me...enjoy it now because before long the temps will be back in the subzero range!

My summer is flying by at lightening speed with my daughter home from school. We are being a little lazy but I think I've needed it. I have finally spent a couple hours in my studio and realized just how much I've missed being in there in spite of loving every minute with her. Right now her boyfriend has come for a visit and I will get to spend a lot more time in the studio since he is stealing her away from me
for the time being. He came all the way from Memphis on a train to see his sweetheart! Young love is so cute!

First photo is a wonderful piece of artwork from my MAHVELOUS friend Alberta! She is such a talented artist and a special blog friend. She posted this along with a wonderful tribute to girlfriends. Go check out her blog if you aren't familiar with her. She's Fabulous!! Hugs to YOU GIRLFRIEND! And thanks...

Next photo is the first piece of art I've created in a while. PHEW! And it was a piece I did while waiting for another background to dry. I was busy adding layers of
paint to two other large canvases when I picked up this little 5 x 7 canvas and starting adding some paint to cover an old collage that I didn't like. Next thing ya know, I'm adding some muslin fabric and using a graphite sketching pencil and some charcoal and VOILA! I think I love this little piece! As a matter of fact I REALLY LOVE this and when I showed it to my dear hubby, he really liked it. This was one of those no brainer, spur of the moment creations that are spontaneous and serendipitous! I love it when that happens. When you weren't planning anything, weren't expecting anything, had no preconceived notions of what you were doing but
it ALL CAME TOGETHER! We'll see if I can have another of those moments today or tomorrow...

Next piece is another crazy quilt I've been working on off & on for quite a while.
I haven't done much since coming home from vacation and there's not a lot left to do except adding more beads. I think I'm done with the embroidery part.
It's for my studio. Not sure how many of you are flickr friends and how many of you have visited my etsy sites but my flickr site name is pinkbirdgirl and so is one of my etsy sites. The other etsy is flamingo studio which is what is on my business cards. You'd think I would have been a little more consistent when beginning this whole internet networking process. I guess I should've stuck with flamingo studio since that was the name I started with about 6 years or so ago, before I ever posted anything on flickr. Bottom line....I LOVE Flamingos! I have yet to paint one, but I have done a few in fiber arts and in my collages. One of these days, I'll have to paint one.

Next photo is just the closeup of the center. I printed the flamingo onto white fabric then used Shiva oilsticks, watercolor pencils and gel pens to decorate it further.

The rest of the photos are taken in my backyard. I'm trying desperately to learn more about my SLR digital camera. I take the easy way out most of the time and use it in fully automatic mode and never actually play with all that technical stuff. So now, while I'm stepping back a little from my art, I'm trying to be a better photographer. Or at the very least figure out my camera!
I also wanted to show you that even though I haven't posted any art lately, I've been very busy planting MILLIONS of flowers. I have redone 2 whole flower beds that were overgrown with perennials and I've planted LOTS of annuals in beds, in window boxes, in planters. You name it and I've covered it with flowers.
First up, is a close-up of a begonia in one of my window boxes.

Here we have a close-up of a purple wave petunia! Love this color....YUM.

And here we have my friendly neighborhood ducks that love to come and sit in my backyard under the shade of my riverbirch.

Have a wonderfully creative summer!


Tumble Fish Studio said...

You ARE packing a lot of perfect summery things into your "lazy" days! I don't think that's what lazy means, missy! Looks to me like you've been very, what we call, BUSY! Busy seeing and planting and making beautiful things! It sounds and looks like pure summer bliss! Keep enjoying it!


Cathy Mendola said...

Thanks Marsha! I'm glad I can make it look like I've been busy. hehehe.

Terri Kahrs said...

Cathy, I absolutely adore your beautiful quilts! I swoon and drool when I look at all of your meticulous, gorgeous stitches. You are sooo talented! This quilt is fabulous!!!

Love your collage too and the way you used the muslin to add texture. The result is awesome!

Another similarity - I planted a host of deep purple petunias this year too! I just love their velvety texture. Hope you have a super wonderful weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Cathy said...

THanks so much Terri! Sorry I haven't been checking blogs lately..
I will get better as the summer winds down.
Have a great week!

House of Hullabaloo said...

I love the crazy quilt. Some day I want to make one. Your embroidery is beautiful!

Cathy said...

Thanks Lisa! It's a lot of fun. Playing around with the different fabrics and then embellishing. It always comes out as a surprise!

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