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"I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends." John Lennon

Friends...Where would we be without them? Truly one of life's perfect gifts. Whether old friends or new I count them as a blessing. Having just spent last weekend with old friends I realized that
my circle of friends is not what it used to be. Partly because we have moved so much and I tend to get more and more reclusive with each move. Also, my daughter is now at college and she was a huge factor in me getting out in the world and meeting new friends (usually mom's of her friends!). With each move I made new friends only to leave them far behind which is always a sad thing. Although with technology we stay in touch but it's not quite the same as being able to call up a friend and say "meet me for lunch".
This last move, as I'm sure I've said before, really kicked my butt. I haven't gotten out to meet alot of people and most of my neighbors are retirement age and beyond! Not that I can't be friends with them, they are sweet people, but most of them were 'snowbirds' and left the area for the winter months.
That's where the internet and my blog has helped tremendously! I've met some kind and generous people who happen to be some of the most creative folks I have ever met.
So even though I'm not 'out & about' town meeting kindred spirits I have met many new friends online. I have hope that one of these days some of us will actually be able to meet in person.

This little cloth covered journal is the one I made with my dear 'old' friend Sandy on Monday while I was in VA. It was a rushed visit with her; only a few hours stolen before heading to the airport. I just love Sandy! She is sooooo creative, she has always inspired me to do great things.
The best part is, we work together very well. We both work quickly, wanting instant gratification. So we both finished putting our little books together in a matter of a few hours.

We created the inside pages first. Painting, stamping, stenciling and let them dry while we worked on the cloth covers.
When the pages were dry, we made our signatures and sewed them in by hand with silk fabric strips from an old kimono.

Above is the back of the book. Sandy was gracious enough to give me the transfer of the bird she had already done and painted over. She had all the supplies ready and waiting for me when I got to her house. She also fed me pizza for lunch. What more could a girl ask for.

After making the journal we even had time for her to teach me her tricks about soldering with a torch. I have soldered with a soldering iron but never with a torch.
I made the little pendant with the bezel up above. I soldered the bezel and the little brass filigree piece on. Then I added some glitter inside the bezel. When I got home I was trying to figure out what I wanted to put inside... Since the color of the glitter reminded me of water, I had just the perfect little starfish to put inside. Then I'll glue a page pebble down over the bezel. I'm hooked on the torch! Gotta buy me one now. So much better than soldering with an iron.
The bottom pendant is one that she showed me how to 'faux' emboss on. I'm going to add some other elements to it. I'll let you know what it morphs into.

Wishing you all a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!
I plan to have a great weekend even though my daughter WON'T be here! She's in the midst of exams and she's COMING HOME Thursday! Only to take off on Saturday to fly back to GA to see all her 'old' friends. Oh well, I'll have her the rest of the summer.

I walked around my yard yesterday afternoon and picked a wonderful little assortment of spring flowers. So the next photo is a bouquet for all you mothers out there!

Choose to live creatively~


Terri Kahrs said…
Cathy, your "Sandy Creations" are lovely! How nice to have a playdate with a kindred spirit. I'm sure a lot of laughter was shared during the course of the day, and the resulting artworks are absolutely delicious!

Have a lovely weekend and Happy, Happy Mom's Day! Hugs xoxox

ps - Thank you, My Friend, for your lovely comments and encouragement!
Janine said…
Dear Cathy,
what did I say?
Yes, don´t bother if you are not in a creative mood.
Voila, it came back! Of cause it did.
I´m glad for you, that you have had so much fun with the girls.
It sounds like a wonderful time you had.
I wish you a great weekend and a happy motherday.
Janine said…
Ah, and by the way.
I just found out, that we have a very, very simular tast in music.
circlingmyhead said…
Cathy you have a beautiful blog.

That book is amazing. I cannot believe you guys got that all done. I wouldn't have even got the toilet paper on the roll. Wow you are total shakers and movers.

Beautiful flowers.

Happy Mothers Day.

Renee xoxo
Cathy Mendola said…
Dear Terri, Janine & Renee,
Thanks so much for the wonderful comments.
I had so much fun creating these pieces.
I plan to use the journal as a tribute of sorts to my hometown and put some photos of landmarks and landscapes that I took a few years ago while visiting. Will let you know how it progresses.
Thanks again and have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!
Alberta and Ava said…
Please know that I count you as a friend of the best kind: supportive, creative,loyal, generous, and funny! I am so envious that I didn't get to make journals with y'all. Yours is absolutely beautiful and I know that it will be very special to you,since you created it with a dear friend. I hope your Mother's Day was a wonderful as you deserved for it to be.

Cathy Mendola said…
Thanks to you my dear friend! I count you as
a wonderfully supportive friend whose talent is
amazing and whose artwork is always a joy to look at!
Hi Cathy! First, LOVE THE MUSIC! I really do. I am singing along. I will be leaving your page open so I can enjoy it as I work this morning. The first song is perfect for this post.

Next, thank you for the fantastic and long comment on my blog! I love long comments! I do! You covered it all and it was delicious to read and ripe with the tell true sentiment of a good friend. I truly appreciate it and have read it more than once. Thank you for taking the time!

And that brings me here to your post. I know what you mean about the moving thing and making friends. We are almost in the same boat. I am only about an hour and 1/2 away from my friends but an hour each way in L.A. traffic in the midst of busy lives seems like 1000 miles sometimes. I have not made any friends here so I depend on the internet for my social interaction more than I should. Thank goodness for people like you that make it such a wonderful and joyous part of my life.

Last thing - how the heck did you all get all of that done in just a few hours before flying off? I would be such a wreck about flying I wouldn't be able to concentrate for one thing. For another, even if I was absolutely focused, you got more work done than I could in a week! I am so impressed! Wow, woman! No wonder you get so many lovely things done in so many different mediums.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and Happy Mother's Day! I have a yucky old head cold so I'm gonna finish up a few things and go back to bed a while.

thanks again, CAthy!
Cathy Mendola said…
Dear Marsha! I love long comments too L:)
Thanks so much for taking the time to come by
and leave your thoughts.
Internet friends are some of the BEST!
AS for my working so fast. If I don't work fast I spend way too much time agonizing and over
analyzing and then I end up hating the finished product. Of course looking at the book I made in
a couple of hours I see I need to go back and 'fix' a few things, but for the most part I like it. I didn't spend alot of time thinking about color combinations but still it's OK.
Some times I think we just need to go with our gut and trust that it will all fall into place. Not only with art but with life as well!
WOW, sorry to sound so philosophical. Sort of just came out.
Anyway my dear, THANK YOU for being a friend!
Janine said…
Hi Cathy,
it´s me again. I just wanted to say that I tagged you because I like your blog and you.
Check it out on my blog.
vintagepix said…
Know exactly how you feel about moving and loosing touch with folks and having to form a new circle - and it's esp difficult when everyone's so busy - I think that's why our local ATC group has been so successful - it gives everyone an excuse once a month to carve out a little time in their schedule to get together with like-minded folks. Thank goodness for the internet in the meantime!
vintagepix said…
Oh, and fabulous journal! Looove those pages :D
Cathy Mendola said…
thanks Janine & Carolyn! Sorry I've been distracted and not checking on my blog or anyone
else's lately.
Janine, I will do a post for the tag. Thanks!
Chad Wallace said…
You put on a good show Cathy. Love the horse picture.

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