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'These are a few of my favorite things' ---I've been tagged...

My new blog friend Janine tagged me last week. I've been a real slacker lately and have not been posting or visiting with my cyber friends. I apologize. Life just seems to keep getting in the way! I was dealing with a few more (hopefully minor)health issues last week AND we went to pick my daughter up from college on Thursday. We brought home what seemed like an ENORMOUS amount of STUFF from her college dorm room and barely got it unpacked when she was off again to visit her old friends in GA. She is there right now catching up with buddies much like I did a few weeks ago. I am happy for her. She has some really good friends there.
The rules for tagging are supposed to be that I offer up 6 things that make me happy. Then I'm supposed to tag 6 more people. WELL......
I'm going to bend the rules a bit and include photos that go along with the 10 things that make me happy.(tried to keep it at 6 but there's just so many darn things that make me smile) Instead of tagging 6 more people I am going to extend the offer to anyone visiting my blog to
go through your photos and come up with photos depicting whatever number of things that make you happy or just take a day to shoot some photos of the people, places or things that bring a smile to your face! That way I don't put people on the 'spot' by tagging them when they prefer not to be tagged or making them feel obligated to post and tag.
By doing this I will hopefully inspire a lot more than 6 folks to share photos and snippets of info on themselves. Have fun with it and share your thoughts!
1. First and foremost of the things that make me happy are family. Art is also a huge part of my happiness so I'm showing a painting I did a few years ago for my husband on our 'dating anniversary'. Yes, that's right, we celebrate our first date every year as well as our wedding anniversary. Isn't that cute? So the painting is what makes me the MOST happy---family, home, love and of course ART.

2. The beauty of the sky just before sunrise, especially over the Atlantic Ocean. aahhhhhhh, so breathtaking.
(this was taken July 2007 at St. Augustine Beach, FL)

3.THE BEACH-Period... Any time, anywhere, any beach always makes me happy! I've always said that sitting on the beach and listening to the surf is better than all the Valium in the world! Perfectly Peaceful.
(this was taken April 2006 at Pensacola Beach, FL) ...gorgeous beach

Below-Another beach shot of St. Augustine (2007) and the beauty of the sky as a storm is rolling in.

4. Just so my 4-legged friends don't get upset, these are not necessarily in order of importance!
My dear little Emmy-she's a 6 yr old domestic shorthair and she has an abundance of personality! She's always making me smile.

5. My crazy airedale terrier, ROCKY! If anyone has read or seen the movie Marley & Me, he is almost exactly like Marley!!! Watching after him is a full time job... But I love him so. Again, he has more personality than any dog I've ever had.

6. My sweet Tabitha! Although I never call her Tabitha, her nickname is
TibbySue. Don't ask why??? I just started calling her that and it stuck. She is 12 yrs old and purrs more than any cat I've ever had.

7. Horses. Love them, always have. But never really rode them. Now
that my daughter rides, I'm reconnecting with a childhood dream.
This photo below is a picture of the horse we just sold when she was a baby. Cutie!

8. Flowers. Love them, always have. When I was a kid I used to go around the neighborhood picking everyone's flowers. My mother always sent me back to their houses to apologize and offer the flowers back, but everyone always let me keep the flowers! Love all flowers but my faves are peonies, iris, roses, lilies & daffodils.
Below is a bed of Siberian Iris at the Chicago Botanical Gardens.

9. New York City!!! I've loved NY since my first visit there in 1984. Fell instantly in love with the energy of the city. It's like no other. I tried hard to find
just one picture to post but decided to offer 3 different shots. First is obviously a street sign taken near South Street Seaport.

Next is Central Park on a beautiful October day.

Next shot is St. Patrick's Cathedral on Madison Ave. Such a gorgeous building.

10. And Finally...The first snowfall of the season. Such a serene setting. The world seems to slow down and everything gets quiet.

Ok, everyone. Go through your photos or plan a day just to reconnect with the little things that make you smile. Share them with us!
Have a perfectly wonderful week~


Janine said…
Dear Cathy,
that was such a good idea, to post that photos with the things you love.
And it is so interesting to learn more about you.
Have a good week
Cathy Mendola said…
thanks Janine! I hope you have a wonderful week!
Hayley Egan said…
Dating is just as important as marriage and I bet your husband thinks so too considering what an awesome painting he scored! X
Cathy Mendola said…
Thanks Hayley! Yes, dating is just as important.
We have always celebrated our first date and probably always will : )
Hi my dear Cathy! You and I are cut from the same cloth in many ways. My life keeps getting in the way too and yet that seems a little weird to say. Guess life is life if that makes sense - it is what it is and that is part of its beauty and challenge.

I loved reading your six things. Here is how we're different. You celebrate so many wonderful things and moments and ideas that I am often bad about soaking in or enjoying. I worry too much and let too many things slip away. So I appreciated your six things even maybe a little more than others might. They are loud and poignant for me!

Thanks for the long post on my blog. I love your long posts. I have so much on my mind this week I can't concentrate that well so I'm off to read and visit a bit more. I hope you have a lovely creative week!

Cathy Mendola said…
Thanks so much Marsha! It's amazing to find out how similar we are with other women. Sometimes I feel like such an oddity then I write something on my blog and find out that there are many more out there with the same thoughts, feelings or anxieties. It's so refreshing to know that I'm not alone.
Have a great week yourself.
Terri Kahrs said…
Hey, Miss Cathy!
Don't know where this week is going! I read your beautiful post earlier this week, meant to post a comment, and just now got around to it! Where does the time go?!?

Must say, you've created a beautiful, creative way to post a list! Fabulous pictures! I especially enjoyed the one of Rocky. Could it be because I adore terriers?!?! What would we do without our four-footed, furry friends???

The City . . . Love it too! Matter of fact, we can kind of see a just of hint of NYC as we're going down my "hill". (We're about 45 min. away.) I adore the architecture and the theater. One of my art assignments was to photograph different architectural elements and compare them to historic pieces (eg. gothic arches, etc.) We had a list of stuff to complete, so we drove into the City on a Sunday morning with the kids, and I photographed my heart out. There were columns, arches, pediments, buildings, etc. So memorable, and so much fun! It kind of sparked a new passion for photography.

Having grown up not too far from the Jersey shore, I adore the ocean. But not during "the season". I love to go in the early spring and fall to walk or sit on the beach when no one's around - me and The Lord, so to speak. Love the sound and the power. Fabulous!

Love it too, that you're a hopeless romantic! Unfortunately, so am I!!! (Obviously, "Gone With the Wind", "Roman Holiday", etc.) I have a feeling that we both wear our hearts on our sleeves at times.

Thanks again for your generosity in sharing your beautiful post. I hope you're having a wonderful week! And . . . I hope you have something "fun" planned for the long weekend! Lots of Hugs, Terri xoxo
Cathy Mendola said…
Terri, we are so similar! Yes, I do wear my heart on my sleeve MOST of the time. My emotions
are just part of who I am and it comes through all the time.
I didn't know you lived so close to NY. I used to live in CT about an hr north. LOVED IT. We used to take the train in alot. The theatre is great! And I love Central Park, as well as just walking around the city people watching.
As for the beach...I love almost VACANT beaches also! Love it in the late afternoons.
Not really into crowded beaches that's why I love Pensacola Beach and St. Augustine Beach.
Not real touristy! I grew up near VA Beach and
that to me was always a CITY and not a beach.
So we opted to head a little further south to the Outer Banks and I LOVE that area. It's grown tremendously since my YOUTH, but I still love going there. Again, heading further south of the touristy areas is really nice.
I do have plans for the long weekend. Actually taking off for St. Augustine on Sat. for the ENTIRE week.
Will post one more time before I take off.
Terri Kahrs said…
Hey, Cathy!
When I read your "answering post" , I couldn't believe it! We're very familiar with parts of CT and have family and friends in Danbury. Before we moved to NJ, we lived in Westchester County!

It's awesome that you've got a get-away planned! Lucky you! You'll come back refreshed and with wonderful pictures, I'm sure! Have a wonderful vacation! Hugs, Terri xoxo
cat said…
Thanks for sharing your photos! Love the pic of your terrier!
Cathy Mendola said…
Terri, we just keep finding out similarities between us! WE will surely have to meet up one of these days. xoxo
Thanks for stopping by Carla! My terrier is such a 'ham'. All I have to do is get the camera and he poses.

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