Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where Have I Been, You Ask?...

Cannot believe it has been a whole week since posting! Thought I was getting back into the swing of things but along came another illness just after getting over the sinus thing! Oh what fun... I won't bore you with details just that I have an infection of the inner ear(labyrinthitis).It affects your balance and makes you dizzy.
I did happen to take off for the weekend to head to college-it was MOM'S WEEKEND!
I was feeling a bit better by the time I got there, although I had to ride with someone else. If you knew me well, you would know that that just about did me in.
I am EXTREMELY independent and I LIKE TO BE THE PERSON DRIVING, THEREFORE I'M THE ONE IN CONTROL! So I gave in reluctantly since my doctor said I should not be driving since I was experiencing dizzy spells. Can't imagine why???
Mom's weekend was fun! Got to hang out at my daughter's sorority house, got to see a performance by some of the sororities and fraternities.Lots of moms and kids went out to a bar on Sat. night. Then my dear daughter insisted that we go to a party at a fraternity house! So I did. A little bit crazy and a whole lot of fun. Oh to be young again!
Mom and daughter below. We had our mom's weekend t-shirts on.

Finally added fibers to the tags that have been sitting in my studio for weeks.
Obviously I haven't done ANY this month! I guess you could say I'm taking a break from my daily tags. Maybe I will start it back up in May.

I did manage to finish up the month of March. The final one below with the zebras on the side was done on March 31st.

I did manage to complete a few other unfinished projects over the last week or so.
I will save those for tomorrow.
Choose to be Creative~


Terri Kahrs said...

Well, well, well . . . . I just KNEW there was a good reason that we hadn't been hearing from you, Cathy! You Poor Thing . . . it's been a rough go for you these last few weeks! Sounds like things are beginning to perk up a little bit and that you're feeling better.

I TOTALLY "get" the "in control"/driving thing!!!! My son used to laugh when I'd use my right foot to smash an "imaginary brake pedal" while being a passenger. He'd laugh and say, "Yeah, Mom . . . Like that'll save you!" News to him . . . I STILL do it when I'm not driving!!!

LOVE the pic in the weekend T's. Sounds like you had fun making some fun, new memories! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

whymsicalmusings said...

Cathy I for one have missed you. So sorry about your ear. I have had that before! So crazy I have never had it again thank heavens.
Anyway your daughter is beautiful I can she where she gets her good looks:)
Hope the unhappy sinus faerie leaves you alone! Get well quickly.

Cathy Mendola said...

Thank you Terri & Becky! You're both too sweet.
I'll be over to visit your blog soon.
Good to know that you've never had the ear problem again. This is not an illness I EVER want to have again!

Janine said...

Hi Cathy,
it sounds, as if april wasn´t that good for you.
This dizziness is quiet scary.
I know cause I feel dizzy since two weeks, but the doctors won´t find a reason.
We will see.
I am glad you feel better now.
Your daughter is a pretty young woman.
Looking at your picture i guess she has good genes.
Have a good week

Cathy Mendola said...

Thank you Janine!I'm a bit prejudiced but I think my daughter is pretty also.
I hope the doctor finds the cause of your dizziness. Feel better soon.

arlee said...

Cathy, thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. That's a great way to start the day :}And so is reading *your* blog!

Karenann Young said...

I love your tags!!! I really have to get out some cardboard that I have cut up for ATC's. I don't have a lot of time sometimes and doing something little, seems really good! I really love yours!!!

Sorry about your ear problem. That must have been awful!!! I've got an ear problem, but I went deaf in one ear! If it doesn't clear up by Monday, I'll have the doctor look at it. At least I'm dizzy!!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

You poor thing! I hope this will be the last of the infections. Your body has screamed for some TLC and rest hasn't it? I feel so badly for you. Dr. Marsha says rest, watch movies, take long baths, stay in your pj's (so I'm not the only one wearing them all day lately) get hubby to go to the store and get yummy healthy-to-snack veggies and fruit and cheese and crackers for nights you don't want to cook and have him wait on you a night or two.

I know about the driving thing. We are so alike. What will we do if I visit you? Separate cars? hee hee Your daughter is beautiful and your weekend sounds so fun. Brings back memories - I was Pi Beta Phi in college and I loved those weekends (especially the shows with the fraternities - so fun!). It is shocking to think in just a little over a year I'll be visiting my kids at college. How the heck did that happen?


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Ooops! Forgot to say, MORE beautiful tags! You are tag machine - a tag maker like no other! It amazes me how different they all are and all equally stunning! Wow!

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