Monday, April 13, 2009

"Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain." Edware De Bono

A good sense of humor is essential to everyone but I think it's especially good for artists to have one. Or at least for me-I definitely benefit from being able to laugh at myself and all the silly things I do sometimes.
I'm taking an online class for cloth/clay dolls and being a seamstress for many years I was a bit too over-confident about the pattern and the cutting and the sewing.AHEM!!! It really does pay to read ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS! Even if you 'think' you know how to do something. HAHAHA... So I'm laughing at myself for totally screwing up the very FIRST steps of the process. I will have to admit this to the group I'm in.
I thought it would be easier to admit it first on my personal blog before admitting to the teacher and all the other participants.
SO... with a little cursing then alot of laughter I READ or rather LISTENED to all the instructions(the class is done with videos of each step) I can't post each
step of the way on this blog but I will post my doll when she is finished.

Does anyone else do really stupid things while trying to create? Do you get in such a hurry, such a state of creative frenzy that you can't wait to see the outcome and you rush through a particular step or steps. I do that alot,usually I do that knowingly, trying to hurry the process along because I'm so excited about it.
With the dolls, I was so excited about getting to the sculpting part that I just tried to zoom through the 'easy' part.
Oh well, if you never make mistakes then you can't learn from them!

I would like to share with you the ATC's I received in the mail today.
I am in the network, Creative Souls (created by Izabella) and Stacy Alexander hosted the swap on that site for some of the members.
I received one from Stacy, Jo Archer, Wewer Keohane and Jess Taylor.
They are all lovely. I'm so excited, I love to get surprises in the mail.
I have included the blog, website or etsy of everyone but Jess Taylor.
Sorry for that as I have no other info on her at this time. When I can find out I'll post it.

Thanks to all those I received ATC's from.
Live creatively & humorously!


Stacy Alexander said...

Hi Cathy,

I'm so happy that *you're* happy! Wasn't this a fun swap?

Stacy Alexander

Janine said...

Hi Cathy,
YES. That is so true.
I´m great in doing the second step before doing the first one.
And often enough I don´t learn from my mistaces.
I bought a book about oilpainting technics (I don´t know much about that).
I loved the pictures in the book so much that I startet painting without reading a lot. Not very clever isn´t it.
However,there are no mistaces just lucky accidents.
Greetings from Germany

Cathy Mendola said...

I'm am delighted Stacy! Thanks for the 'extra' that you made. All of them are little works of art.Thanks again for hosting.
That's a good way to look at it Janine.
No mistakes just lucky accidents. I went back to look at the first dolls I started before I looked at all the instructions and I can still use them, just have to treat them a bit differently. So it was a mistake I am turning into a happy accident!
Thanks to you both for commenting.

Terri Kahrs said...

When I read your post, I had to "chuckle"!!! Boy, Oh, Boy!!! Can I ever relate!!!! I think it's a right-brained "thing". I have a tendency to dive in, and then when something doesn't go right, I just MIGHT read the directions!!!! I totally agree with Janine's "lucky accidents" comment - mistakes tend to make our art (and our lives) a lot more interesting! Hugs Terri xoxoxo

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