Thursday, March 12, 2009


By definition abstract means: 1.Considered apart from matter or from specific examples;not concrete. 2.Theoretical;ideal, as opposed to practical. 3.Abstruse:abstract thinking. 4.Considered or expressed without reference to particular example. 5.In art, generalized or universal, as opposed to concrete, specific, or representational;tending away from the realistic or literal.

SO, by that definition I'm not sure what I painted was abstract, BUT it is definitely not what I normally do. I tried really HARD to 'let loose' and have fun.
I DID have fun but feel like I was still trying too hard to control my painting
therefore it doesn't have a 'real' abstract feel to it. As soon as I saw the cactus
form emerging in the above picture I kept adding to it to make it feel more like a cactus. In essence I was being a bit of a control freak!My title for it is "Cactus Moon".

My second attempt below-- I really tried to loosen up.I used an old credit card to apply paint in a big,sweeping motion and then I started seeing leaves appear and so I added a faint version of stems, then I added the moon again. I like the colors in this one. This is titled "Edge of Pond".

Thanks to all who left comments concerning my little health issue from yesterday.
I got the ultrasound report back and everything is just fine and dandy! Woo Hoo!
Still can't figure out why I felt like my aorta was giving birth to an alien but
as long as it doesn't happen again, I guess I'm good. Anyway, thanks for your kind
Hugs to all!


  1. Oh My Goodness, Cathy! "Little Health Issue" - Whoa, ponies! This is what happens when you miss a day of "blog hopping" your buddy's posts!!!

    So, here I am with my cup of tea (after spending a day on a rock pile) (More about that later!), and I check in to see what you've been up to! Apparently . . . quite a lot happened in the course of yesterday!! Bottom line is . . . I'm totally relieved to hear that you're OK. Very scary stuff, my friend! Just for good measure, I'll say a few extra prayers tonight.

    Your new works are very interesting. Props to you! I find I'm partial to "Cactus Moon" because of the depth of the saturated color. I'm such a control freak and SO into detail, I can't allow paint to just happen. I truly admire abstract artists for their ability to let things "flow". Good work, Cathy!

    OK - Rock Pile - Have been painting faux rocks in a client's foyer to the past two days! (Not my favorite commission, but it's a job!)
    Love & BIG (stay well) Hugs,
    Terri :) xoxo

  2. I'm glad to know you're okay!

    Beautiful paintings! How did you apply the paint in the first one? I think it's interesting how different the two paintings look and I'm wondering how much of it is from application technique. (Forgive all the questions I've been asking, but I don't know much about painting and it's fun to learn about it.)

    By the way, I think Edge of Pond is a perfect name! I was putting myself into the painting and trying to figure out if I was in water or looking at water. When I read the title I thought "Ah, that's it!" :) I love the colors in that one, too.

  3. Thanks Terri, it was scary and really strange! Glad everything seems to be fine. I actually like Cactus Moon more now that I've posted it, I'm looking at it from a different perspective. I think it's the colors and their intensity.But Yes! I too am a control freak and this is a true test for me to give up trying to make it look real.
    Rock painting sounds fun! Especially if you're getting paid. Take pictures of your faux rocks and post them. I want to see.
    Thanks for the extra prayers-they always help.
    Thanks Beth! I applied the paint in different ways. Some of the colors I put on with a wide brush, other colors I applied with an old credit card, and some I applied with my fingers! I also applied some with a sponge.
    My take on the pond piece is that you're looking through grasses and brush at the edge of the pond out toward the water? Maybe someone else might see it differently.

  4. Both paintings look great! Not always easy to paint with no plan, but you did good : )

  5. Thanks Hayley and Lisa! Even though I don't always follow through with my original plan or design, I usually start with at least an idea for an art project. These were done completely BLIND!

  6. I love them both. The pure colors and primitive effects of Cactus Moon have a strong appeal to me. The mystical quality of The Edge of the Pond, however, make it my favorite of the two. You let both evolve naturally and intuitively and did not force them to be anything other than they were meant to be. I applaud you and admire your talent and courage. And I'm so glad your tests turned out favorably. All my "instincts" told me they would!


  7. Alberta! I was over at your blog posting at the VERY SAME TIME you left me a note! We are definitely kindred spirits. Thanks so much for your comments on my first abstract attempt.
    I've got one more canvas that I gessoed with black that's waiting to be smeared with paint. I'll let you know how that one turns out.
    I just adore your most recent abstract. Too wonderful for words. I suggest to any of my readers that don't know Alberta's work to GO to her blog RIGHT NOW. She's Fabulous!


Wishing you peace, love & chocolate!

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