Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Lucky Week!

Wow! I received another Kreative Blog Award! Thank you Diane.You should check out Diane's blog- Artstanding Stranger She actually bestowed it upon me last Friday but I was missing in action most of last week. This award comes with the instructions to post 7 things about yourself and then award it to 7 more fascinating blogs. I will post 7 things NOW and will post the 7 blogs later today.
7 mostly UNfascinating things about ME:
1. Blogging has opened up my world and has made me want to delve a little deeper into my art
2. I love taking pictures of nature/animals. It always fascinates and inspires me.
3. In my past life (before child) I was a nurse, but art has always played a huge part of my life and I've ALWAYS wanted to be an artist (but nursing was a steady paycheck)
4. Although I'm a free spirited, fun loving Sagittarius, I can sometimes be very
shy and insular.
5. My husband is my bestest friend! And my daughter is definitely my best friend as well.
6. I love my step-children as if they were my very own and I adore the grandchildren
they've given us!
7. With my daughter off in college, this is FINALLY MY TURN! I've been a FULL-TIME MOM & wife for 18 years.I was doing some form of art all along but only if I could
squeeze it between all my other obligations.I was never able to put my art first.
With that said, I must head to my art studio and work, work, work. Hubby leaves for
his business trip and the week ahead is ART, ART, ART.
The photo below is another lucky surprise. DonataFelt at etsy chose one of my
little crazy art quilts for her treasury. Thanks Donata.
Here's the link;

I'll be back later today to announce the 7 blogs that I will send the award to.
Until then... be creative!


Tumble Fish Studio said...

You have been a busy busy bee lately and it's fun to read the excitement in your writing voice about all the work you have in your head to get done.

You're a nurse! I always wanted to be a nurse, my whole family knows it. It is probably the one regret that I have that I did not pursue that as my career. But my family says I don't have the personality for it. I don't know, but I do admire you for your well rounded life - not many who have the talent and strength and soul to be a nurse also have the talent to be an incredible and successful artist! I liked reading all of your little details!

thanks for all of your visits and sweet words!

p.s. love the birdie pix below - such sweet little things. I want it to be spring for the birds.

Terri Kahrs said...

My husband is taking a quick snooze before dinner, so thought I'd check in! We're still on the road, and are having a LOT of fun. BUT, I DO miss my art and totally understand your eagerness to return to the studio WITHOUT any obligations or interruptions!!!!! You GO, Sis!!!!

I'll check back when I return to see your creations. Enjoy your "alone" time! Congrats on your well deserved award. Loved hearing your "unfascinating" facts . . .they were fascinating to me!!!!! HUGS xoxoxo


Cathy Mendola said...

Thanks Marsha & Terri!
Marsha, I beg to differ with your family. I believe you would've made an excellent nurse.
Through the words and comments in your blog
it sounds as though you have the patience and compassion for it. Probably more so than me!
I loved it but not as much as I love creating things.
Terri, have a wonderful vacation and I'm looking forward to pictures when you return.
Hugs to you both.

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