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Goodbye To Dizzy; Hello Zinardi

The above photo is my daughter (the college freshman who is home for springbreak).
She is riding her horse Dizzy; or rather it WAS her horse until yesterday. We sold her....
SAD... WE knew we should do it, but we love her alot! Even though she was a bit
crazy at times and she grew WAY TOO BIG for my 5'2" daughter. It was not the right horse for my daughter and we knew it, but we still hated to get rid of her.
WE had no idea she would sell so quickly. Just our luck...We moved last summer and our old house in GA STILL HAS NOT SOLD. We really need to sell that house. Didn't really HAVE to sell the horse right now BUT she sold in less than 2 weeks. AND just as my daughter comes home for springbreak. WITH nothing to do but hang out with her boring parents.
Hence, the reason I scheduled shopping trips, hair appointments and movies.
Luckily, there is another horse 'waiting in the wings' to be loved on by us!
His name is Zinardi and flew over from Holland back in November.
He's a much better size for my daughter AND he's a HE, which means he doesn't have the female hormonal thing working like my dear old Dizzy.
The photo below is my daughter on Zinardi. He's quite a little love-muffin. Likes to
nuzzle and a little nibbling. We plan to lease him for the summer while she is home from college. Not sure what we'll do when she heads back to school in the fall.
It's a 'wait & see' kind of thing.
Anyway, that's a chunk of what's been happening in our household this week.

The week was supposed to be a happy one with daughter home.
First my wonderful camera BROKE, so I can't take photos unless I use my old crappy camera. Then the horse sold, the car had a minor malfunction and we FINALLY got an
offer on our house in GA today! Of course the offer is laughable. It's so far below
the list price that we don't even know what to say at this point.
I'll keep you posted.
We're going to visit Dizzy at her new barn later this week and say a 'formal' goodbye and take pics (with a crappy camera). My GOOD camera should be arriving
at the Canon Service center by Thurs. so maybe, just maybe I will have it back in a few short weeks.The car is fine now.I'll let you know how the home sale in GA shakes out...
In the meantime my fellow friends and artists.
Live your life creatively and definitely with a sense of humor!


Hi sweetie!

LOVE Dizzy!!! What a beautiful colorful coat...but, I can understand why you felt you had to let her go. I look forward to more pics of your new beauty.

Thank you so much for stoppin' by the yaya, and I look forward to gettin' to know ya!

Gosh your daughter is lucky to have such a wonderful Mom ! Hope your springbreak time together goes wonderful for you two. The new horse looks lovely, hope he works out for your daughter too. Wishing you all happiness and a sweet green springtime !!
And laugh we must Cathy because without laughter the tears find there way in. So keep smiling and making lemonade:)
Your daughter is lovely and the horses are both beautiful! Even with a crappy camera which I understand all to well!
Hope your visit is wonderful and your week is filled with love and laughter.
As to my swamp problem. All is well. I will have concrete floors for a bit while I save for Wood which is what I really wanted when we moved in anyway, 10 years ago. So little blessings come in unexpected packages!
Have a magical day.
Terri Kahrs said…
OK . . . Before I begin . . . BIG HUG, Cathy!!!! Sounds like you've been having a heck of a week!!!

Sorry to hear about your camera. I'm LOST without mine. I had to use my old point & shoot over the weekend, and I HATED the results. Deleted the entire card. Hopefully it'll be back soon!

Zinardi (love the name!) is beautiful! I'm sure your daughter will spend many happy hours with him. May he have a long and happy life. It'll be difficult saying "goodbye" to Dizzy, but I'm SURE he'll make someone VERY happy. (Another Hug!!!!)

Good luck with the GA House . . . am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for you. Things look like they're picking up a bit in the housing market here in the NorthEast. It IS Springtime and the rates are very favorable now.

Checked out the Cloth, Paper, Scissors challenge . . . was a BIT too late!!!! The cut-off date was March 20th!!!! Oh, Well! Another time. Truly appreciate your suggestion.

Love & More Hugs for a SUPER Happy remainder of the week!!!!! Terri xoxoxo
Cathy Mendola said…
Thanks to all who left comments. We are planning a trip to see Dizzy at the new barn on Friday. I'll let you know how it goes.
I'll try to stop in your blogs sometime today or tomorrow!
Hugs to all!
Wow! So much going on! And I am just totally impressed with Dizzy and Zinardi and your daughter - wow, wowee, wow! Hope all shakes out as you say with everything. Next week will probably be same ol' same ol' whether that's good or bad. Hope it's better anyway and your house sells for a gazillion dollars!
Beth said…
I hope you can work something out with your house. Two houses in our neighborhood went under contract in the last two weeks. Maybe things are picking up.
Cathy Mendola said…
Thanks Marsha! Things are looking better already. WE got an offer on the house although it was laughable! We visited the horse and didn't break down and cry and have to be dragged away. My camera made it to the factory repair shop and I receive an estimate which was less than expected AND my daughter & I spent the majority of the day in downtown Chicago and it was a gorgeous spring day. We shopped till we dropped .
Next week I'll be back in the saddle, artistically speaking and visiting blogs regularly. Daughter goes back to college on Sun and hubby leaves for business trip on Tues. The entire week is MINE...
Thanks for the news Beth, our agent in GA did tell us that things are picking up a little.
I've got my fingers crossed.

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