Thursday, March 19, 2009

A bowl full of heads!

Today was my final wheel-thrown pottery class for this session. I plan to take the spring off and finish up some other projects that are in the works. I will start back to pottery class in late June. It was definitely a challenge. I tend to be a bit controlling with my artwork but THIS class was even more about control and applying a ton of patience. Patience is NOT my Virtue! But it was fun and I learned quite a bit.
The above photo shows some of the items I brought home today fresh out of the kiln.
Except for the hand (that is an old one that I thought would look cute in the picture
since it's a similar shade). The bowl holds a few of the heads I made for future projects. I plan to use them in some art dolls or possibly jewelry.
I thought it might be a good idea to even make a bunch and put them on etsy to sell.
What do you think? I really like the glaze on the pieces above. It's a weathered
patina look.

These pieces also just came out of the kiln today. I love this glaze also. It's a much smoother, polished looking finish. Very nice turquoise
color. My cat, Emmy was checking them out as I was trying to photograph them.
She was sniffing inside them, just being a cat. I ended up getting more of the cat in the picture than the ceramic pieces. She's such a ham. I love her!

That's all I've got today. Maybe finish up some more artwork in my studio tomorrow.
Just realized how late it is--no wonder I'm yawning.
Good night & live your life creatively!


Lisa said...

I think all your pots are great! Bravo! I really like the new background.

Cathy Mendola said...

Thanks Lisa, I had alot of fun in the class.
And thanks for noticing the new background.
I was starting to feel claustrophobic when I looked at my site. I have added so much. I spent days trying to figure out how to make it a 3-column vs 2. Then I kept playing with colors and placement. I think I finally have it like I want. MAYBE...
Have a great day and rest of the week.

Terri Kahrs said...

Hi, Cathy! The new blog is super, and the three columns rock! You're SO brave! I'd like to transition to three, but I'm afraid I'll loose my goodies in the process.

Love Emmy's picture - too cute for words! (And I thought only terriers were curious!)The glazes are yummy!!!! The weathered look is my fave.

Hmmm . . . another connection . . . not a lot of patience here; I'm more into instant artistic gratification!!!!!

Cathy Mendola said...

Oh Terri we keep finding out more ways that we are alike. Instant gratification has always been my motto!
Thanks for the comments.
Changing my blog wasn't too hard, although it took alot of courage. I was afraid I would lose all my info BUT I didn't.
Itkupilli's blog -
is GREAT. She's so very generous. She has blog templates AND tutorials on how to change to a 3 column. Check out her blog, she's extremely knowledgable in the techno dept.
She will also answer any questions.
Hugs to you through this wonderful world of cyberspace!

Karenann Young said...

Wow!!! This is the first time I've looked at your blog and your artwork is so great!!! I'm blown away about your ceramics. I took a class once and although I still have some of the pieces around, nothing as great as yours!! I also love your paintings and paper and fabric work!!!

Cathy Mendola said...

THanks Karenann! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments!

whymsicalmusings said...

Cathy I so need to let you know I am posting a little about your giveaway on my blog.
I totally lost my mind yesterday and posted Nina's name and blog instead of yours. SOOO if you read it here is the reason:
You have no idea what a crazy day yesterday was! My oldest daughter and my youngest sons B'days were yesterday I had all of my children and grandchildren out for dinner and fun! Also in the middle of the night so I guess it was officialy thursday this happened at 3am!My son has a beautiful 55 gallon fish tank with about $500.00 worth of fish in it. WELL NOT ANYMORE! He built a special stand and put it in the living room because I love it so much. It had elliptical cats, 2 giant eels(the cause of the problem!) A red tail shark Gouramis and 2 HUGE 10 year old plectos in it. They were all such big fish he has had them for several years. All we can figure out is the eels slap there tails on the bottom of the tank moving the rocks around sometimes and the 1 in a million chances one hit the shatter proof glass and it just exploded into a million pieces. All 55 gallons went on my living room carpet along with fish and rocks! I will post pics later of the mess. We pulled out part of the carpet last night and have to finish the rest today along with the foam ect.
Alas none of the fish made it they were all full of glass. I am so sad he loved those darn things.
Well a lack of slip and Birthday Preperations had left me a bit mindless!Sometimes I feel like I need to be put in a assylum for sure:)
Anyway I am so glad to have you as a friend I truly feel fate has sent you my way. I love your blog and your beautiful artowrk.
Have a magical day!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Holy Moly! I don't have exciting things to tell you like Becky did (wow - gotta go back to her blog and add some soothing comments!) but I do want to tell you how beautiful your ceramic work is. That hand with its bracelet is just gorgeous and the patina colors, mmmmm mmmmm. Ceramics and sculpture are the only studio arts I didn't study in college. Can you believe I hate the feeling it leaves on your skin? I must've not played in the mud enough as a child, which is sad. I need to make some mud pies someday. Anyway, not being able to do what you do makes it that much more fun and impressive to see all of your talents and gorgeous work. I could look at it all day!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Cathy Mendola said...

Thanks Becky & Marsha!
Becky my dear, no need for an apology. How awful for you and your son to lose the fish and have such a mess. I will have to drop by you blog to chat more.
Dear Marsha you really should push up your sleeves and stick your hands in some mud one day!
It's an awfully messy wonderful feeling. I know several great potters who HATE the feeling of clay and often use surgical gloves BUT I love getting my hands dirty. Go figure?
I DID play in the sandbox and mud alot as a kid!
BTW, can't take credit for the hand. It's one I bought, just thought it looked cute and was a similar shade.
thanks both of you & hugs!

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