Sunday, February 1, 2009

"In the Orchard, there lived a Bird Lady"

OK, so I've done it again! Moved on to another project before finishing the others I had started. I couldn't help myself! My daily art project of creating one tag per day got my 'juices' flowing. I just had to start a larger
collage piece-the tags were just too limited in size to satisfy me.
So when I should've been working on completing my poppies painting,
I started this 8 x 10 collage. It's a little different than my usual stuff-or at least I think it is. Anyway, I really liked it as I was working on it, so of course I had to start another and then another. I have one that is almost
finished and a third in the process of working out the placement of the
elements. I'll post those as I finish.
By the way, my fabric piece is embroidered and half finished with the beading-I'm working on that at night while watching TV.
Life your life Creatively!

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Tumble Fish Studio said...

I'll leave a comment on your flickr too, but just wanted to tell you this piece is stunning! Just beautiful. The layers and depth are so inviting. I just love it.

I'm all goofed up in what I should be doing and when too - following muses is sometimes what we're meant to do rather than what we plan to do!

Have a good Monday!

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