Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Official....I'm Hooked!

I'm completely and totally addicted to my computer! Between flickr, Facebook, etsy,ArtFire and NOW blogging!
OMG, I'm ALWAYS checking my blog. Always checking out NEW blogs. In the past month that I have been blogging I have come across the most amazing sites. The talent I have seen, not just in artwork but in the written word is astounding. I am truly in awe of all my new friends out in cyberworld. It is always such a pleasure to find a new blog friend. There is such a tremendous amount of support from fellow artists that I feel a bit more confident than I did before I started blogging.
So, thank you to all who leave supportive comments and a HUGE thank you for the inspiration that YOUR blogs inspire!
This piece of art is the latest in my Dover clip art/ decorative tissue paper series.
Titled: Presenting...Mother Nature at her finest

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